Colorado Civil Rights Commission Finds Bakery Owner Discriminated Against Gay Couple

Jack phillips

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission has rejected a Denver-area bakery’s appeal of an judge’s earlier ruling that bakery owner Jack Phillips “unlawfully discriminated against a gay couple by refusing to sell them a wedding cake” last July.

The commission affirmed the prior ruling that found Phillips in violation of the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act. The commission also ordered a change of policy, staff training, and quarterly reporting to confirm that the bakery is not turning away customers due to sexual orientation.

Said Paula Greisen of King and Griessen LLP, which represents the gay couple as cooperating counsel with the ACLU of Colorado: “Everyone who shops in our stores and conducts business in our state should be treated with equality and dignity. That’s what this ruling was about today.”

Phillips has pledged to close his cake shop if forced to bake a gay wedding cake.


  1. simon says

    NOM is going to intervene in this case? At least they may have a better chance here since there is a plaintiff with name.

  2. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I guess he likes hatred more than he likes money. That’s his chosen lifestyle. But he’s going to find out you can’t pay your bills with hatred.

  3. Gay Guy says

    If it were just a few idiots like hime, I’d say let it go.

    However, we could find ourselves in a position that we couldn’t get a whole variety of services, or we’d have to pay more for the same services (because we’d have to go “elsewhere”). It can start with a weeding cake and end up with being unable to get kosher or halal food at a same sex wedding. Perhaps even denial of a wedding hall because the owners were threatened with losing halal or kosher certification.

    We see the rampant abuse of religious opt-out on matters of abortion.

  4. JEFF YORK says

    We will see if he’s a man of his ‘convictions; and actually sells or just starts making really lousy cakes.

  5. Tina TowleTits says

    Yup, he should close up the bakery shop and open a porn shop instead. At least he’d have more fun that way.

  6. Randy says

    Again, thank goodness this ruling was fair and just. Where does this all end? Do we return to the era of ‘No Jews’, ‘No Blacks’? How about ‘No Special-Needs People’ served here. We’ve come a long way baby but there is a long way to go! We are just as equal as anybody else on the street. If you own a business and won’t serve the public, then get out of business! And by the way, neither God nor Christ would stand by this man’s decision. Religion has become an excuse to hate!

  7. john patrick says

    Oh, he is an artiste! It is against his religious beliefs to bake an artistic creation for teh gays! It would be like officiating at their wedding. God would torture him forever in hell if he were to bake that cake. It is the 11th commandment given to Moses – “Thou shalt not bake gay cakes.”

  8. bkmn says

    Honey, your vicious frosting skills leave a LOT to be desired…just like your hair.

    You are not a martyr, you are a don’tr.

  9. Retro says

    What a crybaby. He’s not being “forced to bake a gay wedding cake.” .. All he has to do is not bake ANY wedding cakes. .. Then, he’s not discriminating. .. And surely, he can continue to bake other things, if still wants to stay in business.

  10. Profe Sancho Panza says

    There wasn’t actually any dispute over whether he discriminated. The only question was whether he could do so without violating state law.

  11. Smuggy says

    it’s a cake store. can’t be much of a close out sale. I do loe a good deal. I wonder which fab hair dresser does his mullet for him?

  12. Mark says

    I bet Mr Brown of NOM fame will be there to buy cakes at the end of business sale AND that he will not share with his family. LET HIM EAT CAKE!!!!

  13. NotSafeForWork says

    We need to get Kerry Vincent in there. She’s not a fan of plastic pillars and fake flowers on wedding cakes.

  14. L G. says

    bake your god a cake baby doll and sit on the curb! who cares about you or your kind
    so tired of these creeps and reporting on them, frankly

  15. Lymis says

    “It can start with a weeding cake and end up with being unable to get kosher or halal food at a same sex wedding.”

    Since these are the same laws that usually also cover things like housing, restaurants, clothing, groceries, and in many cases, medical care – depending on whether public accommodation laws break those things out, it can end up FAR worse than making a wedding reception challenging to shop for – even though that alone would be enough to fight this crap when it comes up.

    That’s why the people who make their money off creating martyrs are focusing on wedding cakes and wedding photographers. They want the public thinking we’re being shallow and petty and pushing our “agenda” on purveyors of nonessentials.

    That’s why we need to keep pointing out that “where this can end up” is a woman barred from the bedside of her dying wife even with powers of attorney in hand, or people being banned from hotels or housing rentals.

    Once one of these, “hey it’s only a wedding cake” lawsuits wins, unless it’s a truly unusual state, it would carve religious exceptions into every aspect of commerce and public services and accommodations. And anyone who doesn’t think it wouldn’t extend to other, far more critical services hasn’t been paying attention.

  16. Arbogast says

    Very good point Lymis. We do need to adopt the same “slippery slope” argument that many of the fundies use. It starts with denying us wedding cakes but next thing you know we’ll be denied the right to eat at certain restaurants in backwater Texas towns.

  17. Randy says

    Very well said Lymis! Bravo! I can’t tell you how many straight people I’ve heard say “well, it’s just a wedding cake, why don’t they go somewhere else?” etc. People just don’t get it! This obscene discrimination need stop- when laws can do so. I for one will not be going ‘back’ to the way it ‘used to be’. When I had to keep my mouth shut and never ever let any of the hoards of straights in my midst know my thoughts, or that I was gay.

  18. says

    Like many other commenters here, I’ve had this discussion with some decidedly clueless straight people who’ve given the “why not just go somewhere else?” excuse – and asked them, point blank, if they have ever at any moment in their lives experienced actual, ACTUAL, discrimination. if they have any idea what it’s like to have someone treat you badly right to your face simply because of who you are. in all cases, the answer was a resounding NO. and that’s what’s so irritating about not just these stories, but their apologists: those who’ve never felt the sting of prejudice and discrimination telling those of us who’ve experienced it first hand to turn the other mother***ing cheek. Sorry, I can’t anymore. And none of us should.

  19. Mike says


    Hey, this gay obsessed, whiter then white, phony “Christian” has all the hallmarks of a lying Fox News propagandist!

    All he needs is a thin veneer of self righteous plastic coating for their dumbed down viewers . . .

  20. StevyD says

    I guess this is his god’s way of saying, “get your silly butt out ot the bakery business”.

  21. Bernie says

    so, I think all the gay couples in that area should line up for their wedding cakes! and when, this moron goes out of business, he is going to blame the gay community, and he only has HIMSELF to blame for not following the law and a business is a public accommodation selling a product or service, not based on your religious or personal value system…….

  22. emjayay says

    Lymis: Yes! There is no place to draw a line between eating a tuna melt and Coke at the Woolworth’s lunch counter, buying it to go, ordering it for delivery, or ordering a cake.

    I was afraid to read the comments on this at Yahoo! News.

  23. Bill says

    @Mark: judging from pictures of Brian Brown, he probably does eat cake – a lot of cake.

  24. Bill says

    Actually, this guy does have a career path that will let him keep his bakery: he can set up shop as the personal baker for Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher. Given their size, that should give him enough business to make a nice living.

  25. HomocratsLose2014 says

    There will be a huge BACKLASH against the HOMOCRATS and then hopefully u will get what u truly deserve!