1. MikeBoston says

    What a vile, hateful person.

    His use of religion to justify bigotry and discrimination is boundless. I hope he is called home soon.

  2. Robert says

    Ah, I just love the first whiff of paranoid delusion in the morning. Can’t we help make his fantasy a reality? Where Christians are a hunted minority, doesn’t that sound wonderful?

  3. Leo says

    I’m not familiar with the Georgia Tech case mentioned, but Ruth Malhotra’s comments about being “forced to participate in Student Coming Out Week” at Georgia Tech literally makes no sense. At all.

  4. says

    People of true faith don’t feel the need to live in fear 24/7. god has a plan (if you believe that nonsense) and he can handle it all by himself, without Kirk’s interference, thank you very much.

    Perhaps Kirk needs to find god…

    On second thought, he’d actually probably be happier if he were an Atheist. He looks rather jaundiced in his religion….

  5. God says

    “Please, go online right now and make your gift of $19 a month, or more, or if you prefer you can make a single gift of any amount.”

  6. TANK says

    BICURIOUS, Tank agrees with you 100%. I think this guy was such a beautiful man when he was in his 20s but now all I see is someone with a lot of hate in his heart who fools himself into thinking he is advancing religion. All he is doing is hurting people and that is wrong. Shame on you, Kirk Cameron: your hateful views have made you ugly.

  7. NE1 says

    Why is it always a war with these people. It shows how little history they know, they don’t even know what a real war is, or know what a thesaurus is so they can find non warfare language to use. They need to get over themselves.

  8. JackFknTwist says

    These are very strange people.
    There seems to be an obsession with some weird definition of ‘freedom’.
    It just means what they want it to mean in any context.
    Telling them to shove their opinions up their holes is interpreted as restricting their ‘freedom’.
    Don’t they understand that we think they are stupid, uneducated, bigoted oafs ? And they are so delusional as to believe in their fantasy world as if it’s the prescription for all the world to take.
    Mad, just mad.

  9. HOFFENPOT says

    Hence my nicknames for him are: Jerk Cameron or Kirk Camoron. His religious views are nothing new. Ask any former cast member of Growing Pains and they’ll tell you. His little sis Candace (of “Full House” fame) is the same way.

  10. woodroad34 says

    @jackfkntwist — I agree; they want to take literal freedom away from a group of people because of a conjectural fear of a loss of freedom on their part to be bigots based on a made up belief and magical person.

    “To be willing to die for an idea is to set a rather high price on conjecture.
    Anatole France (1844 – 1924)”

  11. Bernie says

    ugh! Kirk Cameron has swallowed the kool aid…..I wish someone without emotion and some intellect could explain to me how Christians are under attack……..and the war he mentions to win is in their warped heads…………

  12. Mark says

    This gave me the idea of making an infomercial about how diabolic cat people are (I fckng hate cats), I just need a cheap camera, some extras and fake arguments, thumbs up !

  13. jeff says

    Mark, Kirk makes his living begging for donations on the internet. He tried to make preachy christian movies to make money, but nobody wants to watch that crap. So now he’s just begging and claiming that the Christians are somehow damaged by the freedom of others. Can someone just run over him with a car or something. He’s giving me a headache.

  14. Rod Roddy lookalike says

    He looks like he’s 100 years old. I can only guess that is what we’d all look like if we were so VERY worried as he seems to be. Hatred probably has a lot to do with it. Someone I know told me they knew was “so hate-filled that they’ve become HATEFUL.” I never considered the guy in any way “cute,” however, I AM shocked to see this picture of him. He’s aged at least 40 years in the last 10-15!

    Give it up, Cameron. You and your kind have LOST the culture war, and – as it appears – your sanity as well!!!

  15. SoFla911 says

    I agree with the ADF in their pursuit of protecting the Constitution and 1st Amendment. Let us not forget, that is where our rights are too. It wasn’t that long ago when the LGBT community was being silenced and used the Constitution and 1st Amendment to get our voices heard. The difference between the ACLU and the ADF is simply that the ACLU doesn’t choose a side. Most have disagreed with the ACLU on some of their cases. The sad part is the ADF chooses to use their “religious freedom” stance as cause to discriminate. I shouldn’t, nor will I, live my life governed by their religious interpretation of the Bible, a religious doctrine or belief other than the one that I choose. The religious rights beliefs should not be forced on any person.

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