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Moldova Overturns 'Gay Propaganda' Ban To Join European Union

Last June Moldova passed a law banning the promotion of "relationships than those linked to marriage and the family" to children, a bit of legislation that was strongly supported and promoted by the Orthodox Church. However, the country is trying to secure membership in the European Union and lawmakers figured that following in the footsteps of Russia was probably not the best method to achieve that goal. Yesterday, the Moldovan government overturned the ban of promoting homosexuality to minors.

Moscow opposed the decision, as did many Orthodox Christians, dozens of whom gathered outside the parliament building to protest and tried to prevent lawmakers from entering. "Today they are allowing this propaganda and tomorrow they will allow gay marriages," said priest Ghenadie Valuta.

One can only hope.

Moldova Orthodox Church Bans Govt. Leaders from Communion Over Gay Rights, Wants Laws Repealed


Moldova's Orthodox Church (a subordinate of the Russian Orthodox Church) is taking a hard line against LGBT rights and has banned government officials from taking Holy Communion because of their stance on anti-discrimination laws, Radio Free Europe reports:

In a statement issued after Orthodox leaders met in Chisinau, the church said on June 21 that it would call for nationwide protests unless the government amended a law protecting homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender people from discrimination.

The church also wants new laws against what it calls "immoral propaganda" and a ban on "homosexual, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, pedophilic, zoophilic, incestuous, and perverse behavior."

Gay Rights Activist Questions Hillary Clinton at EU


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on a man at a Q&A session at the European Parliament today  "because he [was wearing] a T-shirt that [said] 'I Love Hillary'" on it.

Clinton The man stood up and said: "My name is Max. I am from Moldova, and I am a gay rights activist. In seven countries in the world homosexuals are sentenced to death and many more to prison. A lot of gay men around the world die because of the HIV AIDS policies that the Bush administration had that did not allow to spend money on prevention for men who have sex with men. How do you see the foreign policy of the United States changing in the coming years in the field of human rights and in particular sexual rights and gay and lesbian rights?"

As I've noted before, things certainly aren't good in Moldova.

Answered Clinton: "Human rights is and always will be one of the pillars of our foreign policy. And in particular, the persecution and discrimination against gays and lesbians is something that we take very seriously. It is terribly unfortunate that right now in unfortunately many places in the world violence against gays and lesbians, certainly discrimination and prejudice are not just occurring but condoned and protected. And we would hope that over the next few years we could have some influence in trying to change those attitudes..."

Watch Clinton's entire answer, AFTER THE JUMP...

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EU Called on to Look at Moldova Following Gay Pride Terror


UK Gay News reports that MEP Raul Romeva has called on the European Union to "reconsider its relations" with Moldova following last weekend's terrifying assault on a bus filled with participants observing Gay Pride festivities there. I posted about the incident on Monday.

RomevaAccording to UK Gay News, "Fifty participants of the parade were blocked in a bus surrounded by several hundred aggressive protestors shouting 'Beat them to death' and 'Don’t let them escape'. After being forced by the neo-fascists to destroy their pride materials – colourful balloons, posters with anti-discrimination slogans and flags of the EU – Pride participant’s bus was eventually allowed to go. Police forces merely observed the violence and attacks and did not bother to intervene."

Said Romeva: "It is unacceptable that Moldova exposes its own citizens, along with foreign visitors, to such violent attacks. Perhaps the European Union should reconsider its relations with a state so gravely breaching International Human Rights Obligations."

(image source)

Moldovan Police Stand By As Nationalists Attack Gay Activists


Sixty gays and lesbians aboard a bus headed to march at a Gay Pride rally (which late on Friday the mayor of Moldova's capital Chisinau announced the city would not allow) were surround by hundreds of nationalists and neo-Nazis who threatened to kill them while the police stood by and watched it happen, according to UK Gay News:

"The law on freedom of assembly of Moldova guarantees peaceful assembly to everyone, and puts an obligation on the police to guarantee the exercise of the right and the safety of participants. 'The police did not facilitate the exit of pride participants from the bus into the street, did not prevent the rival aggressive groups from intervention, and through their passivity encouraged escalation of violence and the build up of the all-permissive hostile atmosphere,' GenderDoc-M said in a statement this afternoon. Independent human rights observers witnessed hatred shouts, such as 'Beat them to death' and 'Don’t let them escape'.


Six police cars were allegedly parked 100 meters away but there was no interference of the riot by law enforcement.

UK Gay News adds: " Two unidentified well-built men wearing the signs of the rival groups, forced the doors from both sides of the bus and demanded the destruction of all march materials (banners asking for anti-discrimination law and tolerance, European Union and Moldovan flags and rainbow balloons) as condition for lifting the blockade of the bus. According to the estimates of independent observers some 200 to 400 people had surrounded the bus. The core of the crowd were teenagers, some dressed military-style, some wearing black masks and others skinhead-like carrying A4 posters with derogatory homophobic messages and signs. The outer ring of the crowd was mostly middle-aged men wearing black clothes encouraging the youths."

Below, left, nationalists knock on the door of the gay and lesbian headquarters in Chisinau and on the right, members of the gay and lesbian community rest in a hotel after the incident.


Moldovan Police Stand Accused of Letting Protestors Highjack Bus Carrying Gay Pride Participants [uk gay news]

Moldova Kicks Off Pride Festivities with Symbolic Gay Marriage [tr]
Mayor Bans Moldovan Gay Pride Parade [tr]

Mayor Bans Moldovan Gay Pride Parade

That first-ever Moldovan Gay Pride parade I posted about earlier has been banned by the mayor of the nation's capital Chisinau.

MbannedOrganizers sent out a notice earlier today, part of which read: "It is already sixth time that a peaceful LGBT demonstration is banned in Moldova, despite pressure and criticism of the Council of Europe, European Union and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. From the police, city hall and mass-media we have learned that a number of groups is planning violent attacks on pride participants. We believe that the unlawful decision of the city hall was designed to shift the responsibility for any victims of this violence from local authorities and the police to pride organizers. The actions of the Chisinau city hall and the police are in violation of the European Convention for Human Rights and the Universal Declaration for Human Rights, to which Moldovan is a signatory, as well as other international human rights obligations of the Moldovan state. It is also against the European Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which Moldova has aspirations to join."

Many plan to march anyway, in defiance of the order.

Moldova Kicks Off Pride Festivities with Symbolic Gay Marriage [tr]

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