Rise and Shine! Coffee’s Effect on Your Brain (And Could Too Much Really Kill You?) – VIDEO


While you're enjoying your morning cup of joe, check out this ASAPScience video that dives into the world's most popular drug.

Find out what exactly caffeine does to your brain, why it's addictive, and whether or not there's such thing as a "lethal dose" AFTER THE JUMP




  1. Mike says

    They are using the median lethal dose, or LD50, for this video, but many people can experience severe problems with coffee, or energy drinks, way below that level. For example, in 2010, Dave Grohl was hospitalized after he experienced chest pains after drinking too much coffee while working on a new album. And, sadly, quite a few people have died after consuming too many energy drinks.

  2. anon says

    It’s really hard to OD on caffeine, but people with heart problems can die from an accelerated heart rate or irregular heart rhythm, even after only a few cups.

    Caffeine is produced in plants to discourage foraging insects and animals. It’s essentially a pesticide.

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