Catholic School Sends Invites with Ellen DeGeneres’s Photo, Recants, Promises to Destroy Them


A Catholic school principal in Bucks County, Pennsylvania has apologized to parents for sending a student-dance invitation featuring a photo of Ellen DeGeneres. reports:

It was "completely wrong" to use DeGeneres' picture because the lesbian celebrity "lives her life outside the teachings of the Catholic Church," St. Andrew Elementary School principal Nancy Matteo wrote in an email to parents on Tuesday.

In the email, Matteo says she was "obviously NOT thinking" when she let the invitation to the June 8 dance be distributed with DeGeneres’ photo.

"Perhaps I was distracted by the Oscar," she wrote, calling the entertainer a "poor role model."

"A role model, as defined by Webster's Dictionary, is a person who is unusually effective or inspiring in some social role, job, position, etc.," the email says. "This does not describe her at all. We work so hard to be good role models and then I go and do something stupid!"

Matteo said that she wants all students to return their invites so that she can personally detroy them.

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  1. atomic says

    Never mind that she should not be using the likeness of a celebrity to advertise or endorse an event without that celebrity’s permission. Ellen could sue the school for violating her rights of publicity, but she’s too nice to do that.

    What this woman did was illegal, but who cares, right? What matters is that Ellen is a LESBIAN…. *GASP*

  2. Tatts says

    Of course the principal never mentions that it was wrong for her catholic school to steal the copyrighted photo in the first place.

    Apparently theft is no longer a sin.

  3. captain underpants says

    here’s hoping the owner of the image’s copyright – takes this fat slob and her school to court
    especially like that she will personally destroy them – every one with her little fattie hands –

  4. pete n sfo says

    Seriously, how many idiotic things have to happen thru this “church” before people abandon it completely?

    If this is the idiot leadership of the school, would anyone want their kid taught there?

  5. jpeckjr says

    The Oscar is also a copyrighted image. If Ellen doesn’t sue, maybe the motion picture academy will.

    What will happen to the children who don’t return the invitation?

  6. jpeckjr says

    The principal should have left it all alone. What she’s doing in apologizing and recalling the invitation just calls attention to the whole thing.

  7. I wont grow up says

    Hey! If I had one of those invites, I’d hold onto it for dear life. In a few years you’re gonna see one of these on eBay for $500.00. And Ms. Matteo will still be standing in the Weight Watchers parking lot wondering “What the hell happened”.

  8. norseman says

    Wow, folks…. The woman’s weight control issues are irrelevant to the actions here, and might I suggest that bringing it up is pretty catty and small minded ? This is another person representing the Catholic Church as a Theology of Hate. That’s the issue I would think. The new Pope seems to be trying to take the church in a different direction, but it’s taking some people an awfully long time to get with the program.

  9. Bernie says

    wow! Maybe Ms. Matteo should start a bond fire to burn these supposed “disgraced” invites! A lot of hulabaloo over nothing! Ellen is a very successful star, who is more philanthropic on one of her shows, than most people in their lifetime…….

  10. DamFine says

    I daresay Ms DeGeneres has saved more gay kids’ lives with her positive attitude & influence. Ms DeGeneres IS a role model for me & I’m in my sixties. How many gay kids has Ms Matteo saved? How many schools has she invigorated with help from her sponsors who donate millions every year to help folks who are in need? Or how many kids has Ms Matteo destroyed with her incredible insensitivity? A photo is a bad role model? No, Matteo IS!

  11. BestBrand says

    Indeed the definition of role model DOES describe Ellen. Nancy Matteo is so blindly bigoted that she can’t see it. Apparently giving gay kids hope for a future, and trying to stop gay kids from killing themselves, broadcasting from an international platform as a beloved host doesn’t constitute being a good role model to this [principal of all things!].

    I have one thing to say to Nancy Matteo. It comes from the same book she uses to justify discriminating against gays.
    So grab a sharp knife, put it to your quadruple chin, and start slicing b****!

  12. mikedc says

    In Bucks County, no less! (It’s gayer than 90% of the country, population wise and includes New Hope, a huge gay getaway destination.) Oops.
    Trying no to be mean, but I can’t resist pointing out that she might be confusing “role” with “roll.”

  13. pete n sfo says

    Hey Norseman, I’m with ya! I find it really objectionable when writers trash someone over their physical appearance. It’s just wrong.

    Most of these fools that earn an entry on T-road, have done so by their dumb actions or ignorance; trash that, not their physical appearance. It’s too easy & should be beneath us.

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