Prop 8 Supporters Lend Support To Singapore Leader Trying To Criminalize Homosexuality


Jennifer Roback Mors (above) and Pastor Jim Garlow — two spokespeople for California’s Proposition 8 campaign who “remain highly connected to America’s ‘protect marriage’ movement” — have spoken at a Singapore conference whose head is fighting to keep a law criminalizing homosexuality with two years imprisonment.

KhongJeremy Hooper from Good As You writes:

The head of Love, Pastor Lawrence Khong, is the most vocal anti-gay activist in the nation… Khong wrote:

We see a looming threat to this basic building block by homosexual activists seeking to repeal Section 377A of the Penal Code.

Examples from around the world have shown that the repeal of similar laws have led to negative social changes, especially the breakdown of the family as a basic building block and foundation of the society. It takes away the rights of parents over what their children are taught in schools, especially sex education. It attacks religious freedom and eventually denies free speech to those who, because of their moral convictions, uphold a different view from that championed by increasingly aggressive homosexual activists…

Jennifer Roback Morse is the President and Founder of the Ruth Institute, an offshoot of the anti-gay National Organization of Marriage. In the past she has compared gay parenting to slavery, lied to the Rhode Island legislature about the “dangers” of marriage equality and gone on a quixotic one-woman quest to reclaim the rainbow back from the gays.

Jim Garlow, in contrast, once held a “gay marriage summit” at a San Diego megachurch in order to show that pro and anti-marriage proponents can disagree civilly.


  1. BETTY says

    So their claims that their only beef was with traditional marriage being threatened by gay people and not gay people themselves has been thrown out the window. You should have been honest: you dislike homosexuality and it makes you uncomfortable.

    “Examples from around the world have shown that the repeal of similar laws have led to negative social changes, especially the breakdown of the family.” Yes, gay sex is the reason and not the heterosexuals who make up 95% of the world’s families. If their families are breaking down, it is their fault not the gays. Give your head a shake people.

  2. Deth says

    I get it. We’re entering another dark age. Doctors, throw away your antiseptics, and angry dumb-f*** mobs, get ready to burn some books and gays!

    I can’t help but feel nihilistic as the world descends down the rabbit hole into a full blown bat s*** crazy Queen of Hearts anti-gay froth. Show love by killing and tearing people apart. Protect families by destroying them.

    What matters in this world are lies. Any against gays will do.

  3. Brian1 says

    The headline is incorrect. Homosexuality is already illegal in Singapore, although the law isn’t enforced. Khong is leading the fight to retain the statute against the forces of sanity and modernity that want to throw it out.

  4. mcgill says

    These people profit big time off of demonizing gay people. If there was no money in it, though, we wouldn’t have to see their pit dog faces day in and day out.

  5. I'm layla miller i know stuff says

    The Paranoia Switch by Martha Stout (

    These familiar history McCarthyism, the World War II internment of Japanese-Americans, and the rise of the Klu Klux Klan after the Civil War – are three American examples of what I have called “limbic wars.” Every limbic war can be divided into six stages.

    These stages do not have distinct beginning or ends, but rather merge, almost imperceptibly, each into the next. The first phase always involves a traumatizing event, usually a war or an attack. The five subsequent stages are essential reaction to the fear instilled in people minds by the initial tragedy.

    The second stage is the all-important one. If leaders willing to us the paranoia switch are not embraced by the people, a limbic war may not occur at all, and the unhappy unfolding of Stages 3 through 6 can be avoided. If they accept the fear brokers, the process continues into its third stage.

    The Six Stages of Limbic War
    1. Group Trauma
    2. Fear Brokers
    3. Scapegoatism
    4. Cultural Regression
    5. Recognition & Backlash
    6. Regret & Amnesia

    Ten Behavioral Characteristics of Fear Brokers
    1. Fear brokers speak to us of fear, dangerous people and frightening situations
    2. Fear brokers are not limited by facts; they use alarming “unfacts”
    3. Fear brokers tend to accuse those who disagree with them of being unpatriotic or naïve
    4. Feat brokers look good
    5. Fear brokers behave like archetypal parents
    6. Fear brokers shame us over sex
    7. Fear brokers praise us for being moral and heroic, contradicting as it is
    8. Fear brokers project personal infallibility
    9. Fear brokers are secretive, and are certain that other people too, are keeping dangerous secrets
    10. Fear brokers use language that pulls for primitive affect

  6. I'm layla miller i know stuff says

    The Paranoia Switch by Martha Stout (

    Cowbird Politics

    Pg. 158

    Deliver a diatribe about same-sex marriage – not part of the same central issue, but a topic know to jab painfully at the fundamental difference between conservative and liberals. Say to your constituency, in effect, “Let’s you and them fight.”

    Such tactics of distraction and division help to conceal a power play that I call cowbird politics, after the little North American “brood parasite” that makes no home for its offspring, preferring instead to lay its eggs in the nest of other birds, who will be confused but far more responsible that he cowbird.

    A cowbird politician, who is interested only in acquiring and maintaining individual power, has few genuine convictions, either liberal or conservative, but may be ensconced in a traditional political party (as Joe McCarthy was, for example). The purloined “nest” serves as a power base and also as camouflage. We tend to honor party labels and not to look behind them, making pure self-interest difficult to see.

    But cowbird politicians, regardless of which political banner they wave, are definitely not team players. They are often the most divisive leader of all, because behind the camouflage, their agendas are not prescribed or limited by any philosophy or system of values. They can and do use the hammer of fear politics for their own purposes, ignoring protests from both halves of the political continuum.

    Typically, the unspoken subjective experience of a cowbird politician is that of traveling high above such categories, in a flight path that will tolerate no redirection. For a period of time, this lofty and sing-mined trajectory can appear heroic to the populace, until, upon closer inspection, the high-flying cowbird is revealed to be not so much free of political constraints as he is emotionally untethered from important group concerns.

  7. I'm layla miller i know stuff says

    Aesop’s Fables, translated by Laura Gibbs (2002)

    Perry 367 (Babrius 70)

    The gods were getting married. One after another, they all got hitched, until finally it was time for War to draw his lot, the last of the bachelors.

    Hubris, or Reckless Pride, became his wife, since she was the only one left without a husband.

    They say War loved Hubris with such abandon that he still follows her everywhere she goes.

    So do not ever allow Hubris to come upon the nations or cities of mankind, smiling fondly at the crowds, because War will be coming right behind her.

    Note: Hubris is a Greek word meaning reckless pride or insolence; as a feminine noun, hubris is, allegorically, a woman.