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Scorned Ex Arrested for Hacking Gay Teacher's Computer, Sending Nude Photos to Students: VIDEO


A scorned ex-boyfriend of a Pasadena-area high school teacher is in police custody after allegedly hacking his former partner's work email account to send nude photos to over 250 students, teachers, and staffers in the district, The Los Angeles Times reports:

David Galvan, 38, was arrested on suspicion of unlawfully accessing science teacher Richard Rosa's school district email account and sending the photographs on July 10 while the teacher was out of the country.

The email, with the subject line “Enjoy,” contained four nude photographs of Rosa.

The motivation: Galvan was angry about their relationship ending, according to police Lt. Terysa Rojas.

The paper adds that a student has started an online petition to save Rosa's job, despite district officials saying Rosa would not be fired over the photos. 

CBS Los Angeles provides further background on the case:

On July 24, 2014, a complaint was filed with the LA County DA’s Office, which issued a $110,000 arrest warrant against Galvan for false impersonation, identity theft, internet/electronic impersonation and obscene matter. The first two counts involve felonies, while the second two are misdemeanors.

Officials said Galvan learned he was wanted by police and that he fled to Oregon.

With the assistance of the U.S. Marshal’s Office, Galvan was detained Oct. 21 in Hillsboro, Ore.

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Los Angeles Couple Reach Plea Deal In Torture, Murder Of 'Gay Acting' Eight-Year-Old Son - VIDEO


Pearl Fernandez has reached a plea deal in the murder and torture of her “gay acting” eight-year-old son Gabriel, reports NBC. Fernandez, along with former boyfriend Isauro Aguirre, will also plead guity to the charges and avoid the death penalty. 

Fernandez_aguirreThe two will be be sentenced to life in prison without parole in exchange for their guilty pleas to first degree murder and torture with special circumstances. Both have waived their right to appeal. 

Fernandez and Aguirre had initially pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Gabriel, who died in May 2013, was allegedly beaten, doused with pepper spray, forced to eat his own vomit and locked in a cabinet with a sock in his mouth to muffle his screams.

Two of the boy’s siblings confirmed that Gabriel was forced to eat cat feces, rotten spinach and vomit; that he slept in a locked cabinet and wasn't let out to go to the bathroom; and that Fernandez and Aguirre called him gay, punished him when he played with dolls and forced him to wear girls' clothes to school.

Fernandez allegedly once jabbed Gabriel in the mouth with a bat and knocked out several teeth.

One of Gabriel’s siblings said that on the day of the fatal beating, Fernandez began hitting her son because he didn't want to pick up his toys. She then dragged him into a bedroom, where Aguirre joined her, and the siblings heard screaming, banging and then silence.

The incident has prompted calls for reforms to the Los Angeles County foster-care system because child welfare workers failed to remove Fernandez from his home. Moves have since been taken to fire two social workers and two supervisors, while others involved in the case have received letters of warning or reprimand.

Watch an NBC report on the case, AFTER THE JUMP...

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California Politicians Wed in Palm Springs


Two gay California politicians have wed. Geoff Kors, previous executive director for Equality California (2002-2011) and James Williamson, a current school board candidate, were married in Palm Springs. They were married by another familiar face for those acquainted with California politics — state Senator Mark Leno

Yes, the above is an actual picture from Kors and Williamson's picturesque ceremony. Bring on the Xanax for Gay Weddings!

Kors has been an active campaigner for LGBT causes in California, memorably during the Schwarzenegger governorship, when he teamed up with Senator Leno.

Congratulations to the happy couple.

Brian Brown Robocalls Against Gay GOP Candidate Carl DeMaio, Asks Voters to Consider Pro-LGBT Democrat: AUDIO

Well this is new...

So great are Brian Brown's fears about LGBT infiltration in the Republican ranks, he is now robocalling California's 52nd congressional district to warn that embattled, openly gay GOP candidate Carl DeMaio could "damage" the Republican Party "for decades" if he's elected to Congress. 

Said Brown: 

BrianbrownI'm calling to urge all Republicans who support traditional marriage and human life to oppose fake Republican Carl DeMaio in the upcoming election. Having someone like Carl DeMaio in Congress would be extremely damaging, giving him a platform to advance his flawed ideas of remaking the Republican Party into a party that supports the redefinition of marriage and abortion on demand. I urge you to make sure you do not vote for Carl DeMaio and consider for voting for Democrat Scott Peters...

Listen to the full robocall, AFTER THE JUMP...


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ACLU Sues San Bernardino Sheriff's Department Over Anti-LGBT Discrimination

San bernadinoLGBT inmates at the West Valley Detention Center, both current and former, have filed suit against the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department for discrimination and abuse faced behind bars. The prison system often separates LGBT inmates for their own safety, but that discrepancy should not reinforce and legitimize the difficulties they have faced according to the suit, from name calling to longer jail sentences. 

The Los Angeles Times reports:

The suit cites several cases in which gay inmates were allegedly denied equal access to drug rehabilitation and educational programs. Gay inmates were allowed less time out of their cells and were unable to participate in work programs that would reduce their sentences, the suit claims.

"In the United States, we punish people because of the crime they commit, not because of who they are," said Melissa Goodman, an ACLU attorney who filed the suit along with the law firm Kaye, McLane, Bednarski & Litt, LLP.

The 'Althernative Lifestyle Tank' where LGBT inmates are kept became a personal hell for the fifteen people filing suit alongside the ACLU, including Peter Guzman who claims he was kept in his cell for up to 23 hours each day.  

Guzman, who spent seven months in West Valley awaiting trial in a fraudulent check-writing case, said that from his cellblock he could see that straight inmates were often out of their cells. Sometimes, violent offenders who were straight served food to the gay inmates as part of a work program that gay inmates were denied access to, Guzman said...

The San Bernardino County Sheriff's office, along with deputies and sheriff John McMahon, are being named in the suit, and for good reason: they either enforced or committed the in-jail discriminatory behavior.

Mckibben[Former Indiana sheriff deputy and West Valley inmate Dan] McKibben (pictured far right with partner Sean), 51, said he once saw deputies beating a gay inmate. Deputies, he said, regularly used gay slurs when addressing inmates.

McKibben, who spent about two months in the gay cellblock, said he was appalled at the behavior of those who'd taken an oath to uphold the law.

"When you're sworn, you're sworn. And I took that oath," he said. "These guys, every other minute, were violating that."

Coronado, California Residents Give Gay Couple Heckled By Homophobe a Beautiful 'Do-Over' Wedding: VIDEO


Last month we reported that Arizonans Oscar De Las Salas and Gary Jackson were holding a wedding ceremony in Centennial Park in Coronado, California when it was interrupted by a man in a nearby building shouting "go home fags" and other anti-gay slurs.

The incident prompted an apology from the city of Coronado and the condo complex's Home Owner’s Association as well as an investigation by police.

Local residents and merchants who were also disturbed by the heckling banded together to organize a "do-over" wedding for the gay couple yesterday. The ceremony, organized by Coronado attorney Alisa Kerr and officiated by Mayor Casey Tanaka, ended up being a beautiful display of love in the face of hate.  

U-T San Diego reports:

The ceremony came off absent heckles or other such distractions.

The guests mostly included those who donated one gift or another and others who contacted Kerr and her friends with offers to help. It mattered little that they did not actually know the couple.

“I came because of the synergy they created with the attempt to turn this around,” said Rob Crenshaw, who brought his wife, Laura, to the party. “A wedding is supposed to be the happiest event of your life.”

Jackson and de Las Salas brought about 25 friends who were unable to make the August affair.

“We’re two men in love,” de Las Salas said. “That’s all.”

More photos and video of the ceremony, AFTER THE JUMP...

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