1. Cake says

    Oh it’ll be some “real freedom” when gay business owners refuse to serve bigots such as yourself or when some imbecile takes it too far and denies people of a different ethnicity or religion while citing this law. You made your bed, you’ll have to lay in it. But you won’t care, will you? You can just fly away on your private jet or drive away in your private limousine that we paid for.

  2. Icebloo says

    Bring on the lawsuits ! I cannot wait for Mississippi to be made bankrupt by all the legal cases this stupid legislation is going to bring ! YAY !

    What better way to turn Mississippi Democrat than to let these insane Republicans introduce all of these crazy laws ? Serves you right Mississippi for voting Republican. This is what happens when you give Republicans total power with no Democrats around to stop them. Your already poor economy is now going to completely TANK. I am going to enjoy watching Mississippi sink.

  3. Steve says

    By far the most stupid American politician. Which is quite an accomplishment given the stiff competition.

  4. Craig says

    Honestly I have no problem with these laws as long as the business owners are consistent in their “christian” bigotry. If they’re going to refuse service to gays because the bible says it’s a sin then they better also refuse service to people with tattoos for the same reason. Or any non-virgin unmarried people because, you know, the bible. To do anything less would be hypocritical. And we know a “christian” wouldn’t be a hypocrite. Right?

  5. Joe in Ct says

    I don’t think there’s a homo left in Tyler/Longview, Texas. He’ll have a hard time finding someone to hate on back at home.

  6. Chadd says

    I wish these laws would require the businesses that intend to discriminate to post signs and include their bigoted intentions in all of their advertising. Let them discriminate – I wouldn’t want to do business with them anyway, but I would hate to inadvertently stumble into their business only to face the trauma of being run out of it. As it is, they get to hide their bigotry from the general public and only expose it to the ones they intend to use it against.

  7. mike/ says

    “…there is nobody more intolerant in this country than those that are screaming for tolerance.”

    mmmm…, why do you think they are ‘screaming for tolerance?” you intolerant idiot!

    an ‘idiot’ is someone too stupid to know he is ignorant.

  8. walter says

    goober is a stand ou he is too stupid even by texas standards . the people who consistently vote for this moron must set new standards for stupidity

  9. Bernie says

    Mr. Gohmert and his ilk may not have the last laugh; I don’t think these broadly and poorly written laws are going to stand up in court; it gives so much leeway to claim religious belief on just about anything; the bank teller in the middle of your transaction, the brain surgeon performing surgery on someone and they find out this person is gay/lesbian; I may be exaggerating, but this is the way I see this very broadly written law; I predict very negative outcomes with this

  10. Sean says

    So Goober – I mean Gohmert, if my personal belief is that I shouldn’t be forced to employ or serve anti-gay TRASH am I allowed to or would that be “intolerant”. If your answer is the latter then you contradict yourself you illiterate, anti-American, anti-freedom (for anybody who does bow down to you – I mean your “God”), mentally diseased, Nazi parasite.

  11. says

    Mississippi will grovel down the gutter along with all those citizens who support the anti-gay law. Buy NOTHING from Mississippi. Don’t visit the state more purchase anything online from Mississippi. Let them die a slow death of their own stupidity.

  12. jamal49 says

    Combine the Republicans’ claim of “intolerant gays” with the most recent controversy regarding the resignation of Brendan Eich has CEO of Mozilla because of his private support for anti-gay advocacy groups, which the jackals of conservative and middle-ground media are now presenting as an “over-reaction” by pro-equality advocacy groups for LGBT people, and you’ve got a toxic mix of talking points handed to our reactionary enemies on a silver platter.

  13. emjayay says

    Gohmert isn’t the nuttiest anti-gay bigot in the House. He’s the dumbf*ckiest wingnuttiest anything including janitors and mailboys (no offense to them, but less is expected) in the House. There is an old lady there Virginia Foxx who gives him a run for the money also I’ll admit.