ACLU Urges Wisconsin Attorney General to Make a Decision on Appeal of Marriage Ruling

In an open letter to Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen (pictured), the American Civil Liberties Union and ACLU of Wisconsin have called for Van Hollen to decide whether or not to appeal the recent ruling striking down the state's gay marriage ban.

6a00d8341c730253ef01a511cc9804970c-300wiFor now, Judge Crabb's order is suspended, pending the possible appeals from Governor Scott Walker or Attorney General Van Hollen. While Walker seems hesitant to take a definite stand on this issue, on numerous past occasions Van Hollen has stated it would be his intention to appeal.

In the above-linked letter, John Knight and Larry Dupuis of the ACLU explain the need for prompt action in this matter:

 Our clients and other same-sex couples in Wisconsin are faced with the continuing indignity of seeing their families denigrated by the state’s refusal to allow them to marry or to recognize their marriages entered elsewhere… Even if you [Van Hollen] believe you will win, please file your appeal promptly to resolve the uncertainty that same-sex couples, their children, as well as employers and other businesses and government offices who interact with same-sex couples are facing until the constitutionality of Wisconsin’s ban on marriage is resolved.


  1. Ozu says

    Both Walker and Van Hollen are up for re-election this year and I’ll bet they’re trying to postpone the appeal until after the election. It could become a distraction in what’s looking to be a very close race.

  2. simon says

    The interesting thing is if the next AG is a Democrat, it may not matter whether the next governor is Walker or his opponent, there is a chance no one will appeal. Walker seems not interested in appealing it.

  3. abel says

    This makes the unwarranted assumption that Van Hollen is a man of integrity and good will. He is likely not, and like so many of these bigots, wants to delay, delay, delay, in hopes that the landscape will change, that one or two new Justices will be appointed to SCOTUS and we can go back to prejudice and bigotry as usual. He should be ashamed, but I doubt he is.

  4. says

    I don’t think they have time to wait until after the election. There is a limited amount of time to make an appeal of a ruling and that clock running out.

  5. says

    They have only 30 days from the final order (issued 11 days ago) to appeal. Absolutely no way they can delay this past the election. Since the deadline falls on a Sunday, they have to make their decision by two weeks from Friday.