Arkansas Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal of Gay Marriage Ruling, Denies Emergency Stay

The Arkansas Supreme Court today dismissed the appeal of Judge Chris Piazza's ruling striking down the state's gay marriage ban because it wasn't a final ruling. It also denied a request for an emergency stay of the ruling, the Arkansas Times reports:

Arkansas_supremeThe court, however, seems to have returned the state to its old status quo — impossible for same-sex couples to obtain marriage licenses — because it notes that Piazza's ruling didn't mention another statute that prohibits clerks from issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. Action will now shift to Piazza's court to pursue final orders, injunctive relief and a cleanup on the omitted statute.

Said Jack Wagoner, attorney for the plaintiffs:

We'll fix that tomorrow and be back here again…. How can order find something unconstitutional but not affect a statute that would require the clerks to do something unconstitutional?  

Justices Donald Corbin and Paul Danielson issued a separate concurrence that said the simply would have dismissed the appeal for lack of a final order and rejected the emergency stay request because the case is still before the trial court.

Read the order HERE.


  1. KT says

    This whole thing is starting to become a mess – why did the judge not specify in his ruling that the ban was removed? Why was this not a final order? Does this ruling invalidate the previous marriage licenses issued?

  2. oncemorewithfeeling says

    A terrible situation, but, as long as people are still able to get married in some counties, the couple count will continue to rise and the bigots will continue to lose.

  3. Kortez says

    Christians need to keep their DAMNED bible to themselves. They cry martyr and yet CHRISTIANS are the ones enforcing that MAN MAE book the lives of others.

    Sick of the Christian GANG

  4. Liam says

    Judge Piazza will strike down the second part today. It will then be re-appealed by Dustin McDaniel the attorney general. The State Supreme Court will then rule on it again, hopefully for good this time and not kick it back down to the county level for retrial.
    I know this is frustrating for all involved but this is a process. I think this will all be resolved in the next week or two.

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