Save California’s Randy Thomasson Says Marriage Equality Is Form Of Slavery: AUDIO

ThomassonDespite sounding like a setup for that terrible joke of wedding rings being the world's smallest handcuffs, leader of hate group Save California Randy Thomasson took to right-wing talk show host Janet Mefferd's show to compare marriage equality to slavery. Said Thomasson:

It’s tyranny, it’s intolerance, it’s attack, it’s a form of slavery even, that you cannot even have freedom, the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, and this is leading away from mere opposition to oppression with coming persecution.

As always, every word of this is a lie. No one is denying his general freedom, his freedom of speech (which is why he was allowed to speak on the radio show without government persecution), or his freedom of religion (which is why he is still allowed to be a Christian). Additionally, saying one cannot oppress others is not itself oppression.


  1. fanboi says

    These entitled bastards have had such an easy time of demonizing LGBTs that they actually think they have a god given right to judge us.

    I think they may have missed that whole “Judge not lest ye be judged” part.

  2. ny2.0 says

    Right-wingers just love to use slavery and holocaust references don’t they? It’s amazing how illogical and out of touch these people are. There is no reasoning with crazy.

  3. ascanius says

    we’ve known for a long time that these are sick, sick people.

    hopefully, they will be increasingly shunned and marginalized by the general population, just like the white supremacists.

  4. codyj says

    This dudes LOST every battle against us…insanity=trying to do the same thing over ,and over,expecting different results. Typical piece of ignorant fundie relig TRASH.

  5. Chuck Mielke says

    Poor baby. He feels oppressed by the notion that his claims should bear some resemblance to reality? That they not be self-contradictory? That he use the actual meanings of words, rather than those he makes up?

  6. McMike says

    If this is slavery then where is my damn dinner and why is my kitchen still a disaster?

    Homophobe: An extremely unattractive gay man who thought rejecting the gay community first would be easier to deal with than being rejected.

  7. says

    As the number of stupid things a person believes increases, their requirement to constantly repeat those falsehoods to themselves also goes up.

    One must be on guard against intrusions by reality, after all.

  8. Queer Supremacist says

    Christianity is responsible for white supremacy. The sooner it is thrown on the ash heap of history, just like Nazism, and for the exact same reason while using the exact same methods to do so, the better off everyone will be.

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