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Watch: Laura Bush Speaks Out Against Anti-Gay Bullying


In an interview with ABC News, former First Lady Laura Bush speaks out against anti-gay bullying.

Says Bush: "As adults, we have to be the ones that do something about it."


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Laura Bush: Publicly Supporting Marriage Equality 'Was Not My Responsibility...I Just Didn’t See That As Part of My Role'

Back in April, Andy wrote about the revelation, which came via an excerpt from Laura Bush's memoir, that the former first lady had nudged her husband at the time of the 2004 elections to "not (make) gay marriage a significant issue." "We have, I reminded him, a number of close friends who are gay or whose children are gay," she apparently explained. Bush is now talking about the issue again, time the thanks to some prodding from the Texas Tribune who asked her why she didn't speak publicly about it while living in the White House.

Lb TT: "Let’s talk a little bit about that responsibility. You found yourself back in the headlines not so long ago for taking positions on gay marriage and abortion that appeared to be at odds with your husband and with the GOP. What do you say to the critics who argue you had a responsibility to come forward sooner, or who suggest you maybe hid those opinions from view?"

Bush: "Well, I didn’t hide them from view. They were very well known from the first day George was elected, when Katie Couric asked me the question. I’m not elected. I was not elected. George is. He’s the one who’s elected. I was not the elected official. It was not my responsibility, I didn’t think, to speak out in ways to get in some sort of debate with him. I just didn’t see that as part of my role."

In the interview, Bush is also asked if she is friendly with Michelle Obama. Said Bush: "there’s a friendship that develops between all the first ladies, but, no, I don’t talk to her that often."

Revisit the clip wherein Bush talks to Larry King about marriage equality, AFTER THE JUMP.

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Watch: Laura Bush Talks Gay Marriage, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'


In an interview with Fox News Sunday, former First Lady Laura Bush reiterated the sentiments she expressed to Larry King on same-sex marriage (starts around 12:30):

“It’s a very, very difficult issue for very many people, because the marriage between a man and a woman is so fundamental to our civic life for all of our history, for the history of humans. And it's a debate that I think people want to have, and I hope they have it in a way that protects people…And in many ways, I think it’s generational and that gay marriage will come. I’m okay with that.”

Bush is also asked about "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". She says she doesn't have an opinion on that.

She also spoke about 9/11, Michelle Obama, women's rights, Karl Rove, Elena Kagan (she likes her), and the Arizona immigration law.


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Watch: Laura Bush on Marriage —
Gay Couples 'Should Have the Same Rights' as Everyone Else


Former First Lady Laura Bush discussed her views on same-sex marriage and abortion on Larry King last night. She said committed gay couples should have the same rights as everyone else and believes acceptance of it is a "generational thing." She also discussed her views on abortion, that she believes it should remain legal.

In late April I posted an excerpt from her new book, which said, "In 2004 the social question that animated the campaign was gay marriage. Before the election season had unfolded, I had talked to George about not making gay marriage a significant issue. We have, I reminded him, a number of close friends who are gay or whose children are gay. But at that moment I could never have imagined what path this issue would take and where it would lead.”


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Gay Couples 'Should Have the Same Rights' as Everyone Else" »

Laura Bush and Burma: Echoes of Disaster

First Lady Laura Bush held a rare press conference today about the cyclone that struck Myanmar (Burma) that may have killed up to 50,000.

MyanmarAFP today:

"US First Lady Laura Bush accused Myanmar's military rulers Monday of failing to warn their citizens in time about a killer cyclone and pressed the junta to accept US aid in the disaster's wake. 'Although they were aware of the threat, Burma's state-run media failed to issue a timely warning to citizens in the storm's path,' Bush said in an unusual appearance at the White House briefing room podium. 'It's troubling that many of the Burmese people learned of this impending disaster only when foreign outlets, such as Radio Free Asia and Voice of America, sounded the alarm,' she said. Washington calls the country Burma."

Not that Burma's military government doesn't deserve to be criticized for the treatment of its people. But then, of course, there's this:

Washington Post, 1/06: "In the 48 hours before Hurricane Katrina hit, the White House received detailed warnings about the storm's likely impact, including eerily prescient predictions of breached levees, massive flooding, and major losses of life and property, documents show. A 41-page assessment by the Department of Homeland Security's National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center (NISAC), was delivered by e-mail to the White House's 'situation room,' the nerve center where crises are handled, at 1:47 a.m. on Aug. 29, the day the storm hit, according to an e-mail cover sheet accompanying the document...The documents shed new light on the extent on the administration's foreknowledge about Katrina's potential for unleashing epic destruction on New Orleans and other Gulf Coast cities and towns. President Bush, in a televised interview three days after Katrina hit, suggested that the scale of the flooding in New Orleans was unexpected. 'I don't think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees. They did anticipate a serious storm,' Bush said in a Sept. 1 interview on ABC's 'Good Morning America.'"

Laura Bush urged Myanmar to take the foreign aid to help its people. Of course, if Myanmar uses the U.S. as its example, they'll likely refuse it.


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American Idol Part 1: Bush Gives Back?


President Bush and Laura Bush made a valiant attempt to attach themselves to the fundraising juggernaut that is Idol Gives Back, last week's fundraising show for impoverished children which raised more than $70 million.


GEORGE: Good evening. Laura and I are pleased to join you tonight and thank you for raising millions of dollars for children living in poverty in America and Africa.

LAURA: Because of your generosity, African children will receive bed nets to protect against malaria, and some of America's poorest children will get medical care and healthy food.

GEORGE: We thank all American Idol viewers who have shown the good heart of America, and we thank all the celebrities who participated - including Bono - and all the contestants who sang their hearts out for these children. Say Laura, do you think I oughta sing something?

LAURA: I don't know darling. They've already seen you dance.


They've also seen Bush strum the guitar while thousands waited for assistance they never received in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It makes one wonder whether his sagging approval rating inspired the sudden interest in the plight of America's poor.


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