1. Rafael says

    Hillary represents the establishment. Think hard about the NSA, Net Neutrality, The 1% (which is not even a fraction of that), The cost of living and how most of us are not even part of the middle class, think of all this before you support her.

  2. says

    No, No Hillary. We (you) must be in the front lines in the USA. Other countries are to run themselves. Only when the US is fully accepting of Gay people will it be time to talk to other countries. No country likes this so-called help from outside when it tries to change them. Make the USA a country that shines. Then we will be noticed. Outside coercion rarely, if ever works.

  3. MIke says

    How come you’re not going with the Hillary story that everyone else is? When she lost her cool on the NPR interview when the host accused her of being a LGBT windsock and why exactly she blew one way and then another.

  4. MIke says

    “I like a presidential candidate who isn’t afraid to get into shouting matches with Russian officials.”

    Well, she’s also dodged sniper fire. LOL. And believes “everything should be done to save ANY American!”, except Gay Ambassadors and then you let them burn.

  5. simon says

    Late compared to whom? Europeans? If you are talking about UN, she is the first high-ranking official who advocated “gay rights are human rights”.

  6. Moniker says

    I would rather pick someone who has evolved or evolving on LGBT (even it is is a political gain) rather than someone who is planning to or prosecuting us for political gain.

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