Mississippi Baptist Leader Threatened Retaliation On GOP Reps Who Didn’t Vote For Anti-Gay Bill

Jimmy PorterMississippi's Senate Bill 2681 is a reprehensible piece of legislature that opens the gates wide for anti-gay discrimination masquerading under the guise of "religious freedom."

The bill passed, and should any GOP representatives have been on the fence about the issue, Jimmy Porter, executive director of the lobbying arm of Mississippi’s Southern Baptist convention, the Christian Action Commission, was sure to set them straight, promising a "political calamity" should any of them vote against Jesus.

Said Porter in part,

The fact is that one’s position on this piece of legislation can be made public whether a vote is taken or not.  The leadership of the House will take a lot of heat for its failure if that is the case but it will be undeserved.  The Christian Action Commission will work diligently to ensure the blame will be laid at the feet of these 20 alleged Republicans [against the bill].  Approximately 60,000 Baptist households will read about it and know the truth.  Add to that Pentecostal households, members of the Tea Party, followers of American Family Association, the Liberty Council and the Family Research Council, etc., and you begin to see the widespread interest in this bill.

Who Would Jesus Harangue?


  1. Tigernan says

    And no one has a problem with this. Threatening lawmakers with being voted out by a religious leader who can never, ever prove the validity of his deity. Bizarre.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    Ahh, now here’s a fine example from the Southern Baptists and Southern GOPers which illustrates the absolute separation of church and state. Can it not be more clear than this? No, then just shut up and stop doing business with the gays.

  3. 1♥ says

    To all the Gays in Mississippi,
    You now have the religious freedom to marry. Please use this law to your advantage and force the state to recognize your religious freedom to perform marriage ceremonies.

  4. Chris says

    The people who should be really angry are the taxpayers of Mississippi, who are paying the salaries of the legislators who spend their time passing obviously unconstitutional and pointless laws instead of working on legislation to address actual problems faced by the state.

  5. GoFigure says

    Demonize the gays and make them the focus, just like they did back when they blamed blacks and immigrants for everything. “Hey look over there, it’s the fags fault for everything wrong in this country. Not mine…”

  6. Rick says

    Whatever you knee-jerk, left-wing whores do, don’t by any means give credit to the 20 Republican Senators who opposed this bill in one of the most conservative states in the country.

    What in the world are you going to do with yourselves when the majority of Republicans are pro-gay rights, which will happen within a generation/

    Shoot yourselves, I guess.

  7. EchtKultig says

    Wow…someone missed their Haloperidol injection this week!
    The reason some less-cretinous Republicans rejected it was not because they are pro-gay, but because it was “bad for business” and opens up a veritable can of worms, including costing the state a lot of money in attorney’s fees to fight the inevitable legal challenges. I’m sure some fundie nutcase who owns a gas station is looking forward to refusing service to Muslims, blacks, whatever.

  8. JJ says

    @RICK, the GOP will always be bullies. A generation from now they’ll still be fighting their war on women, their war on immigrants, their war on secularism, and their class war, and they’ll have a new whipping boy by then to replace the gays. Then it will be our turn to stand up for someone else against GOP attacks.

  9. Andy says

    Andrea, please leave witchcraft out of this. Abrahamic faiths hate sorcery, magic, witchcraft, and while all of the above may be the same thing to you as religion, they’re not the same to people who actually practice any of the above.
    Thank you in advance.

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