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Kentucky Print Shop Removes 'No Gays' Sticker, Doesn't Want Gays Flaunting 'Homosexual Lifestyle'


Guess who doesn't want your business, gays? Herald Embroidery in Oak Grove, Kentucky — that's who.

Matthew Lombard — owner of the embroidery, promotions and printing shop — has place five stickers on his storefront signifiying that they will gladly accept business from Christians, guns, and people with beards (?) but not from people who use foul language and are proudly gay.

Here's Lombard explanation:

"We recently posted five 3" stickers on the front entrance to our shop. Two of these stickers are negative and prohibitive in there message. We will not serve people that are foul-mouthed, nor will we serve people that flaunt their homosexual lifestyle in our place of business and/or request us to produce promotional products that do so."

Less than 24 hours after news of Lombard's hate-sticker spread over the web, he removed all of the stickers and issued a kinda-sorta retraction:

Notice: We recently posted five 3″ stickers on the front entrance to our shop. Two of these stickers are negative and prohibitive in their message. After some public confusion as to the meaning of one which depicted a rainbow flag, we’ve replaced them with a clarification. "While we will serve all customers who treat our place of business with respect, we reserve the right to refuse to produce promotional products that promote ideas that are not in keeping with our consciences. This includes, but is not limited to content promoting homosexuality, freemasonry, the use of foul language, and imagery which promotes immodesty."

Riiiiiight. We called Lombard and asked him what the hell the beard and gun stickers meant. He said that they were meant to be "sort of playful." 

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  1. I read this as "It's okay for a bearded guy with a gun to shoot Christians". That works for me!

    Posted by: Rad | Apr 29, 2014 1:45:16 PM

  2. He won't do materials to promote freemasonry? WTF?

    Posted by: B | Apr 29, 2014 1:48:45 PM

  3. But it's perfectly OK to put John 3:16 next to an image of a handgun. These guys can't see stupid in their rear-view mirrors.

    Posted by: Jack M | Apr 29, 2014 1:51:05 PM

  4. Better not pay them in cash. Our paper currency is dripping with Freemasonry symbols. And don't whistle any Mozart while you're in there - especially anything from "The Magic Flute".

    Posted by: Tessie Tura | Apr 29, 2014 1:52:01 PM

  5. Who cares about this backwoods print shop. Just go elsewhere and let their bigotry be their downfall.

    Posted by: TLTR81 | Apr 29, 2014 1:52:08 PM

  6. Well, they are within their legal rights. Kentucky's anti-discrimination laws do not include gays and lesbians as a protected class. Since we are not protected, we are at the mercy of the shopowner as to whether he wishes to serve us or not. A print shop in Kentucky is not a location where a boycott would have much of an effect.

    Posted by: will | Apr 29, 2014 1:58:10 PM

  7. A man who sews for a living is anti-gay? Ok, then.

    Posted by: crispy | Apr 29, 2014 1:58:16 PM

  8. from Wikipedia...

    Oak Grove is a 4th-class city adjacent to the Fort Campbell army base in Christian County, Kentucky, in the United States. The population was 7,489 during the year 2010 U.S. Census. It is part of the Clarksville metropolitan area.

    Posted by: Dan Mc. | Apr 29, 2014 1:58:43 PM

  9. Ok... the offensive part is the catchphrase "flaunt" their homosexual lifestyle.

    we hear this A LOT. I wish they would define what "flaunting" is. It appears to be not being closeted and keeping it a dark, dark secret.

    I go to stores all the time. Like everyday. My sexuality doesn't actually come up. ever.

    But truth be told, I'd see that John 3:16 sticker and take my business elsewhere before even noticing the others. The little fish is usually a clear sign its not people I want to do business with

    Posted by: Homo Genius | Apr 29, 2014 2:09:54 PM

  10. The ignorance is palpable. Let's do what we can to make sure this business does NOT succeed. If you live in or know anyone who lives in Oak Grove, KY, tell them to take their money elsewhere.

    Posted by: Dr. Christopher Blackwell | Apr 29, 2014 2:19:22 PM

  11. Pres. Obama was so right !
    - these backwoods morons clinging to their guns and bibles.

    Not one of them has ever owned a passport, let alone travelled out of town. ....insular, inbred, hicks.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Apr 29, 2014 2:38:00 PM

  12. I thought it meant a very hairy lady ran the embroidery shop and for Christ sakes don't joke about it or she will shoot you.

    Posted by: NotSafeForWork | Apr 29, 2014 3:04:25 PM

  13. Who the hell uses the term 'immodesty' these days? It sounds Victorian England.
    Crispy comment re sewing had me laughing out loud!

    Posted by: Peter NZ | Apr 29, 2014 3:37:07 PM

  14. So if you're gay, you can't enter the shop. You'll just have to send in your bible thumping, gun toting beard.

    Posted by: Mike | Apr 29, 2014 3:43:00 PM

  15. Darn. I was so hoping to find a place in Kentucky that would print out my fliers for my Gay Freemasons Club. Looks like I'm out of luck.

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Apr 29, 2014 3:43:04 PM

  16. "Riiiiiight. We called Lombard and asked him what the hell the beard and gun stickers meant. He said that they were meant to be "sort of playful." "

    Is the "Riiiiight" thing really necessary? It's so obnoxious and adds absolutely nothing to the story. Leave out the editorializing, especially if it's going to be that petty.

    Posted by: pablo | Apr 29, 2014 3:45:37 PM

  17. 'Ok... the offensive part is the catchphrase "flaunt" their homosexual lifestyle.'

    Like going to an embroidery shop, fer instance?

    Posted by: BobN | Apr 29, 2014 4:04:35 PM

  18. Someone replaced their graphic on their Google Plus site with a rainbow flag. Hilarious.

    Posted by: DC Insider | Apr 29, 2014 4:46:42 PM

  19. Where's the KKK sticker?

    Posted by: anon | Apr 29, 2014 4:59:35 PM

  20. PABLO:

    Being sarcastic about a paranoid, undereducated bigot is "obnoxious"? The man's expressly declaring that he won't serve certain people for an entirely arbitrary reason, and you're calling a little harmless sarcasm "obnoxious"?

    A little perspective, please.

    Posted by: Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin | Apr 29, 2014 6:40:05 PM

  21. I really think gay people should inundate this store with requests to violate their conscience and "promote" homosexuality.... what does that even mean?? and I would suggest folks place orders via email, telephone and internet and those who come into the store should pay with their green money stamped with a pink stamp!!!

    Posted by: Bernie | Apr 29, 2014 6:47:37 PM

  22. Let's keep this in perspective -- they're in Oak Grove, Kentucky, across from the Howdy Burger.

    Posted by: Richard | Apr 29, 2014 7:20:40 PM

  23. Make sure nobody is inside, and burn it down. When they rebuild with insurance money, burn it down again.
    Repeat until the anti-gays choose to not rebuild.

    The social contract is voided by anti-gays, and gays are no longer bound to it. If you're tired of all the social and institutional homophobia and red tape keeping you from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then give yourselves permission to do whatever you want.

    Posted by: Deth | Apr 29, 2014 7:56:31 PM

  24. The Bible reference is just wonderful - heres one in particular he might want to check out - Matthew 19:12 --- It certainly undermines the No Gays sticker !

    Posted by: Brian | Apr 29, 2014 9:11:08 PM

  25. I kind of like that for a t-shirt slogan: "Flaunting the homosexual lifestyle."

    Posted by: evan_la | Apr 29, 2014 9:55:20 PM

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