1. MaryM says

    You can easily understand why this was rejected.

    Because you can ALWAYS rely on trannies to be offended by everything, regardless of intention.

  2. David in the O.C. says

    When the punchline is “OMG, two dudes are kissing!”, the sketch is inherently lame, offensive and homophobic. On top of that, NONE of it was the least bit funny. None.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Was this identified as a trans character, or are you just guessing? It’s a very long, one note joke about an odd person.

  4. Homo Genius says

    wtf is genderqueer. why do people keep making up words. Really if the “community” they are supposed to be a part of doesn’t even know what they are then maybe they don’t belong in said community

  5. jerriblank says

    Yeah! Why don’t we use existing words to describe concepts that were largely invisible to people until now, and thus relatively new to society? Like “chair,” or “giraffe”?

  6. Richard Harney says

    It wasn’t two dudes kissing. It was Jennjamin who is portrayed as a girl. Who are you to assume it is not because of looks. I think that’s the point of the sketch.

  7. says

    I believe Jennjamin was supposed to be an actual girl. Seth Meyers made a comment earlier how Will Forte’s beard would change the character. However, that doesn’t explain why the other couple was so horrified by the pair, so maybe I just don’t get the sketch (or think it’s funny).

  8. Robert says

    It’s a standard SNL skit – normal couple with a strange couple. And I agree – nothing about this indicates the character was trans. It was a weird costume, a weird voice, and just general weirdness. It wasn’t LOL-funny but Will Forte is batshit crazy, so I liked it.

  9. Jake says

    Transgenderism, like most mental illness, becomes tiresome after a while. I think it is time we moved on to some other bizarre topic to entertain ourselves.

  10. Tyler says

    Jake (Rick), like most trolls, becomes tiresome after a while. A short while. I think it’s time we moved on to another, better, less anonymous commenting system.

    Rick/Jake and his transphobia, racism, misogyny and homophobia is a waste of our time.

  11. Mike says

    Forte was so oddball that this was hysterical. The voice he was doing was practically Capote-esque.

  12. leprechaunvict says

    It wasn’t particularly funny but any time I get to see hottie Jason Sudekis kiss another dude is okay with me. Woof.