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Inside the State House as Governor Jack Markell Signed the Marriage Equality Bill: VIDEO


Shortly after Delaware passed marriage equality yesterday, Governor Jack Markell signed the bill, because, he said, "I do not intend to make any of you wait one moment longer."

He also joined a Google+ hangout to discuss the signing.


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Delaware to Become 11th State with Marriage Equality


After several hours of debate in which Senator Karen Peterson came out of the closet on the floor, the Delaware Senate voted 12-9 today to approve HB75, a bill legalizing same-sex marriage.

Governor Jack Markell will sign the bill at 5:30 pm today in Legislative Hall. On July 1, same-sex couples can begin applying for marriage licenses.

Delaware will become the 11th state (along with D.C.) to have marriage equality.

LISTEN to the roll call vote and celebration, AFTER THE JUMP...




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Listen LIVE: Delaware Senate's Final Vote on Marriage Equality

(image equality delaware)

Delaware's Senate is set to convene at 2 pm and will be voting on HB75, the marriage equality bill. If it passes, Delaware will become the 11th state to give all its citizens the freedom to marry.

You can listen LIVE HERE (opens webcast in new window).

You can also follow @eqde on Twitter.

UPDATE: The bill is passed and will be signed into law today.

Final Delaware Vote on Marriage Equality Tomorrow


The Delaware Senate will vote on marriage equality tomorrow. This is the final vote. If it passes, Delaware will be the 11th state to legalize same-sex marriage. Governor Markell has said he will sign the bill.

Equality Delaware reports: "Several Senators still haven't decided how they'll vote. They need to hear from their constituents who support the freedom to marry and want them to stand on the right side of history by voting YES on HB75."

Find out how to do that here.

The debate and vote are scheduled for 2 pm.

Delaware Senate Panel Advances Marriage Equality Bill in 4-2 Vote


Delaware's Senate Executive Committee has advanced HB75, the marriage equaility bill, in a 4-2 vote. It now heads to the full Senate for a vote.

Delaware Senate Panel to Take Up Marriage Equality Bill Today


The Delaware Senate Executive Committee is taking up the marriage equality bill at 2:30 pm today.

The AP reports: "The measure narrowly won passage in the House last week. Supporters and opponents expect another close vote if the Senate Executive Committee votes Wednesday to send it to the full Senate for consideration."

There may be an audio link at this page when they convene for those interested in listening.


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