1. bicurious says

    Between Conchita wining and Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend when he heard he got drafted this is a pretty darn good day for gaydom.

  2. Tyler says

    Gross. Why are we celebrating a mentally ill bearded man in a dress? And BTW, has he even said he is gay? He might not even be. He is counting on fools to equate being gay with being a bearded dude in a dress.

  3. will says

    Blargh. I was flushed with ELATION when Michael Sam got drafted this afternoon. And now this cut-rate drag queen is getting media attention right next to the Michael Sam columns! The best of times, the worst of times…

  4. Pete Frankas says

    I certainly don’t consider this a gay victory or a gay issue at all. Do we even know if this creature identifies as gay? I hope not.

    We need more role models like Michael Sam and Jason Collins and Ellen Page, LGB adults who can show LGB youth that being gay does not mean that you are weird or in conflict with your gender.

  5. says

    @PETE FRANKAS — the western democracies don’t stand up to the eastern bloc institutionalized anti-gay bigotry by parading a draft-pick in european headlines: they honor talent, beauty, audacity and diversity. It’s a matter of scale and this win is condemnation of Putin and his expanding east bloc policies. Don’t be so provincial in your view.

  6. says

    Eurovision has more viewers than the Super Bowl.

    Conchita is the drag persona of a gay man.

    A gay man in drag just won Eurovision.

    Russia and the conservatives East and West are not happy.

  7. says

    The perfect Eurovision tribute to Putin and pretty much the perfect Eurovision performance. I love how still and confident she was while the pyrotechnics blazed around her.

    @Pete: You know what, for every gay kid who identifies with Michael Sam or Ellen Page or any number of other worthy role-models, there’s another kid who’ll identify with and be totally inspired by someone like Conchita (someone like them). It’s a great big world out there, with room for all kinds of role models and all kinds of triumphs. Not all of them have to suit you.

  8. DC says

    I’m shocked! Happily so! I thought it was great that Austria had selected her as their entry, but did not expect her to win because of bias. There were many hurtful things publicly said about her, yet she kept her chin up and I’ve yet to hear of her even acknowledging the negativity and ignorance. Anti-gay Legislators in Russia made it very public that they wanted to pull their contestants out in protest, and wanted the broadcast to be banned nationwide if she remained involved. Bravo, all around! This is a triumph, an inspiring, positive portrayal of someone Trans, Gay, or Other (thank you KevinVT for clarification), publicly across 2 or more continents, and it involves the Arts. That definitely trumps some jock’s shallow b/s.

  9. Chuck Mielke says

    To the short-sighted posters who question “Conhita’s” sexuality: It isn’t important. She is a terrific talent. She helps us out of the Victorian rigidity of polarized sex and gender and into a world where your talent and skill matter more than your appearance and clothing. Frankly, it still makes me a little uneasy, but I welcome the freedom and potential surprises entailed.

  10. Eric A says

    To Tyler, Vann and other small-minded morons who posted their comments here against Wurst…I’m not a big fan of her song/performance but I applaud Wurst and Eurovision for what they’ve done as it was a slap to the face of Russia, Belarus & Armenia who banned/removed her from their broadcast.

  11. Pete Frankas says

    Mike – Nothing in that wikipedia article says that this dude is gay or not. The fact that he is so coy about it suggests that he is probably not gay but is trying to use gullible gays to support his career.

    BillyExpat – Of course everyone should oppose Putin and his homophobia. But I don’t see how it helping gays in Russia to support a bearded Austrian dude in a dress. We are just confirming to the Russian people that gays are the product of the West and are people who are gender confused, transvestites, or who don’t know if they are men or women. We should instead be highlighting accomplished gay Russians who have contributed to building their nation.

  12. says

    @Pete: Conchita identifies as part of the gay community. Nothing coy about that. And it wasn’t the “gullible gays” she needed to win over–it was the support of straight people, and she got it. She also had a lot of popular support in Russia, to the chagrin of the powers-that-be. That’s a good thing.

    The victory doesn’t mean the accomplishments of gay Russians can’t be highlighted, though the Putin regime has been trying to scrub the gay out of Russian history. That started long before a bearded drag queen won Eurovision and would have continued regardless.

  13. Pete Frankas says

    Ernie said:

    “Conchita identifies as part of the gay community.”

    What is that supposed to mean? Is he gay or not? And where have you seen that he identifies as part of the gay community? I have seen nothing of the sort. Someone linked to his wiki page, but it says nothing about his sexual orientation or gays.

    Also, this singer is a dude. He is not trans. It is considered transphobic to call this guy a “she” as it equates drag queens with transgenders. If you are going to be the moral authority on diversity and political correctness, you should really know all the petty rules.

  14. Fretan says

    Thomas,the man behind Conchita is gay. He came out on Austrian national television at age 18 eight years ago.

    And since when do you have to use he when you are talking about the drag persona of a person. In private life you use the male pronoun but for the drag queen persona the female.

  15. says

    @Pete: It means what it means. I’m not sure why you’re finding it all so complicated. As for pronouns, Fretan already explained that. Relax. It’s not like reading this story means you have to become a gay man performing (spectacularly, it should be noted) as a bearded lady.

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