1. michigander says

    Obviously, she shouldn’t have been assaulted.

    A slew of “counter-signs” is a much better approach.

  2. fsinsd says

    I kind of feel sorry for that lady. She is entitled to her opinion – as ridiculous as it is. Throwing a slushy at her only emboldens the other side. I would not want anyone bullying me into keeping my opinion to myself.

  3. Martin says

    Slushies are not weapons. They may be cold and wet, but they don’t cause bodily harm.

  4. Jay says

    “Controversial” WTF! I want to see the media say that about someone holding a sign that says “Thank Your Mom For Not Being Black”.

  5. says

    Whatever. Slushie them. It’s a freakin’ slushie. Won’t harm you. What will harm? the message of that bigoted woman with the sign.

  6. says

    “help me! i’m making a hateful statement and people are intimidating me! because what i’m doing is not intimidating at all and doesn’t in any way lead to young gay people killing themselves! you need to help me! i’m feeling threatened by people who won’t let me threaten others with my hate!”

    may she walk in front of a bus, plz.

  7. ian says

    not a good response, for all recipient knew it could have been urine or acid. it’s assault, and it’s wrong. The counter signs are much more appropriate. this will be used in the coming days by “christians” to claim victimhood once more. in 3-2-1.

  8. james street james says

    What an odd sign. I guess it means if your mom was a lesbian you would not have been born.

    Which isn’t necessarily true.

    And if you are gay you could thank your mom for your being gay even is she wasn’t gay.


  9. Honesty says

    She called the police because she felt uncomfortable? How about taking your offensive sign and going home!? She was there to make people angry on purpose, there’s absolutely no other reason to hold a sign reading that hateful garbage.

  10. wheelie81 says

    This is a perfect example of how NOT to handle anti-gay supporters. This is why people hate us even more. And for you idiots that say it’s just a slushie, no harm done….the same can be said about the woman’s sign. Trying to pass her actions off as “no big deal” is not only disgraceful but also counter productive.

  11. says


    wrong, wheelie. “this” is not why “bigots hate us more” – bigotry is inherently irrational – don’t look for rational “reasons” – there are no reasons to be bigoted, only excuses.

    “you people whom i hate! you make me hate you even MORE when you fight me back!” – that seems to be what you think their mentality is.

    you’re wrong twice, though. her sign does cause harm. signs like hers, the messages on them, that harms. it’s why our youth in our community has a suicide attempt rate of 1 in 4.

    hate kills. slushies don’t.

  12. jamal49 says

    More fodder for the “but we’re christians and we’re being oppressed” crowd. Let the b*tch hold up her sign. Then, we hold up a bunch of our signs. Surround her bigoted @$$ with signs.

    Btw, the reporter was kinda hot.

  13. Tre says

    If she were in a black neighborhood and held up a pro-slavery sign, she wouldn’t get a slushy thrown at her, she would get her ass kicked.

    Think about it.

  14. says

    “we’re oppressed!”

    -oppressed by what?

    “well, i made this sign that’s anti-gay and i went out to spread some anti-gay hate and then i got oppressed!”

    -so you were oppressed while trying to spread a message of hate and oppression against someone else?

    “yes. that’s exactly right. i’m a christian and i made a sign about hate, not love, and i’m being oppressed by a slushie!”

    really folks?

    i once, in my wilder teen days, punched a kid in the mouth when he called me a f@ggot. i knocked out a number of his teeth. while my now-adult self thinks I could of course have handled it better and utterly non-violently, another part of me thinks “bet he’ll think twice next time he wants to call someone a f@ggot”

    people are afraid to be openly gay. yet not afraid to be openly-hateful against gays. turn the tables. see how they run.

  15. says

    I think standing on a corner displaying ones bigotry as well as ignorance is a rather immature act. She is just luck that things did not get out of hand. People need to stop imposing their views on society and passing bans on civil rights. We are all created equal in Gods eyes.

  16. says

    I feel sorry for her. If she wanted a slushie, she should have asked for one. Lucky that other woman came along, just in the nick of time. A nice Good Samaritan story. I hope she learned her lesson. It’s called 7-11.

  17. Vint says

    I love that the news program’s caption gets the sex of the person throwing the slushie wrong.

    An extract from the 2015 SATs:

    Christine Weick is to red slushie as Anita Bryant is to:
    a] apple pie
    b] banana cream pie
    c] coconut custard pie
    d] strawberry-rhubarb pie

    Please discuss in a separate essay entitled “At Least It’s a Fruit Pie” the long tradition of sharing food with anti-gay bigots, with particular reference to Maggie Gallagher.

  18. TKinSC says

    Chill peeps. People, you know, middle-America (not the xtians), know she was provoking people and is the one who is not being reasonable. Because, afterall, middle-America doesn’t do extreme things like stand at busy intersections with anti-gay signs. So her in your face-ness feels uncomfortable to them and they secretly smile when she gets that slushie in her face. People are sick of this, and are ready to move on with this “issue”. People are getting married all over the TV, internet, and newspaper and they see that as a positive. Remember we’re talking about Middle-American and not fringe religious nut bags.

  19. Here says

    You can’t anymore middle American than christian bigots being baptized by slushies.

  20. Mikey says

    who *are* these people who think about homosexuals day and night. I mean, really. Who is this woman? She just decides to spend a Sunday on the side of a highway holding up a sign denouncing lesbian mothers? Of all the issues to get upset about, this is the one that drives you onto the highway? And even if you accept that people are against lesbian mothers for religious reasons, what does she think she is accomplishing by standing near a highway holding up a sign? Does she think that some would-be lesbian mother will see the sign and then say “Y’know, maybe I won’t have kids.”? These people are crazy.

    BTW: The reporter on the scene is gay. The slushy-thrower is straight.

  21. parkrunner says

    I’m actually sad for this woman. I spent the day making my partner’s beautiful mom feel great. She had all her favorite foods, flowers, cards and friends. She won’t remember any of this tomorrow, so we’ll show her the pictures and eat the leftovers like it was her special day all over again.
    This woman probably didn’t have anything to do, no one to keep her home and love her on Mother’s Day. That really sucks.

  22. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    This shameful incident is simply an updated version of Anita Bryant getting a pie in the face. It might have been satisfying and/or funny to some, but it was ultimately counter-productive to the cause of gay rights.

    You can’t overcome boorish ignorant hateful behavior by stooping down to its level. We’re better than that.

  23. says

    A woman who spends her Mother’s Day afternoon standing alone with a hateful sign has a lot bigger issues than getting a slushie thrown at her. She is mentally ill.

    And, no, normal people won’t “hate us more” because someone got provoked by someone intending to provoke. Normal people will wonder why this woman didn’t have better things to do on Mother’s Day. No hand wringing necessary over this …

  24. says

    It’s just a little extra syrup in the slushie that this woman is a former witch who’s written a book declaring that the Catholic church is the kingdom of the Antichrist.

    And note that the backside of her sign is a poster used to campaign against enactment of marriage equality, so she’s espousing political bigotry, not just religious views.

    What’s the deal with Republican ex-witches named Christine?

  25. Retro says

    Several gay couples standing around her kissing would have better. She probably would thought it was contagious and left.

  26. Hey Darlin' says

    There are many many gay moms in the world.

    The fact she thinks only straight women give birth, shows a lack of knowledge of modern science. Modernity doesn’t seem to be at the forefront of her movement though.

  27. Perry says

    I love the people that trying to condone bad behavior because of someone else’s bigoted belief. I wonder if a gay activist was slushied by that same woman or if there was a video of a high school kid getting slushied by high school bullies if they would be saying slushies don’t kill. Hypocritical much?

  28. Bill says

    Kudos to the TV station for sending a reporter who appears gay to cover the story.

  29. Bryan L says

    Unless you’re trying to prevent yourself or someone else from being physically harmed, assault is never the appropriate response to someone else’s stupidity.

  30. Joe De Hoyos says

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. BUT there are consequences for everything you say and do.

  31. Perry says

    Violence (no matter how mild it is) is not an acceptable form of consequence to opinion/speech. If you say it is acceptable for this lady to be slushied (attacked) then you have to say it is acceptable for someone protesting for gay rights to receive similar consequences from a religious person. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  32. says

    I love how Perry proves that nuance is lost on him. Hey Perry! Just so you know, this inability to be intellectually discerning is the reason your closeted self has only ever been, and only ever will be, a crushing disappointment to your family.

    “it’s like totes unfair to throw a slushie at someone promoting hate, if you think it’s ok to do that it means it’s ok for someone to throw something at you for promoting equality”

    this is why you’re an idiot, a coward, and an embarrassment to everyone you know. thanks for showing it. :)

  33. Perry says

    Poor Little Kiwi blabbering his same old tired line that I am closeted. The anorexia must be affecting what little brain cells you have. I will keep repeating, go eat a hamburger and get healthy looking. And take a shower because you look unclean and smelly.

  34. James says

    Ironic how gays will constantly harp about ‘Tolerance’ but can’t do the same thing when faced with opinions different than their own.

    To all the people saying, “A slushie won’t harm you”, I suppose it should be allowed for people to dump and throw drinks and food at you every time you have a different opinion?

    Absolutely ridiculous that people would support this childlike and immature behavior. Says a lot about the gay community.