Idaho Gubernatorial Candidate Is A Biker In Favor Of Gay Marriage: VIDEO

Harley Brown

Harley Brown is one of the most colorful contenders for Idaho governor, both in personality and appearance. The Republican biker showed up to the debates last Wednesday in leather gear and a crass attitude that was so over the top it was more entertaining than insulting.

Despite frequent use of slurs and blue language (which appeared to stem from ignorance rather than hate, but still necessitated that the debate be on a 30 second delay), Brown shattered some misconceptions by coming out as very pro-gay and pro-gay marriage. When speaking about the striking down of Idaho's gay marriage ban, Brown said:

I've picked up my fair share of the gay community [as a cab driver in Boise] and they have true love for one another. I'm telling you, they love each other more than I love my motorcycle.  You know, they're just as American as a Medal of Honor winner...I'm glad that judge made that decision...I know I'm not really talking like a Republican.

This stood in remarkable contrast to both Russ Fulcher's "support of Idahoans" and desire to challenge the judicial decision, and candidate and cartoon curmudgeon Walt Bayes immediately launching into scripture from Leviticus.

You can watch the full hour-long debate as well as a supercut of the best clips AFTER THE JUMP...

The gay marriage question is at approximately the 7:00 mark.