Radio Talk Show Host Says Same-Sex Marriage Is as Make-Believe as Humans Being Able to Fly

Conservative talk radio show host Steve Deace dropped by Phyllis Schlafly's show, and same-sex marriage was among the topics the two discussed. Right Wing Watch reports that, during his appearance, Deace argued that gay marriage is as implausible as humans taking flight.

Deace-mugshotEarly in the program, Deace explained what he believed to be the dangers of marriage equality:

To finally be the first civilization in human history to say you have a legal right to have homosexual sex and relationships with your neighbor is costing other people their freedom of their God-given right to moral conscience, their God-given right free speech, their God-given right to religious liberty. And you can ask bakers, and you can ask florists, you can ask Hobby Lobby and all these stories of religious liberty that we're seeing around the have no right to do that which God says is wrong.

Deace then responded to a caller who claimed to have a "semi-liberal" friend who believes it's "not government’s job to legislate morality."

Question him further to find exactly out what that means. And I’m telling you, what I’m 99 percent positive that it will mean is that he’s bought into some postmodern thinking that says, ‘Well, yeah, I think this stuff is wrong and icky for me but I can’t impose my value system on somebody else.’

But of course, that’s a very slippery slope as well. I mean, someone might think, I have the right to fly and I’d love to fly and I have a desire to fly and I even found a judge that gave me a piece of paper that told me I have the right to fly. But when I fling myself off the top of a skyscraper, I run smack-dab into the law of gravity. It didn’t change because some judge said so. It still exists. So, chances are that’s a false objection from your friend because he’s bought into some postmodern thinking about over-judgementalism.

Listen to a clip of the above, AFTER THE JUMP. The entire show, if you can bear it, is here.