1. Brendan says

    I wonder how “Christian” Richard Land would consider it if a restaurant refused to serve him because he was a Protestant?

  2. bkmn says

    The law says they don’t get to pick and choose who they serve because their business is reliant on public services (health inspection/fire department/roadways, etc.) that the entire public has paid for. The law is a non-discrimination law and applies because they refused to serve a gay couple, which is against the law in their state.

  3. robertL says

    “and said that forcing Phillips to bake a cake for a gay wedding is like forcing a black baker to serve the KKK.” His reasoning is infantile. In both cases you are talking about public commerce. In America the innate ability to purchase. If you do not wish to service get out of the business. Capitalism trumps the bible.

  4. petey says

    So is that where the Elizabeth Hasselbeck ened up? Fox News, eh? Her aerated blonde hair could serve as Rupert Murdoch’s incontinence pad.

  5. kdknyc says

    Indeed. They christianizes think it’s their belief system that’s the default, any other is “wrong”. if he were denied service at a restaurant because of his religion, oh how he’d howl!

    They don’t understand, that if they are in business to the public, they have to abide by the laws of the United States, not the “laws” of their church.

  6. James says

    Ironically, law already stipulates that a black baker cannot refuse a member of the KKK just because of his/her affiliation with that group. But Land isn’t fighting against that, he’s fighting against a baker having to make a cake for a gay couple.

  7. anon says

    The old adage about not annoying the waiter because he’ll spit on your food would seem to apply in any event.

  8. Douglas says

    yes because the gays have a history of lynching christians from the nearest tree and burning crosses in their front lawns. Get down off the cross Mary because we need the wood.

  9. Clayton says

    When my husband and I got married, we asked the baker, photographer, and caterer if they had any objection to serving a gay wedding (they did not) . However, we got married in a big city. We now live in a small town with one baker and one photographer, and no others for over 50 miles in any direction. Public accommodations laws should trump private disapproval.

  10. sjorgl says

    Dear Christians, you don’t get “special rights” not to obey the law.
    Also, if your aim is to alienate people from Christianity, you’re doing great!

  11. Dastius Krazitauc says

    What a strange “interview”, with the Hasselblecch repeatedly asking, “Do you feel this way [long hyperbolic ChristoConservative statement]? “Do you feel this way [long hyperbolic ChristoConservative statement]?

  12. NE1 says

    that is nasty. the gay marriage debate is over but the nastyness has to come out through cakes now.. how bizarre. and elisabeth hasselbeck pretended she wasn’t that nasty towards gays on the view, the second she’s off she’s hardcore again. that was a very disturbing video, they are in a time warp over there. it’s a freaking cake. how are gays supposed to live among us if we can be denied food, and where does that line end?! can we be denied a place to live? of ocurse! f**k them i’m pissed now.

  13. Distingue Traces says

    He’s totally right. Which is why, as a gay Christian, every time I bake a cake for myself it’s like I’m hoisting my own ass up onto a burning cross.

    It makes birthday parties super-weird.

  14. David says

    No, it’s more like forcing someone in the KKK to serve a customer who is black. Who again here is practicing discrimination?

  15. Gerry says

    “…forcing a black to serve the KKK.”

    Totally the same thing since gays have been beating, raping, lynching and burning crosses on the lawns of Christians for decades, right?

  16. says

    Oh, the hilariously tortured analogies evangelicals come up with, blind to their ironies. Anti-civil-rights right-wing Christian = black baker. Gay couples looking for wedding cakes = KKK. Of course the reality is that many white evangelicals would still happily refuse service to black people if they could get away with it.

    However, none of that matters because in the unlikely event that a KKK member would want to purchase a cake in a black-owned bakery, the black baker would, like every other business owner, have to comply with standing non-discrimination law, the same law that would prevent an anti-Christian baker from discriminating against an evangelical moron.

  17. Scudder says

    Romans 13:1

    Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but god: the powers that be are ordained of god.

  18. john patrick says

    Another “christian martyr.” He thinks that when he bakes a wedding cake for a fee, he is participating in the wedding. I doubt that many, if any, couples would consider him a participant in their weddings just because he baked a cake. And if he is so against baking cakes for a ceremony against his “religious beliefs,” why did he agree to bake a cake for a dog wedding party? Bottom line is that this guy was using his “religious beliefs” as an excuse for refusing to bake a cake in his business open to the public for a couple whose celebration he considered “icky.” His arguments held no weight and the court ruled against him.

  19. Dickie Land says

    It’s like forcing a white supremacist school teacher to teach black children!

    It’s like forcing a misogynist psychotherapist to treat female patients!

    It’s like forcing a Baptist minister to officiate at a Catholic’s funeral!

    It’s like forcing a scam operating as a church to pay taxes!

    Slippery slope! Slippery slope! Slippery slope!

  20. GregV says

    Whenever a religious fanatic attempts to make a parallel, it seems that up is down and down is up.
    It is YOUR Southern Baptist Church, Richard Land, that was established SPECIFICALLY to protest against the abolition of the enslavement of Blacks, supported the Klan, was the main source of the Klan’s members, and stood against Black civil rights through every step of its history.

    A realistic parallel would be:

    Forcing an anti-gay Southern Baptist Klansman to serve a gay person in his place of business is like forcing an anti-Black Southern Baptist Klansman to serve a Black person.

  21. Taylor says

    Why would a member of a white supremacist group go to a bakery owned by a black baker in the first place? Sort of defeats the purpose of being a supremacist, doesn’t it?

  22. Hank NYC says

    Ass – you’re running a business, if you don’t want to make your products for the public then don’t open a business – you serve all the other “sinners” – bake wedding cakes for divorcees, rapists and murders – unless you have a form asking for this information…

    If you are such a devout Christian – maybe you should work directly for your church baking wafers and cakes for their events.

  23. Martin says

    Gay people are ‘forced’ to bake cakes for “Christians”. That is present civil rights law!

    I equate that to Jews having to serve Hitler.

  24. John Freeman says

    As I see it, the fundamental problem here is the enshrinement of “christianity” as something special, rather than a primitive superstition, like all other religions.

  25. Bill says

    @AJ : being Christian is not a choice if you are 3 years old and are being dragged to church by your parents. As the composer Hector Berlioz once said, “The Catholic church was the pride and joy of my life for a full 5 years.” (At the age of 5 he figured out what they were saying – before that he just liked the music and maybe the pageantry.)

    What’s funny about the article is that, while a black baker cannot refuse to serve a customer because the customer is a KKK member, a baker who is in the KKK cannot refuse to serve a black customer either.

  26. Don says

    “Phillips said he’d rather go to jail than have to bake a cake for a gay wedding.” Finally, something we can agree on.

  27. Tigernan says

    If a person were black, and had a business that served the public, then yeah they would also have to serve the KKK. Derp.

  28. bandanajack says

    it seems adequately clear that a well mannered kkk member with sufficient cash or credit would legally entitled to get a cake baked by black baker, and in most instances, not an eyelash would be batted, although the cake might be found to have some unusual ingredients and be inordinately expensive.

  29. Walter says

    Someone needs to SUE FOX News for the false claim – there is NO jail time for this. This is a civil matter that comes with fines, NOT jail time.

  30. throwslikeagirl says

    First of all, I can’t imagine why any LGBT couple would use that bakery. Secondly, if the analogy worked correctly, it would be the KKK that would have to provide the service to African Americans, and yeah, legally they would, but again, why would any African American couple use a KKK-owned bakery? Thirdly, I’m the real nutball here, trying to make sense out of this idiot’s comments and a Fox News broadcast!

  31. jamal49 says

    So here it is. “The Death of Free Enterprise”. Elizabeth Hasselbeck as narrator. “Devout” christian. All that tools for a propaganda onslaught. The attorney claims the U.S. Constitution protects the right of private enterprise, under the clause of free speech, to discriminate based on religious beliefs. It does not. Of course, the man pulls out that Jesus Christ wants him to stick by his guns. Of course, Jesus Christ said nothing about same-sex love, or weddings, or marriage in general (only one specific, isolated commentary) and definitely did not say a bigoted, shiftless, dishonest “christian” couple could not bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. Christians are a disease and a pestilence on American society. Get rid of them by whatever means necessary.

  32. Frank says

    No jail time- one big lie. And EB was FEEDING them lines. If this was in court I would have objected for leading the witness.

    Dude- you are NOT part of the wedding you are a vendor- like the table rentals and the flowers and the people who will dry clean the bride’s gown a week later. Can you imagine a dry cleaner who said “I won’t dry clean this dress it may have been part of a gay wedding!”

  33. Urbane says

    Lord, are all these hateful bigoted pastors closet cases? This guy, and so many others like him, are clearly ‘gay as a goose’..(with all due respect to geese)

  34. simon says

    It is more like:
    Forcing a Christian to Bake a Cake for Gays is Like the KKK Having to Serve the blacks.

  35. Gordon says

    I agree with David and Gregv ( above ) it is like the KKK having to bake a cake for a Black person. Obviously Mr. Land is looking at the situation backward, just to justify his own incorrect simile. How droll.

  36. says

    it’s actually, literally, hilarious that his statement would accurate if reversed.

    it’s like forcing the KKK to bake a cake for a black person. DUH.

  37. Bernie says

    wow! He sounds like a very Christian man! Baking a cake for a gay couple is selling a product because you are a public accommodation….it is not a commentary on your beliefs/religion and if thou art so holy in following the do you know you are not making a cake for a murderer, pick pocket, cheater, wife beater, thief, etc???!! My point is YOU don’t know and these so called “sins” are in the bible, why is the gay “sin” worse than the others?!!?!?!?

  38. Jim says

    Nobody cares what these bozos have to say. The law is the law. Don’t like it? Who cares? Christians have no extra rights, exemptions, or privileges before the law. Where do these people get such presumption?

  39. Gay Guy says

    Nobody (at least not anymore) would advocate for a right to serve whites only. You could invent a religious reason for that too.

    What about not serving Jews because you believe that Jews should eat only kosher food? That’s illegal too (it’s not appropriate to enforce your religious concepts on others).

  40. Bill says

    @throwslikeagirl: I can imagine why an LGBT couple would use that bakery – you need a cake, check the phone book for the closest bakery, and drop by to buy one with no prior information other than what is in the phone book.

    And that’s the problem – if gays have to jump through hoops to take care of everyday tasks while straights don’t, it puts gays at an economic disadvantage: there are a fixed number of hours in a day, which means less time for productive activities if you are discriminated against.

    The government has a rational basis for non-discrimination laws – discrimination makes people less productive which means the government looses tax revenue as a result.

    Everyone should be mad at these bigoted bakers and pastors – what they are trying to do, if they can get away with it, will raise everyone’s taxes to cover the difference.

  41. Bill says

    @Gay Guy : it would be illegal to force your beliefs on others as you said. For the example you gave, however, while you could not refuse to serve Jews, you could put up a sign saying that your food is not kosher. If anyone asks, one would just say that there are enough observant Jews in your area that you put the sign there out of respect for their beliefs and so that they would not inadvertently violate those beliefs.

    That raises an interesting question – how do you distinguish trying to be helpful (in this case) from a ploy designed to get people you actually don’t like to go away? Is plausible deniability a sufficient rationale in practice to bypass non-discrimination laws?

    If the bigoted baker had been smarter, he would have simply told the couple that he didn’t have a supplier for figurines to put on top the cake showing a same-sex couple.

  42. Armando says

    I’d like to ask him if there are other occasions that he would not bake a cake for. Would he bake a cake for non-christians, two adulterers, a kosher cake, people who’ve had premarital sex? Or does he only not bake cakes for gay weddings? I’d be interested if he does bake cakes for all other occasions, why gay weddings are the only thing he doesn’t do or if he doesn’t what kind of screening process does he use.