1. DdV says

    Yeah, mean Michael Sam and all those other gheys won’t let Donald Trump and Elisabeth Hasselbeck be the bigoty bigots they are.
    Except, they’re totally free to be the bigoty bigots they are since they’re on Fox News. What?

  2. Jonty Coppersmith says

    Here is yet another example of American ignorance. Freedom of speech means only one thing- you are protected from government retribution for things you say (and there are limits, ie slander, falsely yelling “fire,” etc.)
    Freedom of speech does not protect anyone from criticism, and it doesn’t protect one from being punished by his employer. Try talking smack about your employer, and you will be fired, simple as that.

  3. brian says

    People choose their religion. People do not choose their sexuality. Michael Sam is not going to go on the football field and try to recruit people to be gay, but you better believe Tebow was out there promoting his religion.

  4. Twins says

    Most of you here are gay and liberal and probably won’t understand what I am about to say. Some people feel uncomfortable with the kiss and it’s understandable. It’s hard to accept this when gay men act like teenage girls when you try to reason with them. It’s about being considerate of others. I don’t flaunt my sexuality because I know it might make others uncomfortable. I get that unfortunately gays only think about themselves and not others around them.

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    A few years ago, Hasselbeck called Trump, “obnoxious”, and Trump called Hasselbeck, “not a very smart person, one of the dumber people on television”, and now they are a regular team, supporting each other’s dumbness and obnoxiousness.

  6. Keith says

    Jonty is absolutely correct. The nation as a whole doesn’t seem to understand what the First Amendment right to free speech means, and that such freedoms do not protect anyone from criticism or backlash from employers or the community at large. There have been many watershed moments in US and World History where bigots have reacted to something by saying “that display was beyond the pale” and by today’s standards you wouldn’t even bat an eye at it. Less than a 100 years ago, it would have been unthinkable for a women to wear anything but a dress in public (trousers/pants were forbidden by law and in 1923 the US Attorney General finally ruled women could wear them in public). Also, at one time to dance the Waltz was a crime against nature, and “good and decent” society was aghast that people would perform this dance in public. There was a time where “righteous and moral men” thought the bikini would be the ruin of humankind and lead to moral turpitude. . .and yet now it’s rarer to see someone wearing something other than a bikini at the beach.

  7. Josh says

    @TWINS Michael Sam could break you in half, but he wouldn’t because he’s an infinitely better person than you. Thanks for noting that liberals oppose bigotry, unlike trolls like you who freely propagate it. You are disgusting.

  8. Rick says

    “Trump has attended gay weddings. What’s his issue again?”

    His issue is just what he said it is, namely that the kiss was “pretty out there”……the issue was over-the-top behavior by Sam clearly designed to make a political statement……not his sexual orientation, per se…..which is why non-homophobes like Trump are not cool with it….

  9. SpaceCadet says

    Uh Twins, you do realize that Sam and his boyfriend were in the comfort of their home when they kissed? They have to restrain themselves because the media was allowed in? And they’re not allowed to celebrate in a completely natural manner like this after Sam’s dream literally came true? Get over yourself. If it was a straight couple “flaunting their sexuality” you’d be keeping your ignorant mouth shut. “Oh no, two adult gay men are kissing! Whaaanh!”

  10. Twins says

    @Josh. You sum my point perfectly. Calling me a troll. This is why I can’t reason with gays because you throw a tantrum if someone disagrees with their opinion. It’s not only about you gays, it’s about others too. I’m gay too.

  11. Josh says

    @RICK How was the kiss “out there”? This is just one more example of how the right wing attempts to create their own ‘facts’ to feed their constant and absurd outrage machine.

  12. Rick says

    “Hell, have all the ‘free speech’ you want! Just don’t assume their won’t be consequences”

    Hmmm. That is exactly what I would say to Michael Sam this morning if I saw him.

  13. Twins says

    Now people are making comments with my name because you are offended. MOST gays are selfish and immature. You guys are making yourselves look bad. Nothing further.

  14. Verne Champagne says

    I think the problem is that the manner in which they’re being said is malicious. If Don Jones wanted to voice his opinion of homosexuality, he could have said “I find homosexuality distasteful and objectionable on a personal level.” or “I don’t feel that what happened is appropriate.” That could open a social discourse and that sort of well planned, non-slanderous, and non-threatening wordage should not be corrected–but engaged. Saying “OMG” and “horrible” basically just says, I’m homophobic and I don’t want to talk about it. Case closed, I just wanted you to know that I don’t like it and I never will.

  15. jjose712 says

    Twins: If some people are uncomfortable with a kiss it’s time to grow up and get over it.

    Straight people kiss everywhere and that’s about love, but if gays kiss it’s about sex.
    A lot of straights grow enough to understand that when gay guys kiss it’s not about straights, it’s not two men trying to offend them, in fact it has absolutely nothing to do with them.

    And other thing, Tim Tebow wasn’t mocked for being a christian, there are hundreds of christian players that are not mocked. Tim Tebow was mocked because his over the top reactions and big gestures.
    And unfortunately for him, he was a big star in college and some people wanted him to be their poster child. His pro career didn’t went as well as expected and people have tendency to kick the fallen

  16. anon says

    It’s not that the NFL loves gay people and are trying to protect their feelings. It’s that they want to control their own media image and not lose advertisers. The union nickname for the NFL ‘The Plantation’ — there was also a book by that name, sums it up pretty well.

  17. AirCirculation says

    The anti-gays have revealed themselves even further – “They are going on the offense against any sort of offensive comments out there.” – Thank you anti-gays, for revealing that you know your comments are offensive. And thanks for acknowledging that your biggest problem is with gays going on the offence when that happens. Anti-gays just preferred it when we took their abuse. Those days are pretty much over.

    By the way – “But does it offend those with their free speech…” – cuts both ways…

  18. jo says

    I love reading all the comments by these silly little people (Trump included) who take issue to Sam kissing his partner in celebration. Why are they not boycotting and screaming about all the soap operas that are on everyday, five days a week, with gay characters – who indeed kiss onscreen all the time and even have sex and are shown naked in bed together at 1, 2pm?

  19. Jack M says

    The Donald obviously doesn’t understand the concept of showing affection by kissing; he used money.

    I always subsitute racially-centered comments for the anti-gay comments and ask, would this be OK if Black people were spoken about this way? The answers seems to be no every time.

    It’s ironic that the ones speaking offensively are offended by the response they get.

  20. Keith says

    @Twins. The issue is that you are stating an opinion, and not something based upon statistical facts or verifiable arguments. If you wish to have such a sociological or anthromorphological perspective, I’m happy to have such a discussion with you. The fact is that in any given hour of television (including the news, soap operas, game shows, and movies) the average American sees at least four heterosexual kisses on national television (just watch a news report on troops coming home to family and children as an example). The fact is that the viewing public sees constant examples of “heteronormative” behavior all the time. What you are experiencing is the beginnings of a trend of “homonormative” behavior on the airwaves as well. In a 100 years, while there will always be people who agree or disagree with your opinion, the fact is that you will see a statistically significant representation of the LGBT community and its public displays of affection on television and in the movies just like we see amongst straight couples every day of our lives. It’s normal behavior, and it will take time for the American public to get over its “indignity and shock” as in time it realizes it survived. . .and so that the next time there is a public display of affection it gets less shocking. . .and so forth, and so on.

    Eventually, your post will sound and appear as if you are trolling, and that your opinion contains little substance with which the larger LBTQ community will agree.

    So, one will easily be able to refute your hypothesis and opinion, and do it all without “throwing a tantrum” as you suggest (and for which I think you are grossly mischaracterizing, by the way).

  21. AirCirculation says

    Jo, I wonder why they don’t protest shows like “toddlers & tiaras”. I saw a 5 year old girl once being taught how to cage-dance by her parents for a pageant. The parents owned an escort service, and they brought their 5 year old girl to the office, where the little thing was looking up at women in skirts up-to-there. I see all kinds of things in life and think, why aren’t they complaining about THAT?!

  22. Twins says

    I simply think for once gays should think about others and not themselves. I am gay myself but it makes me sad to see others here acting like immature children.I don’t have to flaunt my sexuality to be happy. The ones that do flaunt it usually do it for one thing:attention.

  23. says

    Translation for Twins: “I have to not do what my piece of s**t family would consider “flaunting” it, in order for them to sorta tolerate me a little bit”

    You’re a coward. Grow a pair.

  24. Frank says

    I guess the fact that it was a mixed race couple didn’t bother anyone. Progress? haha!

    I like that Donald Trump- the adulterer is worried about other people going to hell.

    And Tim Tebow is what my very Catholic mother used to refer to as a “Pharisee” always praying loudly and making a great deal about it so that everyone knows how pious he is.

  25. SpaceCadet says

    Breaking news: I’ve seen pics posted of Vito, Michael Sam’s BF and boy is hot! Are collegiate/professional gay swimmers all the rage now? Lol. I wouldn’t mind seeing the sex tape. ;o)

  26. Twins says

    @Little Kiwi.
    The problem is that you make being gay all that you are. Being gay is only one thing that I am. It doesn’t define me solely. I don’t see why I have to flaunt it to others I’m not close with or in public.

  27. steve talbert says

    People who are bothered by the Michael Sam kiss and cake are bothered by black men, sexuality, and gay men in general. Best to have them get used to it, as there is nothing wrong with it. It’s like kids who think kissing scenes in movies between men and women are “icky” and embarrassing.

    When gay people stop being themselves and/or act like they are doing something “wrong” when they do what most straight people do, just reinforces ignorance and validates that something is “not right”.

    What Michael Sam and his boyfriend did is no different than actions of a number of other major league sports players – the only difference is Sam is gay. And Sam at least was kissing his boyfriend at an important time versus a prostitute at a wild party.

  28. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Twins – “MOST gays are selfish and immature.”

    You really know most of us? We must have been introduced then. What’s your name?

  29. Hey Darlin' says

    The real issue isn’t with Michael Sam.

    It’s with the media and that they dared to show that Michael Sam is a normal loving human being and that Hell didn’t open up and swallow him when he kissed the love of his life, in celebration.

  30. Anon says


    With this quote alone, “I don’t see why I have to flaunt it to others” you revealed yourself to be either
    A) A non-gay troll using identity games as part of your strategy to try and upset gays.
    B) So infected with anti-gay memes, that your Stockholm Syndrome makes you unworthy of being part of the conversation, in which case the only thing for you to do is heal yourself with or without help.

  31. Lucas H says

    What is wrong with some of you people? The man kissed his boyfriend upon receiving some exciting news. And you think he did it to make a political statement? Or to “flaunt” his sexuality??? Is he NOT allowed to kiss his boyfriend anyplace they might be seen? Screw that!!!!! It was a light peck! Some of you people would have us hiding back in the closet where its more comfortable for you and your redneck neighbors. You go on and hide there. Congrats to Michael Sam.

  32. Anon says

    Dear Mike in the Tundra,

    Your quote of TWINS also tells me this person is just a non-gay troll, using identity games as part of their strategy to upset gays.

  33. Josh says

    @ANON I was about to write the same thing. As your user name highlights, all these posts are anonymous, and all personal claims are unverifiable.

  34. Twins says

    @ Josh.
    I just discovered this blog. I am gay but it seems if you’re aren’t liberal then you’re aren’t welcomed here. This is just like Fox news only reverse. I simply wanted a discussion.

  35. Twins says

    Does anyone else like the fact that I just proved that gay conservatives are pathetic little cowards? I’m a gay conservative and i don’t believe in “flaunting” sexuality. Which means that I’m still living in fear of my sh*t parents, who are anti-gay. I don’t kiss people in public (heck, nobody would want to kiss me anyway) and I believe we should not offend anti-gay people by being ourselves. And I’m a gay conservative! See how well that’s worked for me?

    I am a wimp and a loser and I have no testicles.

  36. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Twins – Twins wrote, ” I get that unfortunately gays only think about themselves and not others around them.”

    That’s how you started your discussion. That’s an insulting statement. You’re a troll, because you started your posting by stirring up sh*t. You sir are a sh*t stirrer.

  37. says

    ” suggesting Tebow was “mocked” for being a Christian while Michael Sam is “praised.”

    I guess this shows us two things:

    What most people think of teh gays
    What most people think of fundamentalist Christians

  38. Twins says

    To the post above.
    I don’t need to say much other liberals are most hateful. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean you have to resort to childish name-calling and using my username. My family knows I am gay but why do I need to flaunt it to others I’m not close with.

  39. Twins says

    And my parents totally tolerate me just as long as I never flaunt it, like kissing a guy or dating a guy or ever mentioning that I’m gay in public. They totally accept me just as long as I pretend I’m not gay. You liberals are so intolerant. As long as I don’t flaunt my being gay my dad doesn’t even threaten me any more. That’s what being a conservative is, after all.

  40. Twins says

    Did you like how I just compared a kiss between two boyfriends in love to sucking C0CK at Folsom? That’s why my conservative family doesn’t respect me – I’m an intellectually stunted wimp.

  41. JJ says

    Poor @TWINS. You’re daddy can’t even watch his favorite TV shows without them rubbing it in his face what a disgusting c(o)cksucker he has for a son. It must be everything he can do not to throw up. How inconvenient for you that we’re all living our lives out in the open and making Daddy hate you all the more. How will you ever get him to barely tolerate you grudgingly with all us f(a)gs prancing around on ESPN and Fox News and everywhere else ALL the time?

  42. Rick says

    @Keith Since you at least tried to make this an intelligent discussion instead of behaving like a little girl, you and everyone else are missing the point.

    This is not about whether we should be able to do the same thing straights do. This is not about principle. This is not about right and wrong.

    This is simply about the practical question of how you bring about change most effectively–and if you push people too hard for too much change all at once, you run the risk of alienating them. It was quite enough for Michael Sam to have come out…..the NFL and the general public were apparently–JUST BARELY–ready to accept an openly gay player.

    Even so, the apprehension was evident in Sam’s fall to the 7th round, when he was originally projected as a 4th or 5th round pick…and further reinforced by the fact that every other gay player in the NFL remains in the closet.

    So he needed to be very circumspect and non-threatening in his behavior–FOR NOW–in order to be accepted. THEN, other players could follow in his footsteps and EVENTUALLY, once they were accepted and well-established, they could safely begin to do things like kiss their partners in public.

    That time, though, is and was probably 20 years away still–and by trying to force the issue now, progress could be stopped dead in its tracks–and probably will be, because the likely outcome of “the kiss” is that he now will not even make an NFL team, at all.

    If some of you would just think rationally, you would understand that. B

    You seem to think that it is inevitable that we will get whatever we want and we can therefore push the public as far as we want to as soon as we want to without their being any risk in it, but you are WRONG about that, as the backlashes all over the world today are demonstrating.

  43. Keith says

    @Rick. I think you over-estimate the public’s repulsion to the Michael Sam kiss and ESPN’s coverage of it. Yes, it has generated a debate; however, that kiss is now being shown on about every television station and website you can imaging. It literally is the kiss that launched a gay football player’s career.

    If the world waited for baby steps and a gradual acclimation to the realities around it, there would be no marriage equality or equality of any kind (for women, minorities, or the LGBT). These same arguments were used when Ellen came out on her TV show and then it was cancelled. These same arguments were used on Will & Grace when Will finally got a boyfriend. These same arguments were used in soap operas when gay couples were seen in bed together. The reality is that in most cases one has to “shock” the public in order to move the conversation and debate forward. . .otherwise the American public ignores it and goes along with the status quo.

    I never said there was no risk (either to Michael’s career our the community at large), but without risk, there is no progress either. Look at Gavin Newsom here in San Francisco. When he first started issuing marriage licenses, most Califronians were flabbergasted and outraged. . .and we ended up with Prop H8. However, without Prop H8, we couldn’t have had the real conversations that needed to be had, and actually change people’s hearts and minds. That is as true here in California as it will be in Russia or Uganda. You are aware that the #1 song in Russia is by the Eurovision winner, yes?

    Evolution doesn’t happen gradually, but by sudden and striking changes. Read a biology book, and you will see the parallels in social and anthropological studies as well.

  44. Simon says

    It is funny you try to be a gay community leader and handing out advice how to advance the gay rights movement. If you can think rationally, you should know your way of doing it is totally ineffective and is falling on deaf ears. The fact is no one needs your silly advice. Some people said gays were flaunting it in gay pride parades since the 70’s and gays never will get accepted. Harvey Milk told people to come out that could also be regarded as flaunting. What we see today proved that you are dead wrong.

  45. SpaceCadet says

    Anyone who says they have a problem with gays “flaunting their sexuality” is a homophobe or a self-hating homosexual. Notice how you never hear, “Oh I just get so upset every time I see a straight couple flaunting their sexuality by holding hands and kiss in public.” Or I’m okay with straight people as long as they keep what they do behind closed doors.” See you out there holding hands with my boyfriend and kissing him in public! :o)

  46. Rick says

    @KEITH I don’t know how old you are, but the groundworkd for marriage equality was laid decades ago by those of us who were the first to challenge the idea that homosexuality itself was “wrong” or a “sickness”. When I came out in college back in the mid-70’s, we were only three years removed from homosexuality no longer being regarded–at least by professionals–as a mental illness. Maybe because people my age have that perspective, we can see better when mistakes are being made and people are being pushed too hard.

    Only in the last few years has one really begun to see interracial couples in the media, to use another example–a full half-century after the civil rights laws of the 60’s were passed.

    You do NOT effect change by SHOCKING people–you effect change by gradually making them more comfortable with you…..and that, I fear,is what the younger generation just does not understand.

    Just wait and see what happens to Michael Sam because of this–I can almost guarantee you the Rams will cut him after training camp and that no other team will pick him up–and although they will claim that it was strictly a football decision, the reality will be that it was about his having pushed the envelope to far with his behavior yesterday.

  47. Rick says

    Take note of how strong I am – I’m such a great example of a gay man that I’m closeted, and will never come out, and I’ve never even dated another guy. I HATE when you gays kiss! It reminds me of all the joys I’ll never know. My name is Rick, and not a single person in my life loves me.

  48. Simon says

    By the way, David Mixner is the real deal who occasionally contributes articles in this forum. You probably won’t agree with what he said on this subject. Who cares?

  49. Simon says

    By the way, David Mixner is the real deal who occasionally contributes articles in this forum. You probably won’t agree with what he said on this subject. Who cares?

  50. Simon says

    By the way, David Mixner is the real deal who occasionally contributes articles in this forum. You probably won’t agree with what he said on this subject. Who cares?

  51. Simon says

    By the way, David Mixner is the real deal who occasionally contributes articles in this forum. You probably won’t agree with what he said on this subject. Who cares?

  52. Simon says

    “groundworkd for marriage equality was laid decades ago by those of us?”
    Who are you? You are a gay rights pioneer or just an impostor? David Mixner obviously not your friend.

  53. Larry says

    I wonder if it occurs to the Fox News people about what the definition difference between being assertive and aggressive.
    Assertive: I’m gay.
    Assertive: I’m Christian.
    Aggressive: As a Christian, I think you’re bad.
    Assertive = OK
    Aggressive = Not OK.

    Is this subject too complex for Fox News?

  54. Anon says

    Dear Simon,

    Trolls like Rick are most probably impostors. Here are 3 reasons I can think of off-hand why Trolls use identity games;
    A) If the Troll thinks using X identity will get the audience to listen more, give more credence, or increase the likelihood of replying to the toxic discourse rather than thehir game.
    B) If the Troll thinks using X identity will upset their intended audience more, because that is part of the fun for them.
    C) To protect the troll’s true ego complex from criticism.

  55. Keith says

    @Rick. I assure you I am old enough to have lived as an adult through the AIDS crisis of the 80s and 90s, and to have watched many of my closest friends die due to ignorance and inaction on the part of others. Yet again you argue at an askance, and not directly at the thesis of my statements. I again never said that there weren’t many in our history who have fought for equality. . .I just gave examples of events in the past 15-20 years that were watershed moments for the American public that shocked them, but ultimately did promote positive change for the LGBT community in the long run. If you brought up the Mattachine Society, most Americans wouldn’t know what you were talking about, even though many of us in the approximate community are well aware of this group’s groundbreaking beginnings in moving the conversation and ultimately our rights forward starting in the 1950s.

    Also, in regards to your comment about interracial couples being represented in the media. . .you seem to ignore the 1970s completely as there were many interracial couples represented on television at the time. Then came the religious right’s ascension in to politics and culture, and the gains made in the 70s were practically wiped out in the 80s and 90s. However, things are getting better. . .and the best example is the Michael Sam media storm. Everyone is talking about the “gay” kiss, but hardly anyone in the major media blogs is talking about the “interracial” kiss.

    See. . .progress is being made. . .sometimes it’s just too subtle for others to note. Regardless, you didn’t refute my statements directly, and actually went off on different tangents. . .so this will end my dialogue with you for the foreseeable future.

    Thank you for the intellectual conversation, however. . .it was refreshing.

  56. Keith says

    @Rick. One more thing you seem to not realize. While it is way too soon to determine the future success of Michael Sam in the NFL, and only time will tell whether he can make it in the NFL due to his playing abilities, to part and parcel make a declaration of his imminent defeat is disingenuous at best. Also, you seem to forget the fact that regardless of his ultimate success, he has been given the opportunity, as an openly gay man, to prove his abilities in the NFL. That is groundbreaking and encouraging. . .and I for one wish him and his family every success. They are to be applauded and encouraged. . .something for which it is unfortunate that you seem unable to accomplish at this current time.

  57. dan says

    sorry but i agree with trump. the kisses made me kind of uncomfortable and i think they did it on purpose, to play up what society expects gays to do and act like. it was embarrasing.

  58. Dan says

    because i too am a wimpy excuse for a man. it was so embarassing to see two gay guys who are in love kiss during what was no doubt one of the most extraordinary moments in not just their lives, but sports (and american) history.

    and it made me uncomfortable. also, curious. what’s it like to kiss another man? i’ve never tried it. i’m too embarrassed.

    i just hate how they did what society expects gay couples to do when they’re happy, which is kiss each other.

    my name is dan, and i have teeny tiny little shriveled raisins instead of balls.

  59. says

    In a world spilling over with heterosexual displays of affection, no one can be legitimately outraged over a kiss between two men. If someone feels uncomfortable seeing it, well, they’re gonna have to get used to it. Twitter sure brings out the idiocy of idiots. Then the backtracking begins when their irresistible urge to tweet their trivial thoughts has not-so-trivial consequences.

    What we’re actually seeing lately is outrage from those who never thought the day would come when being openly homophobic would become taboo. But, guess what, it’s upon them, and it’s not just gay people who are calling them out (though they’ll try to blame it on us), it’s corporate organizations, it’s the f-g NFL. They hate it that the American corporate powers-that-be are saying, nope, you can’t go there anymore and go forth unchallenged and without potential repercussions.

    This is a period of change, and we’ll be scapegoated and it will get messy before it gets neat, but they’re losing–here at least. And people, like Michael Sam, who push the envelope by doing nothing more than living honestly, are the reason for this progress, shaggy as it is at the moment.

  60. WHATEVER says

    RICK and JON are the same troll. Ignore the troll. He/she is just saying garbage to get a rise out of everyone while getting off on it.

  61. Bernie says

    I guess I don’t understand these nut jobs keep saying they can’t say anything negative about gay people…..of course they can!!! they may get some criticism for this, but they can still belch it out.. and if anyone, can make sense of what that hot air head Elizabeth Hasslebeck tried to say, please enlighten me

  62. SpaceCadet says

    @ERNIE, very eloquently said brother!

    And there are so many trolls on this blog I have to keep a mental inventory of who to ignore! Lol

  63. says

    Elizabeth, darling, why don’t you give Donald some much-needed oral pleasure so the rest of us can continue looking for the proverbial equality continuum transfunctioner? – DUDE WHERE’S MY CARDINAL SOCIAL JUSTICE

  64. Chas says

    So freedom of speech applies apparently unless its related to religion and especially a christian topic?

    So if I understand correctly because dubious and offensive things are likely said at the bottom of a huddle means that’s acceptable?

    This notion of hiding behind freedom of speech to say whatever you want without consequence is a joke.

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