Laura Ingraham Is Concerned Gay Marriage Opponents Will Now Face Discrimination: AUDIO

On Laura Ingraham's radio program Friday, the conservative commentator came to the defense of Mike Huckabee, who last week blasted the GOP's largely non-existent response to the SCOTUS marriage decision. Ingraham also shared her (and her viewers') worry that the progress of LGBT equality will somehow criminalize religious beliefs. 

IngrahamSaid Ingraham: 

"I think [Huckabee's] just saying what a lot of people believe and you can say that's not right or that's not fair, but they have every right to believe what they believe too…now people are saying 'Laura, how long before my faith becomes a hate crime?' That's a great question and I think Huckabee he's raised this before. If you're a Bible-believing Christian and you're in the military, can you expect to get a promotion? If you're a Bible-believing Christian and have gotten up and spoken spoken about traditional marriage in a high school debate, will that be used against you in getting into a college?" 

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[via Media Matters for America]


  1. tom says

    Whose bible; which of the many translations, interpretations, censored, added/subtracted, gnostic-exclude/included Buy-bull are you referring dear? Book Of Mormon, Catholic version, the list goes on…. My curiosity is endless –

  2. jamal49 says

    Suck it up, Laura, and the rest of your scummy, christian, whiny-con audience. You’ve been spreading your blatant hatred against a segment of American society that has only wished to live their lives in private and without prejudice. Yet, all of you have been too cowardly to admit that your nothing but tawdry bigots and instead, choose to hide behind your religion to justify your bigotry. Well, the foundations of your religion are crumbling as science, archeology, logic and fact betray your religion’s claim to infallibility, historicity and veracity. We The People have grown tired of you. None of us plan to “discriminate” against you. But we will confront you at every opportunity and call you out on your bigotry until we shut you down once and for all.

  3. bc says

    I think we have a pretty good idea how it’s going to play out. Those views will become more and more marginal, the holdouts will become quieter and quieter about continuing to hold those views, and hopefully eventually they will die out. Just like with the people who were/are against miscegenation. They too used tradition and even faith to justify their definition of marriage. They were wrong, and now they’re rightly criticized for espousing those views. No one has a right to hold any view they want AND be free from criticism or consequences for holding them.

  4. woodroad34 says

    Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s: That means gay rights…don’t worry so much about the afterlife, Laura; you’re not going to make it.


    Now is the perfect time to re-introduce the lion to the American plains…seriously though, both of her arguments are red herrings but I’ll bite…first, you swear upon the bible or whatever book of fairy tales you believe in to uphold the US Constitution not the reverse. Secondly, if you are a high school student defending “traditional marriage” your parents can send you to whatever religious echo chamber private school they can afford. Nah, lions are easier to address the current incarnation of know-nothing mouth breathers.

  6. E Carpenter says

    Christians in positions of power have always silenced gay people, criminalized gay people and limited gay people’s livelihoods.

    And that’s why so many conservative Christians are worried about us – they know exactly what they have done to us and would continue to do to us if they could, so they assume we will be as evil and immoral as they have been, now that we are getting nearer to civil equality.

  7. jjose712 says

    Frankly, i don’t know nobody who has a problem with “traditional marriage” except some straight people whose traditional marriage was a disaster.

    It would be good if some christians realize that using the Bible to hit other people on the head is not acceptable, specially because they avoid the parts of the Bible that doesn’t suit their lives

  8. says

    anyone know the best way to make the willfully ignorant realize that they can’t whine about being discriminated against for specifically working to promote and enforce discrimination against others?

  9. JackFknTwist says

    ‘My faith may become a hate crime…..’

    No, Laura dear.
    It will just be put aside like astrology, phrenology, ouija boards, alchemy, blood letting, ‘end-of-days’ delusions, ghosts, and the Little People.
    We might all just grow up if we can only avoid the delusions which have led religion to persecute people in their millions through the ages.

    But the signs don’t look great……the church gave itself ‘infallibility’ in the 1870’s, and has had apparitions by the score…now we have snakes in one church and magic underpants in another and “rapture”…… seriously !

    No Laura, your not in any danger at the moment, except in danger of ridicule.

  10. throwslikeagirl says

    I was planning a post going on and on about how so many religions have “become a hate crime” for centuries, including Christianity ( The Reformation anyone ? ), but I kept thinking that well-meaning believers don’t believe the wingnuttery anyway, so why berate them? Then I read Jasonmacb’s post. He said it all beautifully and with wit, in only eight well-chosen words. Well done, bro!

  11. Jay says

    These bigots are just afraid that we will do to them what they have done to us in the past and would do to us now if they could. It is a classic case of projection. No wonder they are fearful. But, sorry, I am not going to shed any tears over their despair at no longer being able to persecute us.

  12. todd says

    Awe, poor, poor, poor bible thumper. They feel they will be persecuted, ridiculed, demeaned. Well, all I can say is get used to being treated exactly how you treated the LGBT community for centuries. I don’t have one lick of sorrow for their hate filled asses. After all, it’s not just the biblical hate, it’s just the smugness, self righteousness and B.S. they dump on the non-believers which makes their coming karma quite sweet to witness.

  13. jarago says

    They want to keep using their religion as an excuse to discriminate- I don’t hate gay but the Bible says they are evil- of course they only used the sections of the Bible which is convenient to their argument- this Ingrahm woman wears a cross as if she were fighting Dracula

  14. Richard says

    Seeing that they were losing the war, the victimizers resorted to claiming they were the actual victims.

  15. Bob says

    Well, Laura…sweetie…honey…maybe it’s time that you and your ilk and minions know what it’s like to be discriminated against. Suck it up, sistah…those “God-fearing” students and soldiers can do what we’ve had to do for decades – shut their mouths and hope no one finds out.

  16. Will Parkinson says

    Aw, well perhaps now she’ll understand what discrimination feels like, and she can start the fight for her rights to be a bigot.

  17. Tom Cardellino says

    Laura, you ever so darling bigot-for-personal-profit,
    Religions are already “hate crimes” against humanity! Is this Hell you and you fellow fools describe intended for people you LOVE? You blatantly HATE the billions of humans whom you have decided “deserve” this fantasy of eternal torture and decimation. Go on, I dare you to say that you LOVE anyone you consider worthy of this phantasmagorical “Hell!” Especially, I have in mind those infants and pre-pubescents who “just happen” to be born in cultures where your “one & only true God’s word” must be acknowledged even though these billions of innocents have no opportunity to hear this “magic” word. To Hell with these sniveling infants, and Godspeed! How malignantly pathological does a knowledgeable person have to be to believe in this prattle once they have truly studied the dogma of such Bronze Age nonsense!

  18. New Hampshire says

    Laura, your profoundly wrong and immoral harassing of gay students when you were at Dartmouth College (look it up) has managed not to interfere with your career. In a just world, it would have.

    And yes, she does have a gay brother, who told her that he resented what she did at Dartmouth.

  19. BrokebackBob says

    Yes, Laura, we will discriminate, between those who break the law and those who follow the law. Same-sex marriage rights will become the law of the land. If YOU discriminate and break that law, we will treat you differently by putting you behind bars.

  20. Gry says

    So basically they’re afraid that they’ll be treated the same way they’ve they’ve treated us?


  21. UFFDA says

    Many of the comments on this thread have been brilliant. JAMAL you have poured forth very well and CARPENTER you have provided a trenchant insight. Indeed the Christians know very well, and with alarm, that they have been thorough monsters to us. Indeed, they should shudder, not only are they going out of style, they shall be blithly disregarded…or trampled

  22. Vint says

    @NewHampshire: Wow, her behavior at Dartmouth really was atrocious.

    It’s astonishing that someone who has a fairly non-traditional family (never married, adopted kids) is so vicious towards others who —like her— haven’t forced themselves into “straight” marriages.

  23. Chadd says

    Christianity, as Jesus described it, is a quiet, personal faith. Dear Laura, if you practiced your christianity as described by your very own bible, you and Mike wouldn’t have to worry about persecution. Jesus wasn’t fond of those who used religion to pound their chest or pound others over the head. Perhaps you need some persecution to get back the the fundamental basics of your own religion. Bless your heart.

  24. Daniel says

    Poor dears. After years of saying and doing the most disgusting things to GLBT people they might have people say mean things about them. Oh the humanity!

  25. MikeInQueens says

    Interesting that Laura Ingraham, unmarried, is opining on who can get married or what marriage is. She’s a single mother who, to her credit, has adopted three children but it is hypocritical for her to imply that marriage equality will somehow pose a danger to heterosexual marriage or to religious bigots who wish to discriminate based on their “deeply-held religious beliefs).

    Laura has pinged my gaydar more than once, in spite of the fact that she’s been engaged three times in her life (once, god forbid, to Dinesh D’Souza). I suspect, in all truth, that Laura is a lesbian who struggles daily with the truth of her humanity. Her inner turmoil and conflicts about her innate desires get expressed in her anti-LGBT vitriol.

    Her spiel here is ridiculous and over-reaching. It is the new theme of christian bigots or religious bigots in general: that they will become “victims” if they espouse their hateful ideas about the humanity and the constitutionally-protected rights of other American citizens. That won’t happen. What will happen is they (and you, Laura) will be ignored, marginalized, dismissed outright.

    Perhaps that is what really bothers Ms. Ingraham. She will no longer be relevant. Hell, her radio call-in show might just end up being cancelled and she, like so many others of her ilk, will have to actually, finally, work for a living.

  26. anon says

    This is a great issue for blowhard commentators, but a terrible issue for the GOP. Laura probably doesn’t believe a word of what she says, but when it comes to garnering ratings, she’s a pro.

  27. lawney baldwin says

    Would someone from Mass. please invite her up there to get the answers to those stupid questions she and Huckabee keep asking?

  28. Jerry 6 says

    PLEASE! When these Bible Thumpers start quoting “THE BIBLE” I wish they would provide The exact Name; Publication Date; and Religion associated with that specific Bible.

    I ask for that information because I grew up in a very Religious family. So Religious, in fact, that we had SIX BIBLES. Three Catholic, and three Protestant, with publication dates ranging from the late 1800’s back to the early 1700s I would, on a rainy afternoon, randomly take two of them and open one to whatever place my hands chose. Then I would open the other to the same chapter and verse. SELDOM did they both read exactly the same. As a result, when ever someone “Quotes” the BIBLE, I ask “Which one, and what publication date.

  29. Jerry 6 says

    Lady, when you start quoting the “BIBULL”, please state which “BIBULL”, when it was published; and what Edition of that “BIBULL”.
    I have six “BIBULLS”; three Catholic, and three Protestant. Each of the six is different from the others in several places. They were published between 1820, and 1912.