Yelp Users Review Anti-Gay Texas Restaurant As A Cruisey Gay Club


Remember Big Earl’s Bait House And Country Store, that Pittsburgh, Texas restaurant that told that gay couple “We don’t serve fags here”? Yeah, well… thanks to Yelp reviewers it’s now becoming known as the hottest gay bar in the southwest.

DewberryHere’s some of the reviews:

“This place is great because you can really just let your freak flag fly here.”

“their night crawlers are HUGE and are always gobbled up around owner's daughter's favorite glory hole.”

“Food comes with a free side of bigotry that we did NOT order. Worst service. Lots of hot gay couples kissing was the only good part.”

“The sign said BIG Earl's so when Earl stopped by my table and invited me into the kitchen to sample his Rainbow Trout, I had high hopes. But when he showed me his teensy-weensy little trout . . . well, I guess it's like when they call a fat guy "Slim"? Maybe that's a Texas thing.

On the positive side, it says "Bait House" but the place was more like a Bath House with all the horny Texas cowboys flirting and slapping each other's behinds. Very gay-friendly atmosphere.

The coleslaw had bigotry all over it and the club sandwich had way too much white privilege.

Interestingly enough, they serve shrimp. Delicious, sinful shrimp. Which is prohibited in the bible in the same fashion as homosexuality. So if you want a big plate of bigotry with a side of hypocrisy, and unlimited refills of ignorance, this is the place for you!

The sign says that men should act like men and women should be ladies, so I came in expecting drag queen divas, butch babes, and tantalizing two-spirits. Instead there was only bait (not the kind I was hoping for) and a disturbing lack of all things Madonna and Gaga."

Texas activists are also reportedly planning a protest at the restaurant sometime soon:

“If there’s any problems, they will be taken care of appropriately,” says Christina Cheney, who is Big Earl’s daughter and the waitress who made the homophobic remark. “We are aware that they are attempting to come out here. We’re ready for them; we have informed the Sheriff’s department and the state.”


  1. Vint says

    Big Earl’s daughter Earlette seems to think free speech, rather than her own bigotry, is a “problem”.

    When you can google “Big Earl Bigot” and find yourself, *that* is a real problem.

  2. says

    Seems like Ms Bigot didn’t get the email that peaceful protests are considered a demonstration of free speech and are authorized under the same First Amendment that covered her hate speech:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; _or the right of the people peaceably to assemble_, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”.

  3. throwslikeagirl says

    I went to the Big Earl’s ( now aka “Big Girl’s” ) yelp page, and it’s a riot! The pix that folks have posted are hysterical. What a wonderful way to protest!

  4. TonyJazz says

    You’d think that, at some point, the owners of this restaurant would apologize and remove their offensive signs.

    Instead, they are acting like those jerks who own Chick-Fil-A, and hoping for a one-day conservative windfall.

    I’ll bet you that most Chick-Fil-A’s have lost significant revenue from supporters of our community. In the long haul, they are the losers and they ought to be.

    Christianity is not equal to bigotry and discrimination….

  5. chevytexas says

    The poor sheriff, reluctant to be drawn in, pointed out he’s County and referred defense to the Pittsburg chief of police who asked, “Big who now?” I don’t believe Earl’s getting much Chamber of Commerce support.

  6. GregV says

    This is an exact re-creation of the story of Gary’s Chicaros anti-gay restaurant less than 4 months ago:

    I don’t like this tactic of posting fake reviews. First, a lot of them are really pretty insulting to gay people, associating (for an already-bigoted town) the very idea of having gay people patronize a restaurant as being synonymous with people who have no qualms about splooging in the restrooms or being inappropriately lecherous toward staff and patrons.
    At the same time, how is referring to anti-gay places as gay places supposed to be a consequence? That part would be like finding out a burger joint’s owner had said Latinos are not welcome and then reviewing it as a “great Mexican restaurant with a sweetheart of an owner.”
    Potentially gay- and gay-friendly out-of-towners unaware of the controversy could glance at Yelp and seek out this restaurant which is reviewed as having a “very gay-friendly atmosphere.”

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