JJ Abrams Shows Off First Footage of ‘Star Wars’  X-Wing Fighter

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J.J. Abrams gave the world its first glimpse at a battle-worn X-Wing from Star Wars: Episode VII this morning in a video promoting the Star Wars: Force For Change campaign. Launched back in May of this year, Force For Change sought to raise funds for the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund’s Innovation Labs, which aims to spur innovation in UNICEF’s means of reaching out.

By giving anywhere between $10-$50,000 through the campaign’s Omaze page in the next four days, fans will be entered into a raffle to shoot a scene and be in the next Star Wars film and tour the London set with Abrams. Supporters are also entered to win the chance to host an advanced screening of the film for themselves and 20 friends.

Check out the epic reveal of the X-Wing AFTER THE JUMP...



  1. Tonez says

    I think we all can predict a monumental disappointment. Star Wars is boring and the internet has made it popular through memes while ignoring the fact the last three movies sucked. #FACT

  2. ZLICK says

    Well, look at it this way: Even a hack like JJ Abrams couldn’t make worse Star Wars movies than the prequels, so these are bound to be an improvement over the last batch.

  3. Brad says

    Wow, not sure why all the negativity.

    1. Internet memes did not make Star Wars popular. That is one of the more ridiculous statements I’ve ever heard, seeing as Star Wars was around and extremely popular decades before internet memes existed.

    2. I am excited about this. JJ Abrams is awesome. Not sure why he’s a “hack”. Most of what he’s been involved in has turned out great.

  4. jexerer says

    It’ll take a miracle to re-interest me in the franchise. What little fondness I had for it after the 2nd 3 movies was ambushed, chopped up, stomped on, burned and then stomped on again by the atrocious ‘clone wars’ on cartoon network.

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