Catholic School Apologizes For Removing Yearbook Picture of Female Student in Tuxedo

The Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep school in San Francisco has apologized following outcry over the school’s decision to remove the yearbook photo of senior student Jessica Urbina because she was wearing a tuxedo rather than the mandatory dress for female students.

The Advocate reports:

UrbinaThe removal of the photo was widely criticized as the news spread. Urbina’s fellow students united to support her by creating a social media campaign and participating in a demonstration Friday, which saw hundreds of students wearing ties to school protesting the school’s decision. “I’ve cried multiple times, overwhelmed with all this support,” Urbina told the Chronicle.

The backlash prompted the school to issue an official apology Monday from president John Scudder Jr. and principal Gary Cannon, who applauded the students for their support of Urbina. “Given the nature of this specific case,” the administrators said, “we believe that decision, while conforming with our policy, was wrong.”

School officials say the dress code will soon be updated to no longer require female students to wear dresses in an effort to be more sensitive every student’s gender identity, but they realize they “still have much growth to achieve.”

The administrators added, “As a school, we must better learn how to support our students who are navigating issues of gender identity.”


  1. Terry says

    The apology is for the decision made in accordance with a policy which he does not apologize for. Thus it was a good policy, but because the decision caused media problems it must be apologized for. Damn bunch of cross-dressing child molesters pretending they speak for a disembodied consciousness, which doesn’t exist, and thus are justified in all they do.

  2. BobN says

    David, I seem to recall reading that they were going to reprint the books. I don’t know if that proves sincerity, but it does prove they’ve got a lot of money laying around…

  3. Perry says

    Then again, as I complete lack a pair of testicles I’m mistaken for a woman all the time. I was born with them, but I had them taken away by my parents and locked in a glass cabinet so everyone would see who owned my balls.

  4. Burt says

    Reading the cited Chronicle article it appears to me that the apology is hollow. The article stated it was unclear whether the yearbooks would be reprinted. I sincerely doubt that they will. Nobody interviewed said anything about anticipating a new yearbook or how the school redeemed itself in their eyes.

    Catholics in the bay area have their new mafioso, er, cardinal, to thank.

  5. Sean Westmann says

    Another classic example of the vacuous, insincere apology after the damage is done. They have marred this young person’s senior year with their bigotry. Unless they intend to reprint EVERY yearbook and re-distribute them, their apology smells as badly as a fart inside a spacesuit.

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