ACLU to Sue Military If Chelsea Manning Isn’t Given Appropriate Medical Treatment


ACLU lawyers for convicted Wikileaker Chelsea Manning have announced they will sue the military if the Army fails to provide Manning with appropriate medical treatment by September 4. 

Buzzfeed reports:

“Our constitution requires that the government provide medically necessary care to the individuals it holds in its custody,” Chase Strangio, staff attorney with the ACLU’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Project, said in a statement. “It is cruel and unusual punishment to withhold from Ms. Manning the care that the military’s own doctors have deemed medically necessary. The Army is withholding her care for political reasons, which is simply not permitted by our Constitution.”

In a letter dated Aug. 11, Manning’s lawyers note “[t]he Army’s continued indifference to Ms. Manning’s serious medical need for treatment, despite the recommendations of the Army’s own medical providers.”

Last month, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced Manning would receive "rudimentary treatment" for her gender transition. 


  1. says

    Last time I checked, gender reassignment surgery was not a vital life saving procedure. Doesn’t the ACLU have better things to do like advocate for better health care for inmates with actual medical conditions?! its cruel and unusual we have to keep hearing about this guy. Give me a break.

  2. says

    The good news is that since Lisa G is a worthless screen name used by this site’s resident worthless troll “her” “last time i checked” is meaningless – as “she” has never checked.

    hey, you anti-trans trolling coward – you fool nobody.

    intelligent minds in the field of sociology, psychology and sexuality fully understand this issue. only those who don’t understand it have a disagreement. there are no “differing opinions” – truth is singular.

    Chelsea deserves, of course, any and all appropriate treatments.

    And now the worthless troll i called out will assume a bunch of different screen names in order to make the same anti-trans statements, over and over again, pretending to be coming from lots of different people.

    Andy – change the comment system.

  3. Tyler says

    Lisa G (Rick, as the link you provide is a dead end – one of Rick’s classic tactics), if you hate trans people so much why don’t you just ignore stories like this?

    Oh right – because you’re a psychopath and are obsessed. Get a life and heart.

  4. Jmac says

    Newsflash: YOU’RE IN PRISON! Why would or should the government pay for any medical procedure unless you’re going to die without it? When you’re living on the taxpayers’ dime because you broke the law, you don’t get the priveliges of normal society

  5. says

    I think JMAC said it far more eloquently than I ever could. BINGO. Spot on. Its not about hate @TYLER so save us your cliche buzzwords and slogans.

  6. Raul8 says

    This is the real goal of those who wish to fit into heterosexual norms, while bashing homosexuals: have the government pay for their “medical needs – translation cosmetic surgery” for life, including controversial hormone therapy, etc. This is also the real reason they are pushing to be included in the military: we, the taxpayers, will be on the hook for a lifetime of “therapy” that will cost millions.

  7. Thedrdonna says

    Actually, JMac, the Supreme Court has found that denying prisoners any medically necessary care (note the distinction between “medically necessary” and “life-saving”) is a violation of their eighth amendment rights. They were sentenced to detainment for their crimes, unless they’re getting time off for suffering inflicted by deferral of care, then that “punishment” is excessive.

  8. Tyler says

    Lisa, if you don’t hate, then why do you refuse to recognize the dignity and needs of Transgender inmates? The answer is because you don’t value said people, out of hate. You’re an inherently hateful person.

    But your hatefulness is obvious because you’re Rick. Everything you do, including posting under dozens of different usernames featuring dead-end links, demonstrates this hatred and a psychopathic lack of empathy.

  9. johnny says

    Not piling on any hate here, but isn’t there a more flattering picture of Chelsea than the scary serial killeresque one T-road keeps running?

  10. says

    @TYLER I think he forfeited any claim to dignity when he betrayed his country, but that is another story. What if an inmate didnt like their nose? Would the prison be obligated to respect their dignity and give them rhinoplasty? Uh no. Regular check ups, life saving medical procedures, sure. Anything else, you lost when you checked in. YOU ARE IN PRISON.
    Oh and nice try at the detective work Nancy Drew. “RICK” does not seem to have any trouble posting as “RICK”. SHOCK, more than one person in the world might not agree with you. Probably wont be the last.

  11. jamal49 says

    If “Chelsea” Manning wants sexual reassignment surgery let it pay for that surgery itself.

  12. Jason says

    Let her pay for the surgery herself if she has enough saved up. Or let her do a kickstarter and let people volunteer to pay for it. If a prisoner has claustrophobia, should we just let them go? Prison is rough, you shouldn’t get everything you want, and it’s probably not the best place to go to help your psyche.

  13. cahbf says

    I really don’t get towleroad’s obsession with this. Cosmetic surgery should not be provided to prisoners, period. No matter how sad it makes her feel. I’m sad she betrayed her country. What a role model for the trans community.

  14. says

    “Cahbf” you’re fooling nobody. We get it, you hate transpeople and are also a worthless sack-less coward.

    it’s not deemed cosmetic by the intelligent minds in the field.

    here’s something fun – a game for you and all your alias: cite, specifically, what information she leaked that put america at risk, and made her “betray her country”

    SPECIFICS. cite the specifics of the information she leaked that specifically makes he a traitor.

    bet you can’t 😀

  15. will says

    Getting a sex change while in prison is not NECESSARY medical treatment. Yes, I respect Chelsea for her whistleblowing activities, but if the sex change could wait for 25 years while she was out of prison, it can wait a few more. If Chelsea decides she needs fuller, plumper lips to maintain a healthy gender identity, does she get them?

    Oh, yes, here is Little Kiwi, trolling another trans thread, being self-serving & passive-aggressively manipulative. And, yes, there, THEDRDONNA dropping by to spout more gender identity propaganda in the cadences of the public servic e announcement, pom poms in hand.

    Note the same urgency in both their voices as when the trans-woman, still with her penis, decides she MUST shower in the women’s locker room TODAY — and WE naysayers at TR are told we’re transphobic and hateful because we say penises do not belong in a women’s shower and that the other showering women may feel comfortable around dangling penises when they’re naked and showering.

  16. says

    “WILL” – i take solace knowing you’re a cowardly little wimp whose voice only extends into comments typed anonymously on message boards.

  17. Leanne says

    Please forgive DrDonna’s confused comment. It just got back from “transition” surgery and it is still feeling the effects of the anesthesia. It still looks like a dude, however.

    Anyhoo, you can’t talk about what is medically necessary unless you first answer the question “necessary to what?” The answer is: necessary to prevent harm to the prisoner’s basic health. The prison is not required to provide all manner of medication and services simply because it would enhance health or is desirable or because a doctor has signed off. It is not required to provide a particular course of treatment if another option would satisfy the minimal requirements of the 8th Amendment. SCOTUS has never established that trans-related procedures – from hormones to surgery to boob and butt implants – are “necessary” medical care within the meaning of the 8th Amendment. Lower courts have only held that a prison can’t categorically rule out tranny treatments w/o considering the individual circumstances of the prisoner. The trannies claim that unless they get their boob implants, they’ll kill themselves and thus the fake boobies are medically necessary But the prison is allowed to assess this claim and make its own determination. If a tranny is suicidal, as many are, proper treatment might consist of antidepressants and psychotherapy, not makeup and plastic bags filled with saline.

  18. Thedrdonna says

    I’m thrilled that the troll(s) on this site have suddenly found such obsession with my surgical status. Let it keep them up at night; I’m sleeping peacefully.

  19. Leanne says

    You are sleeping peacefully because they pumped you full of drugs so you couldn’t feel them carving you a fake vag.

  20. Darren B. says

    Little Kiwi, the specifics are set forth in the formal charge documents, which are available online. As you seem to have time on your hands, go find them and educate yourself.

    Manning was charged over the leak of battlefield reports disclosing operational data and hundreds of thousands of confidential diplomatic cables, the vast majority of which had nothing to do with Iraq. These cables included sources and methods info as well as confidential communications with France regarding our efforts to negotiate the freedom of 2 hikers wrongfully imprisoned in Iran. Those cables are all online and can be found in one of the cable searchable databases.

    Sadly, Manning was not charged with the assault of a female soldier. But it is important to not forget that this transgender committed an act of workplace violence against a woman, thus continuing a long tradition of trans violence against women.

    BTW, this POS admitted what s/he did and apologized. So if you think Manning did nothing wrong, you are disagreeing with Manning. Fortunately, Manning’s case likely will keep mentally ill transgenders out of the military for many decades to come.