GOP ‘Congressman with Abs’ Aaron Schock Hangs Ten: PHOTO


This week, Republican congressman Aaron Schock posted a photo of himself surfing the Hawaiian waves to his Instagram account along with this message:

Waikīkī Beach - Enjoying the Aloha spirit thanks to @tulsigabbard hospitality and Surfing Coach Nish for getting me up. Shout out to @oahusurfshots for the pics. #icouldlivehere

He gets extra points for using a filter that gives the photo a real 1970s Hawaii Five-O look.


  1. Continuum says

    OK — so who were his travelling companions, if any. Score gay points if his took his mother or else one of his “best buds”. Add additional gay points for abs.

  2. SpaceCadet says

    So is Schock a gay icon now? That said, he is nice to look at (and I always feel guilty for that), and he’s not one of those dudes who forgets to work out his lower body too!

  3. Lymis says

    “He gets extra points for using a filter that gives the photo a real 1970s Hawaii Five-O look”

    He also gets at least a mention for those glow-in-the-dark abs. Actual sunlight highlights the tops of things that protrude, it doesn’t cause surrounding indentations to glow eerily like some Spielberg effect.

    Either that’s an incredibly obsessive (and likely expensive) spray tan, WAY too much time spend carefully applying self-tanner just to his abs (could be fun with the right – ahem – partner), or a deliberate Photoshop job to highlight his legislative assets.

    But yeah, pretty. And the spot in Congress he’s serving as a useless placeholder in could easily be take up by someone anti-gay who actually accomplished things, so good for him. If you have to be a Republican Congressman, be decorative and otherwise ineffectual.

  4. Lymis says

    Oddly, clicking the link to the Instagram account turns up “Page Not Found.”

    Did he also upload it to Grindr?

  5. MIke says

    Of course everyone uses spray tanners (expensive obsessive ones) in Hawaii. I mean, you’re just in Hawaii. Jelly much, Lymis?

  6. disgusted merican says

    well golly gee willickers…Congressman surfing….while MILLIONS go WITHOUT…..How many days have they worked this yr? (NOT even Half the year!) Yet we pay thier god-dammed salaries, A+++ HEALTH CARE and Lifetime pensions…..where’s a DAM Shark when you need one?

  7. james st. james says

    It looks like his feet are on the board so what’s the “hanging ten” referring to? And how do you know it’s TEN? That would be pretty impressive.

  8. crispy says

    “Is this supposed to make him look less gay?”

    Huh? First time I’ve heard there was anything gay about surfing.

  9. andrew says

    Is this supposed to make him look less homophobic? Or less of the worst kind of bigot we are dealing with for our rights? R u serious Towleroad? wtf…

  10. bandanajack says

    tulsi gabbard is a stealth republican in democrat’s drag. she comes from a family that was and is anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-women’s rights. on top of that she is hari krishna, a very anti-gay sect of hinduism. unfortunately i do not get to vote for her, and the portion of hawaii she represents, not oahu, is heavily conservative, so she will stay until she decides to try for wider office.

    it comes as no surprise she would be palsy with schock, and considering her brief marriage and military background, i would be equally unshocked to find out she is gay, although i have yet to hear any rumors to that effect.

  11. mike says

    It’s so strange- most of his photos on their are with left icons like Elijah Cummings, Tim Cook of Apple, Sir Richard Branson.

  12. dommyluc says

    Elizabeth II in her most outrageous hat is less of a queen than that closeted homophobe Aaron Schock.