1. will says

    This is cute — but, really, the constant faux-1950s meme like Coco and Betty Bowers and the dozens of facebook postcards — it’s not original anymore. I feel like a bum watching this, knowing I’m wasting my time as I’m wasting my time.

  2. David From Canada says

    This is not really going to educate anyone. The whole drag queen thing is too much of a distraction and over the top. And the continual music in the background was annoying. An exercise in silliness more than anything else.

  3. I wont grow up says

    Gotta love Miss Coco, much better than the days of spit and perseverance. Sometimes it was like trying to push a marshmallow into a piggy bank.

  4. Gene Bridges says

    The project wants to decrease HIV stigma. This is good. It also wants to talk about HIV prevention. This too is commendable; yet it does not talk about PReP. There is a growing stigma around that, and if we’re going to reduce HIV stigma and engage in HIV prevention, then we need to talk about **all** the tools at our disposal. Reduce HIV stigma, and, while we’re at it, let’s reduce stigma about this other tool at our disposal as well, and let’s do it while it’s still new, or else we’ll wind up with yet another divide among gay men.

  5. Tyler says

    Malcolm, Drag Queens have been around longer than you’ve been alive, and have maintained their popularity. Your criticism is tired because it has no merit.

  6. bicurious says

    I thought that was really cute however I wish they had explained exactly HOW to keep clean. I’ve never understood how to do that other than starve yourself the day before.

  7. Patrick says

    Love it !!!! Any education about HIV prevention is welcome. As some of you horn dogs out there(you KNOW who YOU are) still have UNSAFE DANGEROUS UNPROTECTED sex.. No excuses.

  8. BrokebackBob says

    “Dude, the entire drag queen crap is tired.”
    I think maybe the “dude” doth protest too much, maybe Dude? Hows that bromance going?

  9. luke says

    i’m not the biggest fan of drag comedy videos etc. in general they’re all the same and super crude/sexual etc, it gets old. it’s nice to see coco continuing to show a different side to drag performance

  10. BusterLA says

    All you guys who are “tired” of Drag Queens or drag comedy or who find this genre of entertainment are perfectly well entitled to your opinion and sense of disdain. Savor it!! We live in country where we can have different opinions about our entertainment choices.

    But I’m worried about you… why do you click on and/or watch this video when you know it’s not something you like? Did you Mom’s tell u it was rude not to watch everything available? They were wrong. Move on.

    For instance, I HATE watching baseball on tv. SOOOOOOO…. if I walk into the TV room in my house and people are watching baseball…. well, I just turn around and walk away!!! It is deeply empowering. What I DON’T do is stand there and lecture the people watching baseball about how TERRIBLE I find televised baseball to be. Because they have a different opinion and that’s fine.

    So please stop torturing yourselves by staying here hating on Coco to the people who like Coco. The Internet isn’t close to being full, so there’s no need to edit out stuff some of us might consider schlock, or dated. But is isn’t good for you to stay here. Go find something you like!!

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