Head of Anglican Church Says Embracing Gay Marriage Could Lead to Murder of African Christians

Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury and head of the Church of England, has warned that embracing same-sex marriage could inadvertently lead to the persecution and murder of Christians around in the world, particularly in Africa.

Justin welbyIn an interview with LBC on Friday, Welby said that he'd been warned while on his visit to South Sudan that the Church of England accepting gay marriage could lead to some communities believing having Christians among them could make them gay and reacting by murdering the Christians. As such, he cautioned the church to refrain from making any drastic doctrinal changes, such as allowing members to carry out same-sex marriage ceremonies. 

"What we say here is heard around the world," the Archbishop, who had earlier revealed that the average Church of England worshipper is a sub-Saharan African woman in her 30s, responded.

"Well, why can’t we just do it now? Because, the impact of that on Christians in countries far from here, like South Sudan, like Nigeria and other places, would be absolutely catastrophic, and we have to love them as much as we love the people who are here.

"At the same time, we have to listen incredibly carefully to the LGBT communities here, and listen to what they’re saying, and we have to look at the tradition of the church, and the teaching of the church, and the teaching of scripture, which is definitive in the end, before we come to a conclusion.

Throughout the interview (which you can check out here), Welby appeared to be trying to appease both religious tradiitonalists and those who want the church to recognize LGBT equality. To his credit, Welby recognized the damage that homophobic behavior causes on LGBT individuals, particularly teens.

Back in July, the Church of England introduced a campaign to combat homophobic bullying in schools across the UK.  


  1. Joel says

    “some communities believing having Christians among them could make them gay…” Well if they are that stupid, there is not much to be done for them anyway.

  2. dearcomrade says

    This is what happens when people believe in a imaginary being. This guy is only one notch higher than the ignorant savages (and yes they are both ignorant and savages) he is warning people about.

  3. SteveInDE says

    I’m beginning to think that when the leaders of hate groups sit around trying to come up with excuses for bigotry, they must be smoking some really strong ganja.

  4. PLAINTOM says

    How convenient that he has come up with this new rational to support his opposition to marriage equality. If he is concerned that Christians in these countries could be put at risk if the Church of England modifies it’s doctrine then he must support the idea that Christians in Moslem countries should deny they are Christians since this would place them in danger and he would be opposed to any group sending bibles to people in these countries.

  5. Randy says

    So I guess what this means is that if you try to substitute one superstition for another, it probably won’t work out the way you intended.

    Why not try to use scientific reality instead? That way, you can actually do something to help people. But I guess that’s not the real concern here, is it?

  6. JJ says

    Ah. They don’t want to be bigots. The terrorists are making them be bigots. If only people could understand that they’re only bigots out of concern for humble innocents. Theirs is a loving bigotry.

  7. Craig says

    I can’ think of anything more anti-christian than the premise of his argument. By that reasoning the apostles should have kept their mouths shut for the sake of the poor Christians being fed to the lions. He better not be planning any more trips to the Sudan because England has marriage equality, and he is English, therefore he could make them gay!

  8. jamal49 says

    There can be no no no NO accommodation for ignorance and irrational bigotry. What is this man talking about? That allowing CIVIL marriage for same-sex couples in Great Britain may endanger christians in countries like South Africa or Nigeria or Uganda and perhaps cause them to be murdered? I think the archbishop needs to understand that such ignorance and bigotry is a direct result of christianity itself. Sorry, archbishop, but we are talking about CIVIL marriage not RELIGIOUS marriage. There is a big difference and you need to get off your comfortable, secure, effete ass and get out there and explain the difference to your ignorant christian flock, no matter what country they inhabit.

  9. Craig says

    Sorry, Archbishop, but as an Episcopalian (the US branch of the Church of England) we’ve heard this all before and bought none of it.

    I look at this way: they are free to discuss the “horrors” of my homosexuality after they’ve addressed their own genocides in Africa, and not before. This is ridiculous.

    You don’t oppress your own people, already sitting in the pews in England, because someone is homophobic in Africa.

    The Methodists already went down that road last year, and in all likelihood, it will mean that they split the American church off from the worldwide church. We Epsicopalians are already pretty darned dismissive of the Communion as it is. What you did to Bishop Robinson was appalling.

    How long do you intend to have me wait for my humanity … how long does it take a bunch of hate filled people on another continent to embrace me? Enough of this.

  10. JJ says

    @JAMAL49, the distinction between civil and religious marriage isn’t the same in the UK as in the US. The Church of England is a branch of the state, with seats in the House of Lords, and rites codified by law. He’s talking about whether church rites will be updated to fit the new marriage law.

  11. phluidik says

    So let me get this, erm, straight. The church implants itself in african villages, towns, and cities. The church foments a view with the citizens of these places that homosexuals are evil, of satan, etc. Then, when it becomes apparent that that kind of attitude back home is seen as stupid, ignorant, and ridiculous; the church claims that they cannot possibly now do the right thing because the villages, towns, and cities they’ve been preaching hate to all these years might “suddenly” turn on them.

    I think the only adequate response here is for the church leaders to stand up in every single village, town, and city they’ve infected with their stupid nonsense and explain why they were so utterly, completely, wrong to have so delightedly taken a position of hate in the first place.

    Surely, with god on their side, they should be able to defuse the mess they’ve so happily cultivated over the years, right? Or is this guy saying that their god won’t protect them from their own stupid?

    It must be hard to reap what one sowed, eh Justin?

  12. Shlomo says

    If this is for real, he can still allow for local control over this issue. For instance, the U.S. and Canadian branches of the Church can allow it within their own countries. I can see that allowing it within the U.K. would be problematic for the reason stated, but they could at least recognize marriages performed by the U.S. or Canadian branches of Episcopalian (U. S.) or Anglican (Canada) church in the U.K.

  13. Vint says

    @URBANMIKE: a better analogy would be, “We Germans can’t object to Hitler continuing to kill the Jews or he will hurt us.”

    It’s pure cowardice presented as concern for the oppressed.

  14. BRAINS says

    This idiot continues to vomit his nonsense; since his ordination he has not uttered one sensible coherent of factual statement. Such an idiot!

  15. Anony6 says

    “Christians” are half of the ones doing the murdering, so who does he think will be doing the killing? Muslims? Muslims and Christians never had to have a excuse to fight in the past, so I doubt marriage equality will make a difference.

  16. June says

    I can see the lives of black African women are of no concern to you gays because the ability to enter a church and santify your monogamish open marriages is more important.

    It is clear that you all are not up on current events. However, there is a violent genocidal war against Christians in Sudan by terrorist Muslims.

    But you do not care if the church’s acceptance of sodomy would cause more innocent lives…just what I would expect.

  17. JT says

    And who was it that introduced the idea that gays should all be murdered to Africa? Oh, yeah. Lively and his group of christians. You can add this blood to the deluge already on Lively’s head.

  18. seamus says

    Perhaps this Archbishop of Canterbury should have a discussion with Archbishop Desmond Tutu of Capetown (perhaps emeritus by now). Same religion, completely different views. Desmond Tutu has been supporting gays for decades.

  19. Randal Oulton says

    @ JUNE / RICK But you do not care if the church’s acceptance of sodomy would cause more innocent lives…just what I would expect.

    Actually June, I just read the real cause is because Taco Bell is introducing breakfast and that’s why they’re upset and killing Christians in Sudan. That’s the true and real connection, see?

  20. Michael says

    What Archbishop Oil Baron is saying is VERY simple: an Anglican’s life is worth more than a gay’s life. It is better to have dead gays than to have dead Anglicans.

  21. simon says

    You are just ridiculous. Muslims are already killing Christians, regardless they accept gay marriage or not. More exactly they have been killing one another since the first crusade. Just read some books if you know how to read. There are many reasons they killed one another. Homosexuality was not one of them. It is the least of their concern.

  22. simon says

    I have a suggestion. Just throw away your Bible and ask your brothers and sister in Africa to do the same. That is the only way to avoid conflict with the Muslims.


    June clearly doesn’t care about Christian African women who are lesbians. She thinks that if a good Christian man can rape a lesiban, she’ll be cured. Then when they’re done with the lesbians, the good Christian African men can start with on 12 and 13 year old girls. And then…..?

    That’s what June believes.

  24. john patrick says

    Neither Christians nor LGBT people should be dispensable to save the other. It seems to me that the Anglican Church should be working on behalf of both, not writing off one group for the ostensible purpose of saving the other. Besides, if LGBT people are dispensable, why can’t Christians or Muslims or any other group be the next dispensable group? Remember Hitler and the Jews?

    It’s also obvious that the war between Christians and Muslims in some parts of Africa is not about the acceptance of LGBT people.

  25. Jim says

    There’s no depth of slander and defamation to which the top clergy of the Anglican church will not sink to in their campaign against marriage equality and their ceaseless attempts to alienate gay people from the church. Trying to associate gay marriage with murder is just another dirty trick in a long history of Anglican dirty tricks. It’s long past time to disestablish the Anglican church. Why should gay Brits pay taxes to support a church that is their sworn enemy? Cut it loose of British government, stop any and all subsidies, boot the bishops out of the House of Lords, and let the church sink or swim entirely on its own. No more gay tax money for anti-gay bigots.

  26. Steve says

    Christians in Europe and America aren’t too far removed from their savage African cousins. They only stopped murdering and torturing after over a thousand years of bloodshed. And only very reluctantly. Some of them would gladly do it again if society allowed them.

  27. Keppler says

    Yes, by all means, let’s sit around and “listen incredibly carefully to the LGBT communities” and continue to do nothing. Because, if we do something, something bad might happen.

    How courageous of you, Vicar. Thanks . . . for NOTHING.

  28. Keppler says

    Yes, by all means, let’s sit around and “listen incredibly carefully to the LGBT communities” and continue to do nothing. Because, if we do something, something bad might happen.

    How courageous of you, Vicar. Thanks . . . for NOTHING.

  29. bobbyjoe says

    No matter how hard he tries to argue it the other way, Justin Welby and those like him, who try to gloss over a genuine murderous crusade in Africa, has blood on his hands. I hope there IS a genuinely righteous God out there somewhere and that evil men like Welby receive the eternal fiery damnation they seriously deserve.

  30. Lymis says

    Old song, new verse:

    “Straight people might be inconvenienced by other straight people if gay people are treated as equals. Rather than actually address the problem with straight people, gay people need to be permanently disenfranchised, oppressed, and, wherever possible, driven into the closet.”

    Archbishop, would you say this about ANY other group? Hell, Christians in some Muslim countries could be at risk simply for being Christian – are you going to disband the Episcopal Church in an effort to keep them safe? Of course not.

  31. emjayay says

    FuryOfFirestorm: Thumbs up for your comment. (No thumbs up function here, or for that matter any other function actual modern commenting systems feature.)

  32. says

    Head of Anglican Church Says Embracing Gay Marriage Could Lead To Murder of African Christians……..this is bad why? Christians have been killing minorities for centuries, that’s how it was able to spread globally. As the saying goes: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” or something like that.

  33. Roger W says

    The American church will not split. It will be under so much pressure it will not allow gay marriage. American Church is close to being broke with Schori suing everybody that crosses her.

  34. Shannon says

    Some Africans have really phucked up superstitious, dated, antiquated beliefs. They need to stay in their caves until they decide to grow up and join the 21st century. And the Justin Welby needs to get his head out of his ass and man up and tell the Africans to quit MURDERING each other. He is as much a savage as the Africans are.. Now he’s got his panties all knotted up and is trying like so many spineless “religious leaders: trying to further scapegoat the very people he and his ilk are trying to repress. What a charlatan !!!!

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