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WATCH: Elders react to Nicki Minaj's bootylicious "Anaconda"
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IDAHO: Anti-gay, for-profit wedding chapel can now discriminate.
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Benedict Cumberbatch Attempts Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love' Walk - VIDEO


On The Graham Norton Show the other day, Benedict Cumberbatch followed comedian Miranda Hart's lead and attempted "the ultimate walk" - the one featured in Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" video.

See the sashay, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Anti-gay Forces Unite to Oppose Houston Mayor Annise Parker and the 'Radical Agenda' of LGBT Equality: VIDEO


The right-wing freak out over subpoenas sent to Houston area pastors for "all speeches, presentations, or sermons related to HERO, the Petition, Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality, or gender identity prepared by, delivered by, revised by, or approved by you or in your possession" is set to continue via live telecast next Sunday as anti-gay leaders and organizations from across the country join together to "stand with these pastors and stand against the radical agenda sweeping our nation."

Those participating in "I Stand Sunday" include would-be HGTV stars David and Jason Benham, Mike Huckabee, hate leader Tony Perkins, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, Rick Scarborough, Fox News' Todd Starnes, Christian litigation group Alliance Defending Freedom, National Organization for Marriage, and others. 

Watch a promo for the anti-gay extravaganza, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Gay Iconography: Lance Bass' Big Coming Out


The year 2006 marked a sort of fevered pitch for celebrities being “pushed” out of the closet. Bloggers like Perez Hilton routinely posted about famous faces that had theretofore never disclosed their sexuality. Facing overwhelming pressure from the booming gossip blogosphere and tabloids, two high-profile celebrities made their coming out official that year. One was Neil Patrick Harris, and the other was Lance Bass.

It’s easy to dismiss the magnitude of Bass’ announcement on the cover of People magazine from where we sit in 2014, especially when lumped together with darling NPH. Bass’ boyband heydey was already behind him, while Harris’ profile would continue to surge on stage and screen. However, as a member of one of the groups that defined the late-‘90s/early-‘00s bubblegum pop explosion, Bass’ coming out publicly inserted an LGBT person into the biggest (and perhaps most traditional, heteronormative) mainstream successes of a generation.

The People cover story also predated NPH’s by about four months. In the exclusive interview, Bass said:

“The thing is, I’m not ashamed – that’s the one thing I want to say … I don't think it's wrong, I'm not devastated going through this. I'm more liberated and happy than I’ve been my whole life. I'm just happy.”

The effects of his coming out are still seen today. Before coming out himself in 2013, Jason Collins reached out to Bass for advice. Here’s what he had to say:

“I told him, look, this is what I wish would have happened when I came out…because when I came out I had 24 hours to decide what was going to happen, because basically the magazine [People] said ‘We’re doing it with or without you.’ So I had 24 hours to decide to do this interview and I did – with People magazine, and I thought it went great. But what I wish I could have done back then was to have a couple of days to sit down with HRC, sit down with GLAAD…get downloaded [on how to handle this]…because back then…[it was just] like Jason told me today ‘I don’t know many gay people because all my life has been is sports, [and] I’ve had such a crazy schedule I never had to think about my private life.’”

Check out some highlights of Lance Bass’ work, and share your thoughts, AFTER THE JUMP

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Eric Holder Announces Federal Government Will Recognize Gay Marriages in Six More States


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that the federal government will recognize same-sex married couples in six additional states: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Last week, Holder made a similar announcement regarding federal recognition of same-sex marriages in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Colorado. 

Via press release:

The Attorney General’s announcement means couples married in these states will now qualify for a range of federal benefits, including those administered by the Social Security Administration and Department of Veterans Affairs.

“With each new state where same-sex marriages are legally recognized, our nation moves closer to achieving of full equality for all Americans,” the Attorney General said. “We are acting as quickly as possible with agencies throughout the government to ensure that same-sex married couples in these states receive the fullest array of benefits allowable under federal law.”

In addition, the Attorney General also announced that the Department of Justice has determined it can legally recognize marriages performed in Indiana and Wisconsin this past June. These marriages were performed immediately after federal district courts ruled that those states’ bans on same-sex marriage are unconstitutional, but subsequent developments created confusion about the status of those marriages. Based on the Attorney General’s announcement, however, those couples married during that period will now have their unions recognized by the federal government.

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Ellen Holds Auditions to See Who Can Fill Nick the Gardener's Shoes While He Films 'Magic Mike XXL' - VIDEO


With Ellen's shirtless gardener Nick off filming Magic Mike XXL, the search is on to see who can best fill his hunky shoes and help the daytime funny lady trim her bushes. 

Check out the top contenders so far, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Former Reagan Aide Calls on Southern States to Secede to Stop the Spread of Gay Rights: AUDIO

Speaking with right-wing radio host Janet Mefferd this week about his new book The Secessionist States of America: The Blueprint for Creating a Traditional Values Country...Now, former Reagan administration aide Douglas MacKinnon laid out his bold plan for southern states to secede from the union in order to bring back "traditional" values.

Said MacKinnon:

MackinnonWhether it's in Washington, whether it's in local state Houses, whether it's in county government, for whatever reason the leaders we are picking are deciding not to stand firmly for traditional values, for our rights....if you happen to make a donation in favor of traditional marriage, you can lose your job. If you happen to refuse to bake a cake for a gay couple because it goes against your religious beleifs, you can be driven out of business. If you're a football commentator and you happen to just say innocently, "Maybe I wouldn't have drafted a gay football player becasue I wouldn't want to deal with the distraction, many people on the Left will try and drive you out of a job as well...there's no reason we can't [secede] now. Obviously Thomas Jefferson talked about it in the Declaration of Independence that it was our right to do so. 

MacKinnon went on to discus the logistics concerns related to the creation of this right-wing splinter nation (resource needs require it to start in South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida) as well as the proposed interim name for the country ("Reagan")

Listen to the insanity, AFTER THE JUMP...

Fun fact: MacKinnon also served as press secretary to former Kansas Senator and GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole. 

[via Right Wing Watch]

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