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Delaware Senate Panel to Take Up Marriage Equality Bill Today


The Delaware Senate Executive Committee is taking up the marriage equality bill at 2:30 pm today.

The AP reports: "The measure narrowly won passage in the House last week. Supporters and opponents expect another close vote if the Senate Executive Committee votes Wednesday to send it to the full Senate for consideration."

There may be an audio link at this page when they convene for those interested in listening.

Delaware Church Registers Its Opposition to Marriage Equality with Flashy Symbol Sign: PHOTO


Twitter user Zafo Jones shares a church sign from Bear, Delaware. Delaware, of course, has a marriage equality bill pending in its legislature.

Writes Jeremy Hooper of the sign: "Which is kind of like saying Vegetarianism > Oxygen. The former is a choice for every American citizen; the latter we all share, regardless of or individual commitments."

Delaware House Passes Marriage Equality Bill in 23-18 Vote


Delaware's House has approved HB 75, the marriage equality bill, in a 23-18 vote.

The bill now moves to Senate consideration.

Equality Delaware asks residents to contact their legislators here.

The Delaware Senate currently has a 13-8 split in favor of Democrats. Governor Jack Markell has promised to sign legislation if it hits his desk.

Listen to the bill's sponsor, Rep. Melanie George Smith, speak today on the House floor, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Listen LIVE: Delaware's House Debate and Vote on Marriage Equality


Debate on a marriage equality bill is currently underway in Delaware's House of Representatives.

Listen live HERE.

Delaware House to Vote on Marriage Equality Today

DelawareDelaware's House is set to debate and vote on marriage equality today.

The legislation, HB75, was introduced two weeks ago by Delaware State Rep. Melanie George Smith (D-Bear). It was advanced last week by the Delaware House Administration Committee in a 4-1 vote. Governor Jack Markell has promised to sign a bill if it hits his desk.

Bear believes the bill has the votes to pass: "I’m confident that we have a majority of Delaware representatives — so over 21 out of the 41 — that will do the right thing and vote to support equality in Delaware."

Stay tuned for updates on Towleroad as this develops.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell Introduces Marriage Equality Bill: VIDEO


Yesterday I reported that Delaware's Governor Jack Markell was set to introduce a marriage equality bill, and he did, Reuters reports:

Markell, a Democrat, said in a telephone interview that while he was confident the bill would pass, given that his party controls both the upper and lower chambers of the legislature, "nothing is sure until it's done."

"What we know is same-sex couples want to get married for the same reason that other couples want to get married," Markell said in a telephone interview.

Markell announced the legislation at an afternoon press conference, where he was joined by state Senate President Pro Tempore Patricia Blevins, House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf and Attorney General Beau Biden, Markell's office said.

Watch video of Markell introducing the bill and a few additional clips, AFTER THE JUMP...

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