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Harry Potter vs. Star Wars: VIDEO


Missed this now super-viral clip earlier in the week. Australian wannabe filmmakers, Danny and Michael Philipou filmed this clip in about two days and edited it in about a week, adding the special effects. The filmmaking force is clearly with them.


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  1. That was better than all Star Wars and Harry Potter films combined.

    Posted by: ML | May 3, 2014 1:22:06 PM

  2. Hope there's a sequel.

    Posted by: tinkerbelle | May 3, 2014 2:25:29 PM

  3. The Jedi/Sith kid looks like Dylan O'Brien's hunky Aussie twin. That was fun!

    Posted by: lonewolfen | May 3, 2014 2:27:08 PM

  4. does anyone have any idea what the first guy said when he came in the room at the beginning looking for something someone had taken? I listened multiple times and couldn't make heads or tails out of it.

    Posted by: anon | May 3, 2014 2:40:52 PM

  5. That was great.

    Posted by: daws | May 3, 2014 3:02:53 PM

  6. He said, "Which one of you guys took my phone off the charge?"

    Posted by: Anon | May 3, 2014 4:07:03 PM

  7. I needed subtitles and am thankful for Anon's translation.

    Posted by: Marco | May 3, 2014 4:14:34 PM

  8. Amen, Jerry! Wow, I feel about thirty-five years younger! we loved Sylvester in Dallas. We recently commemorated the Cedar Springs community with a monumental pillar topped by a disco ball, and many of us recalled him then. History is still alive, tell those stories to our young'uns.

    Posted by: chevytexas | May 3, 2014 4:50:20 PM

  9. I'm Australian and even I had to read the translation! lol. We do talk fast don't we. I gotta say, I'm Star Wars all the way!

    Posted by: Andrew | May 3, 2014 6:35:02 PM

  10. Happy Star Wars Day!!!

    May the 4th be with you!!!!

    [cribbed from someone]

    Posted by: EdA | May 3, 2014 7:48:49 PM

  11. Absolutely AWESOME and EPIC!

    Posted by: Dr. Christopher Blackwell | May 3, 2014 11:09:45 PM

  12. My moment of geek: While I think a full blown Jedi could defeat a similarly talented wizard, all else equal, the fight would have gone very differently.

    The Sword of Gryffindor takes in that which would make it stronger. Far from a lightsaber being able to destroy it, it would have given the sword the power of a lightsaber.

    A jedi would still be able to win, though, since they'd actually be trained to use a lightsaber... while Harry was never trained in swordsmanship or fencing.

    Posted by: Ryan | May 4, 2014 12:23:43 AM

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