1. dtbf says

    A curse on the above comments, which reveal more about the privilege of their authors than about this event.

    This mass wedding is being held as part of World Pride in Toronto, where the central event will be an international human rights conference. Thousands of people from all over the world – including from countries where any display of homosexuality is banned – will have the chance to come and get a recognized marriage certificate, something they cannot do at home. It may be a “mass gimmick” to you, but not to the international attendees. Furthermore, the City of Toronto is offering this wedding for free, which will no doubt be appreciated by attendees who are coming a long way.

  2. Gary says

    We’re always hearing about “mass executions” on the news. I’ll pass on this one. A curse? Save your witchcraft for the ceremony, you misguided fool.

  3. B. Wilson says

    As has been mentioned, this is an international event and people really should check their privilege before criticising any LGBT event. Not that criticism isn’t sometime warranted, but I’m just saying think before you comment.

    Just as an aside. the Deputy Mayor now holds much of the power at City Hall as the city council has stripped Ford of as much power as they could.

  4. Gary says

    Sorry, this might be the difference between the US and Canada. Censorship, either politely requested, or implied for the sake of a questionable circus–under the guise of the good of LGBT–merits very warranted and “privileged” response. Does being “international” make them less gullible?

  5. NaughtyLola says

    Chalk it up to personal taste, I guess, but these “mass weddings” just make me think of Moonies. Other than it happening on a Disney cruise ship and officiated by Mickey Mouse I can’t think of anything more gimmicky, impersonal, or less imbued with the meaning of committing yourself to one other person for life.

  6. NaughtyLola says

    “people really should check their privilege before criticising any LGBT event”

    You have to be kidding me. “LGBT” isn’t a magic talisman against critical commentary.

  7. Knock says

    My boyfriend says he’ll cut off my balls if I even suggest we get married at this. So I’ve been proposing “will you mass-marry me?” for weeks.

  8. acde says

    Bitchy f….g queens screaming hypocritically. Not a peep was heard when there was a group wedding on US tv at some award show in NYC some months ago.
    Get something more productive to do. No one is asking you to like anything. Just go away.

  9. NaughtyLola says

    Actually quite a lot of people had critical words about that ridiculous display at the Grammys, although I was more torqued by AgingPimp!Madonna stealing the limelight from what should have been Mary Lambert’s shining hour.

  10. LadyDee says

    This is happening because the Liberty Group has recently bought Casa Loma and they want to promote their venue and add to the millions in their pot. Pride is a huge week for small businesses that try to provide great weddings for the LGBT community. This event has caused many officiants, venues and planners to lose a huge amount of business that they count on every year. I know venues who had weddings cancelled as a result of this circus. How this can even be performed legally is beyond me as the couple has to be asked by name and respond audibly before the officiant and witnesses. This is just a big money maker for The Liberty Group and Toronto. Once again, support the big corporations and screw small business.

  11. John Freeman says

    My partner of 20 years and I were married at this event. The entire thing was managed superbly and at no time did we feel part of a circus. In addition to the mass wedding each couple had a personal civic ceremony. It was exciting and moving for everyone there, in beautiful surroundings. I couldn’t have wished for a better wedding day.

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