Wisconsin-based Penzey’s Spice Company Spreads Pro-LGBT Message of Love to Its Customers

Dennis and pat

Dennis and Pat and their kids – one of the families featured on Penzey's website. 

The Wisconsin-based Penzey’s Spice company is spreading the good news to its customers about the recent ruling striking down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

In an email to its catalog customers, Bill Penzey writes in part:

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 10.47.35 AMAs part of a growing nationwide movement toward marriage equality the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin Foundation and the national ACLU’s LGBT project have challenged our state’s restrictions on marriage in Federal Court. Four of the couples involved graciously agreed to share the stories of their lives, their cooking and their love with our Amy Silvers. People who give of themselves to move human rights forward are always seen as the bright spots of their time in history books. The reality is that few are treated that way during their lives. These couples are all true heroes and worthy of our thanks. Lots of love here. Lots of tasty food as well. […]

Yes, changing demographics have played a part in the success marriage equality is having today, but an equal part of the success has come from those who over the last decade have changed their views. In this world no one is responsible for their own programming. Many of those behind the damaging ways of the past really did have kind hearts; they just had some bad information. What they have worked so hard to overcome in themselves is a huge part of what we are celebrating today. We are very proud of all who have made possible what is happening across this country.

Head over to Penzey’s website HERE to read up on these featured families and check out some yummy recipes from their kitchens.


  1. Steve says

    We have been buying Penzey’s spices for years, and there is no comparison with any of the store-bought brands. Their catalogs are always fun, and now they are even better.

  2. John says

    There’s one around the corner in Hillcrest I’ve been meaning to visit. I’ll stop procrastinating.

  3. Princely says

    Finally a company I already love that I can love even more! At first glance I was pissed thinking this was going to be another one of those ‘we support traditional marriage’ stories, but lo and behold its supportive!! I will tell everyone I know (as I already do!) to support Penzey’s. They are a great spice store.

  4. Jeff says

    Like Steve said there is no comparing Penzey’s to what you get in the grocery store. I drive from Westchester to Connecticut to visit and purchase from their store there. This ad is icing on what is already an amazing cake.

  5. Kieran says

    We’ve been Penzey’s customers for years. I had actually suspected that they were a right-leaning company, since they did a big push of their Arizona Dreaming spice mix right around the time Arizona started getting really right-wing crazy. They also had Alaska based articles when the Sarah Pailin craze was a new thing. Interesting.

  6. SpicyChinaDoll says

    John, Whatwhatwhat a San Diegan on towleroad??? I was there last fall for a month. San Diego/Hillcrest is the bomb diggity.

  7. Gaiboi says

    I love this article and how the company is representing themselves. I especially love the “programming” highlights, it is so true and such a wonderful, expressive way to bring light to individuals, without demeaning them! Very good marketing and the families are wonderful. I live in L.A., but if there is an online option, they just gained a new lgbt family as their customers!

  8. Joe in Ct says

    I just sent a note to the owner, Bill Penzey, last night when I got his email, just to thank him for recognizing our families so prominently at this particular time. I’ve been a long-time customer of Penzey’s (fabulous seasonings) and frankly his message didn’t surprise me. The company had featured gay family members in the past in their catalogs — not to this extent, of course. I am so glad to see this coverage, because you know this small company is going to take some heat for being so positive and supportive on this issue. If you cook, buy Penzey’s online. They have a heart!!!

  9. Steve says

    You’re in luck, there are two Penzey’s stores now in L.A.! One in Torrance (it was there when I lived in LA) and now one in Santa Monica. Great place to browse, smell and get the best. Lots of friendly help. Too bad I’m now in Hawaii and have to order online. But worth it anyway-even the extra shipping.