Latino Labor Group Stands Up To Catholic Church, Refuses To Cut Ties With LGBT-Friendly Allies

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development has threatened to cut funding to a Latino workers rights organization if it refuses to cut ties with other groups that support marriage equality.


The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has threatened to cut funding to a Latino workers rights organization if it refuses to cut ties with other groups that support marriage equality, reports Think Progress.

Voz, which primarily helps Latino immigrants find work in Portland, Oregon, does not take a position on marriage equality. However, when faced with the decision to end it’s association with Latino rights group the National Council of La Raza or lose $75,000 of it’s $310,000 annual budget, Voz leaders “self-disqualified” the group by voting to continue the affiliation.

The CCHD is subject to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, a longtime opponent of marriage equality.

In a press release, Romeo Sosa, Executive Director of Voz, wrote:

“CCHD forced the question of Marriage Equality into the grant process. Ultimately we are an organization that does not discriminate; many of us know people who are gay, lesbian and transgender. They are our aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces, friends, co-workers and neighbors.”

However, other local organizations are now rushing in to support Voz. Spokespeople from the Oregon AFL-CIO and Basic Rights Oregon hosted a news conference on Wednesday to declare their solidarity with Voz, and Basic Rights Oregon has already received nearly $10,000 in pledges from pro-LGBT organizations.

Call To Action, a Catholic social justice group, has launched an online Groundswell petition asking the CCHD to “stop bullying social justice organizations with litmus tests over LGBT equality.”

The CCHD’s decision is seen by some as hypocritical given that Catholic groups are currently lobbying President Barack Obama for exemptions from a pending executive order barring federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT employees.


  1. Kit says

    Good for them! The Catholic Church wields power with money. I wish everyone would say to them: “No, thanks. Your filthy lucre is tainted with the blood of raped children. It is tainted with two millenia of horrendous crime and abuse. We would not lower ourselves to touch your money.”

  2. Another Steve says

    Are they going to play six degrees of separation now? How far has one to be removed from an organization that supports gay rights?

  3. Michael says

    Interesting order of events and totally refreshing to see staunch allies of equality and justice smackdown bigotry. Hope Voz gets the funding it needs and more !

  4. northalabama says

    this is how it starts – let’s hope it’s only the beginning, and there are many groups to follow who refuse to be bullied by the church into actions their members know are morally wrong.

  5. ophu says

    Looks like the church is going to find out some things are more important than money.

    (you’d think they’d already know that…)

  6. says

    America should do away with the Catholic Church entirely as well as the Mormon, Baptist and all other religious groups that discriminate against one segment of the population. Such churches/religions do not belong in America.

  7. DarkWillow says

    Hooray for Voz! Thank you Voz team for supporting equality! I wish Voz all the best in the future, and I hope they make healthier and more ethical contacts & donors as time passes.

    Sickening how Christians will try and oppress and punish organizations that do not actively oppress LGBTs. It’s ironic how Christians will cry ‘foul’ when aid is cut to anti-gay countries, but they feel it is a perfectly legitimate move to cut funding from groups that aren’t anti-gay enough for their tastes.
    It’s like how Christians think that when LGBTs boycott anti-gay organizations, it’s evil, but when Christians boycott organizations that are too pro-gay (or even just too neutral), that’s God’s work.

    This must be a NIGHTMARE for NOM. They want to pit Latinos against gays, and blacks against gays, so if a Latino Labor Group refuses to get on the anti-gay bandwagon like they want even after monetary ultimatums/blackmail, it must be pretty scary…

  8. jamal49 says

    Another example of a religious group blatantly involving itself into secular politics, using financial blackmail no less! It is time to tax the churches. All of them.

  9. Shannon says


  10. Bill says

    Another idea on how to handle the situation: for individual Catholics to skip a week’s contribution to that all important collection plate and give the money to VOZ instead: yearly if necessary.

    The bishop or archbishop will see the light soon enough – “upper management” is particularly concerned with the organization’s financial position.

  11. ratbastard says

    A significant number of Hispanics are turning to evangelical and pentecostal churches, abandoning the Catholic church, and they are IMO far worse as regards homosexuality. This is a significant trend that’s been going on for decades.

    One of the problems a church like Catholic have is staying revalent in the ‘west’ (post industrial first world), and mainting appeal the the second and third worlds. People in the second and third worlds (pretty much the world outside western Europe, North America, Australia/NZ, parts of Asia,but Asian societies are very conservative) aren’t interested in European and American ideas regarding issues such as homosexuality. This is a big issue for the RC church, because they are a huge institution everywhere, not just Europe and North America.

  12. Jerry 6 says

    How anyone can seriously believe That a “GOD” that has the power to create the Universe, as we know it, would give a “Hoot” about weather or not the species “Man” had members that had sexual acts with members of their own sex. After all, when I was in High School, and was in class one day, some of the students siting next to the windows started to snicker. The rest of us stood up to see what was so funny. Outside, two dogs were having sex. The Teacher tried to calm the situation by saying “That is how animals naturally create new animals. But, suddenly, the two dogs separated, and the rear one then turned around and the front one then mounted the rear one. At that, the teacher said “Pull down the shades.” I feel confident that the dogs did not know about a “God” that “Forbid” upon such activity. They just did what seened natural tot heir species.

  13. emjayay says

    Jim Redmond: It’s not “end it’s association”, it’s “end its association.” What you wrote means “end it is association”.

    Sister Georgina, third grade teacher, Infant Jesus of Prague Grammar School