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VIDEO: Stephen Colbert outraged over the Harvey Milk postage stamp.
MADONNA: Kale is gay.
JODIE FOSTER got married.



Another Texas Judge Rules Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

While presiding over a divorce case between lesbians Allison Leona Flood Lesh and Kristi Lyn Lesh, San Antonio Judge Barbara Nellermoe ruled the Lone Star State's ban on same-sex marriages as unconstitutional. Said Nellermoe in her ruling:

Judge Nellermoe[I]n a well-reasoned opinion by Judge Orlando Garcia, the federal district court found that a state cannot do what the federal government cannot — that is, it cannot discriminate against same-sex couples.


By denying [gay] parents the right to marry, Texas has created a suspect classification of children who are denied equal protection of the law under the Fourteenth Amendment.

This makes her the third state district judge to rule the ban unconstitutional, and the dominoes keep falling.

However, Attorney General Greg Abbott, who plans to run for governor this year as Rick Perry's GOP successor and Democrat Wendy Davis' opponent, has claimed that he will intervene in the ruling.

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Willam Belli Will Gladly Use Sexy Studs To Get You To Buy Cheap Undies - VIDEO


Cheap Undies' first video for their $10 briefs shamelessly uses every cheap trick one needs to make a video go gay-viral: bitchy queens, muscle-studs shirtlessly wrestling each other, slap fights, kicks to the dong, and (of course) lots of booty in ultra-tight skivvies.

Plus there’s appearances by RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Willam Belli and adult director Chi Chi LaRue.

Watch the video (work-unfriendly) AFTER THE JUMP…


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Jewish Community Center Killer Once Arrested For Sex With Black Male Prostitute

Frazier Glenn Miller mugshot

It really is such a cliche at this point that one has to wonder if there are any heterosexual homophobes out there.

Frazier Glenn Miller, the man who shot up two Jewish Community Centers in Kansas and killed three people - all of whom were Christians, incidentally - is a white supremacist and the founder of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the White Patriot Party. So he's a racist, a bigot, an idiot, and a homophobe. He was also arrested in the 80s for having sex with a black man in drag in his car. According to ABC:

Raleigh police officers had caught Miller in  the back seat of a vehicle, in mid-act with a black male prostitute masquerading as a woman.


McCullough says he has read the police report of the incident but declined to comment on the specifics. “I would rather not go into the details,” he said. “They’re rather salacious. I think the facts speak for themselves and people can draw their own conclusions about how incongruous that is.”

It doesn't make him gay, though, because in a recorded interview with the SPLC he claimed that he planned to beat the man up. He didn't clarify if he had intended to do so before or after having gay sex.

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Bryan Singer Issues Statement Denouncing Sex Abuse Allegations as 'Twisted Shake Down'

X-Men director Bryan Singer issued a statement today regarding allegations by Michael Egan that singer had drugged and raped him when he was 17 as part of a 'sex ring' preying on underage teens.

SingerSaid Singer in the statement, in which he said he was dropping out of the press tour for X-Men:

“The allegations against me are outrageous, vicious and completely false. I do not want these fictitious claims to divert ANY attention from ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.’ This fantastic film is a labor of love and one of the greatest experiences of my career. So, out of respect to all of the extraordinary contributions from the incredibly talented actors and crew involved, I’ve decided not to participate in the upcoming media events for the film. However, I promise when this situation is over, the facts will show this to be the sick twisted shake down it is. I want to thank fans, friends and family for all their amazing and overwhelming support.”

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Chelsea Manning Receives Approval For Legal Name Change


Chelsea Manning may have been sentenced to 35 years for her involvement in the Wikileaks scandal, but at least she is one step closer to officially serving her time as the woman she identifies as. As part of the longer game to receive hormone therapy for a full transition, Chelsea petitioned to have her name legally changed. On Wednesday a Kansas judge approved the appeal for "Bradley Manning" to be changed to "Chelsea Elizabeth Manning". In a statement on her name change, Chelsea said:

It’s worth noting that in both mail and in-person, I’ve often been asked, “Why are you changing your name?” The answer couldn’t be simpler: because it’s a far better, richer, and more honest reflection of who I am and always have been –a woman named Chelsea.

It should be noted that this change will not compel the military to begin treating Chelsea as a woman and she presently remains as an inmate at the male-only U.S. Disciplinary Barracks.

Portrait of Chelsea Manning by Alicia Neal via the Chelsea Manning Support Network.

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Ellen DeGeneres Makes A Guest Appearance On 'Game Of Thrones' - VIDEO


Comedienne Ellen Degeneres wasn't supposed to tell you this, but she got a special appearance in a recent episode of Game of Thrones. It was during the Purple Wedding of evil King Joffrey, and we all know how that turned out — she totally killed!

Lucky for you she's got a clip of it. If you're a fan of the show, you'll wonder how you missed her.

Watch the clip AFTER THE JUMP...

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