Was An Asteroid Really the Only Thing That Killed Off the Dinosaurs? – VIDEO


As SciShow host Hank Green explains, you probabaly already think you know the answer to this question "What killed off the dinosaurs?" but it turns out the science behind the answer is more complicated than what we've been told. 





  1. pete n sfo says

    Pretty cool… So, if the plates slowing caused the continents to sink a bit, how would that result in ocean regression? Would they be deeper under water?

  2. kipp says

    Well written – but the freneticism of the presentation grates very quickly. It seems like the narrator has to catch his breath after each take.

  3. bkmn says

    Yup another guy that forces his enthusiasm and makes it difficult to sit through an entire video.

  4. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Pete N SFO – I believe it’s the oceans that sank. Thus the continents are higher above sea level.

  5. DavidAZ says

    Good info but with his hands moving so fast he should have given the presentation using dinosaur sock puppets. It would have been less distracting.

  6. Kenn says

    I could watch him and his brother John all day. Nerd Power! And yup if he were gay I’d so tap that.

  7. simon says

    Not climate. It was the Biblical flood. Dinosaurs were too huge to be put on the Ark. Noah also didn’t know how to persuade them to get on board.

  8. Randy says

    “the science behind the answer is more complicated than what we’ve been told.”

    So tired of these faux-trendy VideoBots pretending some of us haven’t watched actual documentaries.

  9. james street james says

    I’m sorry, I could not listen to the whole thing. Was it homosexual activity that killed the dinosaurs?

  10. UFFDA says

    Ya that guy was really tiresome in his tireless way. Just slow down buddy, slow way down, take a breath, now what was that you were saying?

  11. Bill says

    @james street james : no, it wasn’t homosexual activity that caused an angry god to kill off the dinosaurs. They are saving that “blame the gays” thing for the asteroid that has a 1/300 chance of hitting us in 2880 and wiping out humanity. If we do nothing and it hits, it will be “blame the gays.” If we deflect it, it will be “blame the gays for interfering with God’s plan.” If it misses on its own, it will be “blame the gays anyway because it will get us some time in the future.”

  12. Bill says

    @simon : check out the following design that someone made for a tee shirt:


    Then there’s the joke about how Noah told all the disembarking critters to go forth and multiply. So they all started to reproduce like crazy, except for the two adders, who asked Noah for help. He told them to take some logs and make a table out of them and try again. It worked. When asked how this could possibly help, Noah said, “with a log table, even adders can multiply.”

  13. IPW says

    Informative and interesting. Although some are complaining about his fast delivery; he only has a few minutes to present and explain a good deal of information, which he did very well. I’m a science geek with a keen interest in Paleontology and this was a pretty darn accurate summary of current knowledge and theories about this time period. I think a video like this is a great introduction to the subject and hope that it sparks a deeper interest and desire to learn more.

  14. Tatts says

    180,000,000 megatons of TNT…is that what he really meant?

    That’s 180,000,000,000,000 tons of TNT. Why didn’t he just call it 180 trillion tons of TNT?

    It just seems like an odd way to say that quantity–odd enough that it seems like a mistake.

  15. UFFDA says

    TNT talk doesn’t really speak. How many atomic bombs is that? Tell me and I’ll get it.

  16. John Conolley says

    That was interesting. I hadn’t heard of the ocean regression before. Kind of scary that tectonic activity could just stop.

  17. anon says

    The horror of Chicxulub included the fact that the asteroid was hotter and brighter than the sun up to four hours before impact. 30 minutes before impact it would have already been vaporizing anything in its path below.