1. JonB says

    That is the face of nightmares. Does the bible have anything to say on penetrating amputated animals? Because I can totally see this guy being into that. Someone search his basement for a hidden room ASAP.

  2. 1♥ says

    Re:”their God-given right to religious liberty”

    The false god of the Bible most certainly DOES NOT believe in “religious liberty”.

    Exodus 20 The Ten Commandments
    #1 “You shall have no other gods before me.”

  3. Jennifer L says

    …that is one scary-looking closet case. My first thought when I saw the pic was “Huh…it looks like the Joker has gained some weight. Someone should call Batman quick.”

  4. PieceOfPie says

    What I find pretty pathetic is how all but about 3 of you can find nothing to say other than your own version of chanting “One of us – one of us!” Who are the self-loathing ones, really? Because I think people who have nothing to say other than some version of “gayface!”, who can’t attack the anti-gay discourse itself and can only resort to a schoolyard “Oh ya well you’re gay!” seems pretty self-loathing to me.

    Nothing to say to deconstruct his stupid words?

    “To finally be the first civilization in human history…” Clearly this man doesn’t know history, or other currently existing civilizations.

    This following quote demonstrates how the religious think they are the masters of gays. They think they’re the only ones with freedoms and liberties. This also shows how the religious think their Naziesque crusade constitutes ‘morality’, “…is costing other people their freedom … moral conscience … free speech … religious liberty.”

    “you have no right to do that which God says is wrong.” – Like lying? Like you’re doing, Deace? Oh, and I think his tie isn’t made out of the same material as his suit; god says he should be stoned!

  5. Bart says

    If you think gay-marriage is make believe, then you’re either really, really, really stupid or have been asleep in a distant gutter for the last five years. It’s very real, it’s happening every day, and it’s not leaving.

    The only thing make-believe is that God gives you rights.

  6. Joey in Louisiana says

    I think he positively puts his ignorance on display when he makes revolting cockamamie statements and should be pitied for his closed mind and hate-filled soul. May he find some forgiveness….not from us, but somewhere else.

  7. jonnathewoodswoman says

    PIECEOFPIE _ Are you through with your soapbox pontificating? The guy IS gay. The worst of the homophobes sometimes are and this one definitely is. Get over yourself.

  8. thom says

    …. I have NFI what is up with this troll?? I believe the tallest building as of today is in the Middle East or possibly China but I recommend he try his flying wish from one of those edifices….still, please don’t berate me for making negative comments about this nutcase’s face….but REALLY now….just REALLY.

  9. PieceOfPie says


    If you’re going to come for me, at least read my arguments. What DOES matter is his discourse. And what DOES matter is when commenters have NOTHING to say about his discourse, and can ONLY FIXATE on what they perviece to be his sexual orientation. Deconstructing anti-gay discourse is useful, pointing and squawking “GAY!” isn’t.

    Why don’t YOU get over yourself. If you don’t appreciate what I have to say, don’t take it on. I didn’t name people the way you named me. Why so defensive anyway? Did I strike a nerve?

  10. james st. james says

    He is the product of a homophobic society, a self-hating gay man trying to prove to himself how not gay he is.

    They seem to be drawn to radio. Definitely a face for radio.

  11. SAYTHETRUTH says

    That face is the stuff nightmares are made of. Is appearance were all is needed to diagnose psychopaths he would have most fitting. Something disturbing is brewing there.

  12. Brian1 says


    I was going to make a comment when this story first came out about how stupid the guy was to think the US was the first civilisation to allow homosexuality in history. But then I thought it was too easy and went on my way. I checked back in when I saw over twenty comments figuring everyone was just stating the obvious, so I was as surprised as you that not one person besides you commented about the guy’s argument, just comment after comment about his gay face or whatever. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since I’ve been commenting here for years to no effect, but this site really does have only a handful of commenters worth reading.

  13. northalabama says

    if his words weren’t so harmful to others, i would almost feel sorry for him after seeing this pic. he has a few things to work out personally before he can lecture the rest of us.

  14. Pete says

    Really, change the religion these people are preaching and they are like a watered down Taliban. The only thing that stops them from truly evil acts is that there are still enough Americans who believe in democracy, not theocracy, to keep them at least partially in check.

  15. SFshawn says

    Their ‘crazy eyes’ are what give these LUNATICS away every time! It doesn’t help that his jaw is clenched like he’s on crack.
    His about as logical and articulate as all the other overzealous “religious” wacked out nut jobs on irrational talk radio. They just LOVE to hear their own hateful rhetoric. I agree that he’s just ANOTHER self-loathing closet case. Sad. I hope his fantasy ‘gawd’ can help save his worthless soul? Doubt it.

  16. PieceOfPie says

    Thanks BRIAN1. :-)
    You are right, there are very few commenters here worth reading. And I’m glad somebody here gets it.

    Many, like Vincent Hurley, are simply trolls that shouldn’t even be listened to, let alone be given any credence…

  17. ajax28 says

    @ PieceOfPie: I have commented elsewhere on this site about how tiresome it is when everyone comments how every homophobe must be a closeted gay. But, I mean, really, in this case? Look at that photo! It’s laugh-out-loud funny! It belongs in the dictionary next to the definition of “gayface.” What he said is so blatantly stupid, it seems pointless to take the time to refute it. (And come on! He said those things on Phyllis Schlafly’s radio show. That speaks for itself.) But wheeee! Is it fun to ridicule someone who is so obviously gay when they say loathsome homophobic things.

  18. woodroad34 says

    Who you trying to fool, Towleroad? That’s Bryan Brown’s High School picture. Creepy then and creepy now. I’m with the poster above; check this guy’s backyard for mutilated pet carcasses.

  19. anon says

    Wasn’t he on Glee?

    Anyway, his argument is that religious conservatives should be in a panic that their beliefs are going to be outlawed, but who is buying this argument and why are they buying it? I think this is becoming a case of conservative talk radio talking to itself and no one else. Are there any grass-roots protests over local anti-discrimination laws anywhere with the town baker as the marshal? Are there any conservative legal groups planning on taking these cases to the Supreme Court to get the state laws overturned? If you are a baker, don’t you realize that you could charge more for any custom work done? Why don’t you make money off the situation instead of lose money in court?

  20. calpoidog says

    Who cares? The number of people who listen to these shows become smaller and smaller and their arguments all the less relevant. They are losing and just like the folks who believe in racial segregation eventually they will all be looked upon with disdain.

  21. Dback says

    Would someone with mad drawing skills from Deviant Art please draw a picture of Peter Pan and Superman flying while making out? That should refute this argument handily (and I want the T-shirt).

  22. Hot Dumb Italian Mike! says

    We’ll hear about this marshmallow man troll getting gang banged in some 711 bathroom. I’d hit him in the head with my 11 inch cock but he’d probably enjoy that!

  23. SoLeftImRight says

    Freedom of speech and religious liberty are not “God-given”. That has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Only human beings can grant or (more often) take away civil and political rights. There are no such things as “God-given” rights.

    Your right to bleat your insane ramblings about gay marriage is yours to enjoy in this country, at least. Your right to worship your perverted version of “Christianity” is also yours to do with what you will.

    But I can assure you, they can be snuffed out in a hot minute by man, not by your mythical “God”.

    Also, gayface, much?

  24. bumi says

    “God-given right to religious liberty” is such a mind-defying logical paradox. It’s basically “X therefore X”. And then they take it one step further “X therefore X and not Y and nobody is allowed to Y or it infringes on my right to X”

    Freedom of religion and freedom of speech are important but it’s these people that don’t seem to understand it’s not just for them

  25. bumi says

    “God-given right to religious liberty” is such a mind-defying logical paradox. It’s basically “X therefore X”. And then they take it one step further “X therefore X and not Y and nobody is allowed to Y or it infringes on my right to X”

    Freedom of religion and freedom of speech are important but it’s these people that don’t seem to understand it’s not just for them

  26. Armando says

    He kind of looks like Chris Farley when he did that woman character in drag. It does mean something when a whole bunch of gay people think someone looks gay. If that man’s not gay, he should be.

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