1. Jack M says

    Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh must have come out of the same womb. They both make outrageous accusations and statements and then back off when confronted on their BS. They are pathetic excuses for men.

  2. Mike says

    Rove just borrowing from Harry Reid’s playbook. What’s the saying, “it’s not whether it’s true or not, it’s the seriousness of the charge.” Now she’ll have to let us see those medical records like Romney had to release his tax records when Harry said on the Senate floor he hadn’t payed his taxes in years. So how could Harry claim that? Yeah, what’s up with that?

  3. HadenoughBS says

    So Dr. Karl “Ohio Ohio Ohio” Rove stated Hillary has brain damage and then denied he said it (despite video to the contrary). Since my diagnosis is that Karl has been living in a state of denial for quite some time, it’s apparent HE is the one with brain damage (now doubt due to his extremely close proximity to pushing dangerous GOPer issues for many years).

  4. Bob R says

    Rove knows what he is doing and this is right out of his play book. He has planted the seed of doubt in the minds of the sickest of his right wing acolytes. He may now backtrack on the statement, or even deny it, but it’s out there now, it’s been planted in the fertile minds of those whack jobs who still believe the Clinton’s murdered Vince Foster and all the other right wing BS. Rove is an evil man and whispering campaigns based on outright lies or distortions are his specialty. Never underestimate this filthy little turd blossom.

  5. kdknyc says

    Mike, Romney most likely didn’t pay his taxes. He’s rich enough to hide his money in the Caymans. Not the same thing as alleged brain damage.

    Rove is evil.

  6. robertL says

    With three “convenient” marriages behind him – I would be working on my personal relationship skills, rather than attacking Clinton. The dirt in your pasted is going to condemn you to hell. Act fast dough boy so you can avoid this final judgment. It’s simple start by shutting your mouth and disappearing.

  7. JJ says

    @MIKE, tax returns are directly relevant to a candidate who is proposing tax policy, and it’s perfectly fair to insist that he disclose whether he even pays taxes and to what extent he’ll benefit—at others’ expense—from the policies he advocates.

    Rove, on the other hand, is peddling pure speculation on a matter well beyond his qualifications in order to unfairly sow fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The fact the he completely omits how many times Clinton has proven herself more than competent since the time in question only confirms that Rove is up to his same underhanded tricks, if that was even in doubt.

  8. EchtKultig says

    Rove is a utter scumbag who looks like a zit that’s overdue for a popping, but this kind of demagoguery is just getting started and it exposes an ugly political truth. Hillary knows she’s the “heir presumptive” and as such, she should announce sooner rather than later, if she’s going to run. If she waits another year it will look more and more like her backers spent a year pushing and cojoling her into it. Which is going to weaken her as a candidate. The 2016 election is crucial, don’t think for a second the republicans wouldn’t pass “DOMA II” if they had the chance with a White House win. It’s already looking like they will take over the Senate this year.

  9. anon says

    If she did suffer brain damage then it should be obvious pretty quickly.

    Rove’s ex-master George Bush was an ex-alcoholic and ex-cocaine addict who had been in a serious DUI car accident. Might there have been some permanent damage done then? Didn’t stop him from twice being elected, though, did it.

  10. woodroad34 says

    Says the “turd blossom” (well, one out of two) who was Bush’s brain–one of the stupidest and worst president’s in history–some “brain”. He had a conniption fit when it was proved his “facts” and “predictions” on Romney’s campaign didn’t pan out. Go away, fat boy. Get RuPaul to help you sissy that walk (as if you need help).

  11. Todd says

    He seems to not recognize in reality land that we have seen many of our nation’s leaders deal with several moments of illness either before, during, or after their role in public office. I would think the consistent em-battlement and stress would have health effects somewhere near the level of an Alaska fisherman (Palin not withstanding, it’s her husband who probably suffers). So, he should just keep his nose on his own cholesterol and blood pressure.

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