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NOM Will Use FRC Shooting To Its Advantage


The National Organization for Marriage started a website called "Hero of G Street" to celebrate Leo Johnson, the security guard wounded during a shooting at Family Research Council's DC HQ this week.

Perfectly nice, right? Well, the get well message is coupled with NOM president Brian Brown's claim that the shooting was directly precipitated by Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups' labeling of FRC as a hate group.

Supporters, preferably those NOM doesn't already know, are encouraged to enter their email address, which will then no doubt be used for NOM fundraiser fliers.

(h/t Joe.My.God.)

Tony Perkins Again Blames SPLC For FRC Shooting On Fox News: VIDEO


Family Research Council president Tony Perkins has again claimed that Southern Poverty Law Center and related groups played a role in Floyd Corkins' allegedly shooting a security guard at FRC's base in DC earlier this week.

"Now, Bill, let me say: the gunman, Floyd Corkins, pulled the trigger yesterday. He is responsible for shooting my colleague and my friend. But, let me say, I believe that the Southern Poverty Law Center is responsible for creating the environment that led to this," Perkins said on Bill O'Reilly's Fox News show, which headlined the segment by wondering if the FRC shooting was politically motivated. 

More from Perkins' argument against SPLC: "Because they disagree with our positions on marriage and certain religious issues, [they] have labeled us a ‘hate group’, and that gives license to lunatics like this to come in with a gun and shoot innocent people.”

Perkins was also asked about his group's association with Chick-fil-A, the conservative-run chicken franchise from which Corkins bought 15 sandwiches before heading to FRC's HQ. Perkins claims FRC and Chick-fil-A had the most frivolous of relationships, but hinted that he wouldn't mind getting more personal, especially if money is involved. "Chick-fil-A gave us $1,000 a few years ago. Far from being a big supporter of ours. We wouldn’t mind having their support but they haven’t been that way," he said. The conservative big-wig then brought the topic back to SPLC's list of hate groups. "In those reports, they say, ‘The Family Research Council, which is a hate group, a certified hate group from the Law Center.’ when you you marginalize people like that it gives license to people like this to take action.”

Watch the video, via Mediaite, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Truth Wins Out: Tony Perkins 'Cannot Be Allowed To Exploit' FRC Shooting

FRCShootingFBITruth Wins Out this evening joined the Southern Poverty Law Center in condemning Family Research Council president Tony Perkins suggesting the SPLC which deems FRC a "hate group", deserves blame for suspect Floyd Corkins shooting a security guard at FRC's headquarters yesterday.

Rejecting Perkins' suggestion that his LGBT opponents bear some responsibility, TWO executive director Wayne Besen said in a statement that "the LGBT community knows all too well the devastating consequences of violence."

"Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans people are harassed, threatened, intimidated, beaten, and killed on a daily basis in violent acts of hatred all over the world, simply because of who they are and who they love," he said. "That is why -- yesterday, today, and every day -- we stand squarely against violence in all its forms, because violence is never a way to resolve political differences or settle disputes."

"[Perkins] expressed appreciation for the LGBT community's swift repudiation of violence but asked us to go further and disavow FRC's hate-group designation. Truth Wins Out cannot do that," the equality activist insisted.

[FRC] says that gays are deviants and pedophiles, strongly promotes fraudulent 'pray-away-the-gay' therapy, calls for the imprisonment of gay people, and says that homosexuality is destructive to society. Perkins cannot be allowed to exploit the sympathy rightfully generated by this inexcusable crime to whitewash his group's ongoing anti-gay activities. If the FRC wants to stop being labeled a hate group, it must stop doing and saying hateful things.

TWO Director of Communications John Becker also rejected Perkins' perspective, saying that insisted that "yesterday's senseless act of violence does not exonerate the Family Research Council and other anti-gay hate groups from the decades they've spent slandering, demonizing, and actively lying about the LGBT community."

He went on, "The Southern Poverty Law Center - a venerable civil rights organization that monitors and documents extremism across the country - rightfully labeled the Family Research Council an anti-gay hate group because of its extensive history of spreading malicious, hateful falsehoods about gay people. FRC is not a hate group because of its public policy views, as Mr. Perkins has alleged. It is a hate group because it earned that designation."

SPLC Responds To Tony Perkins' 'Outrageous' Claims

SPLCMark Potok, Senior Fellow of the Southern Poverty Law Center, penned a post this afternoon in which he takes on Family Research Council president Tony Perkins and others' assertion that SPLC deserves blame for yesterday's shooting at his organization's HQ.

Reminding readers that his organization has spent four decades working to end political violence and have "strongly criticized all those who endorse such violence, whether on the political left or the political right," Potok says that Perkins' remarks are "outrageous" and amount to nothing more than a craven attempt to score political points.

From Potok's response:

Perkins’ accusation is outrageous. The SPLC has listed the FRC as a hate group since 2010 because it has knowingly spread false and denigrating propaganda about LGBT people — not, as some claim, because it opposes same-sex marriage. The FRC and its allies on the religious right are saying, in effect, that offering legitimate and fact-based criticism in a democratic society is tantamount to suggesting that the objects of criticism should be the targets of criminal violence.

Perkins and his allies, seeing an opportunity to score points, are using the attack on their offices to pose a false equivalency between the SPLC’s criticisms of the FRC and the FRC’s criticisms of LGBT people. The FRC routinely pushes out demonizing claims that gay people are child molesters and worse — claims that are provably false. It should stop the demonization and affirm the dignity of all people.

FRC's Tony Perkins Says SPLC 'Should Be Held Responsible' For Floyd Corkins' 'Domestic Terrorism': VIDEO


Like NOM's Brian Brown, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins is blaming the Southern Poverty Law Center for Floyd Corkins opening fire at his group's HQ yesterday.

"Floyd Corkins was given a license to shoot an unarmed man by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center that have been reckless in labeling organizations hate groups because they disagree with them on public policy," Perkins said on Fox News today. "I believe the Southern Poverty Law Center should be held responsible that is leading to intimidation of what the FBI has characterized as domestic terrorism."

Watch Perkins' remarks AFTER THE JUMP.

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FBI Affidavit Reveals More Details About Floyd Corkins, FRC Shooting Charges


With Floyd Corkins officially charged for shooting a security guard at the Family Research Council's DC HQ yesterday, we're receiving more information not only on the crimes for which he's been tried, but also details about the shooting, including confirmation that he had 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his bag, and his parents' reaction.

From ABC News:

Corkins was charged with assault with intent to kill and bringing firearms across state and was expected to appear later Thursday in federal court.

Corkins lived with his parents in Herndon and had recently been volunteering at a D.C. community center for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. He told the guard words to the effect of, "I don't like your politics" and pulled a handgun from his backpack, according to an FBI affidavit.

Besides a box of ammunition, authorities also found 15 sandwiches from Chick-fil-A, the fast-food chain that has landed at the center of a national cultural debate over gay marriage.

Corkins' parents told FBI agents that he has "strong opinions with respect to those he believes do not treat homosexuals in a fair manner," the complaint says.

The assault charge carries up to 30 years in prison and the weapons charge has a 10-year maximum sentence. It wasn't immediately clear if Corkins had a lawyer.

The guard who was shot in the left arm, 46-year old man Leo Johnson, is "resting comfortably" at the hospital and is being hailed as a hero by FRC president Tony Perkins, "This hero business is hard work."

For once the right wing big-wig is 100% correct.


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