Neil Patrick Harris is the New Face of Heineken Light: VIDEO


Neil Patrick Harris's list of accomplishments is a mile long. Tony winner, Emmy winner, proud papa, adoring husband, award show host extraordinaire, and…beer endorser? That's right, NPH is now the official spokesperson for Heineken Light, and in the brew's new ad he just wants a taste.

HuffPost reports that Heineken Light is "counting on Harris to 'find clever and humorous ways' to bring the Heineken Light taste experience to life for television audiences." 

Check out the suit-and-tied Mr. Harris, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. the other Ken says

    When I think back to my early adult years, when I was struggling with my sexual identity, considering suicide because I finally came to terms with the fact that I’m not going through a phase, that, in fact, I am a homosexual, something so humiliating to me and my family that death would’ve been an acceptable alternative, never did I think I’d live to see an out, gay male being sought after as a oompany’s spokesperson. Never. Ever. Not something that would’ve entered my mind because it would simply be impossible.

  2. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Trollroad: for when you’re a troll with nothing else to do on a Sunday morning.

  3. Moz's says

    good for him and his wallet

    but since heineken tastes like Budweiser, it is cheaper to drink a bud unless you want to drink a good beer = have to pay more $ than either cost

  4. JerzeeMike says

    Cue One Million Moms!!! Because we have to keep our little darlings going off to college from getting the gayz while binge drinking and date raping co-eds.

  5. woodroad34 says

    I kept thinking that NPH should have retorted “you won’t let me drink a Heineken, but you’ll let me hold your Heinie”?

  6. Kit says

    @The Other Ken — thank you for your comment — you are right and it is good to remember how far we have come.

  7. says

    @THE OTHER KEN – Yes! When I came out 28 years ago, you couldn’t imagine ANY company having an “avowed homosexual” as a spokesman … much less a beer company. Granted, all alcohol companies pursue the gays now, including beer companies, and Heineken doesn’t have as macho an image as other beer companies, but even so it was inconceivable when I came out, much less earlier when I was a closeted gay looking for positive role models.

  8. Vint says

    The list of accomplishments is wrong. He’s no one’s “adoring husband”. He and his adorable fiancé aren’t married. I think they’re going for “world’s longest post-legalization gay engagement.”

  9. johnny says

    Well, he’s blond. So Lite beer seems to fit somehow.

    Lightweight, lite beer, light hair, light in his eyes… oh, wait, I’m falling in love. Stop it!

  10. Aussie54 says

    He’s looking painfully thin, which is concerning, since the camera supposedly adds pounds to a person’s appearance.

  11. Vint says

    @Aussie54: He’s intentionally thin, for his role as Hedwig. Now that that’s done, he’ll come back to normal.

  12. L G. says

    I like Neil but so tried of seeing him every where. Am I the only person tired of “over the top”?

  13. Jere says

    By the way, I don’t think Harris and David Burtka are actually married. It may seem nitpicky, but, now that they actually have that option in the state where they live, it IS a distinction worth noting.

  14. Judi says

    Neil and David, like any couple want their wedding to be special. It is hard enough to plan a wedding whether you are a star or not. With Hedwig, his charity work, his family and friends, promoting movies etc., I really don’t know when he craft the time to sleep. let alone plan the most special day of his life (nay the birth of his children) WITH the love of his life. These 2 lovely people will get married when they can make all the plans TOGETHER. I don’t understand why people cannot leave happy generous authentic sweet people alone (whether they are stars or not ) to make their personal choices on their own timeline.