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Death-Defying Backwards Bicycle Ride of the Day: VIDEO


Eskil Ronningsbakken decided to ride his bike backwards down a slick hairpin mountain road in Trollstigen, Norway. Because forward is not challenging enough.


(via gizmodo)


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Norwegian Coast Guard Officers Show Off Their Bods and Boat: VIDEO


Writes Jon Lind Omstad on YouTube:

"Once upon a time, on a vessel far far north, there were four brave souls who decided to make a short film about the daily events of their service in the Royal Norwegian Coast Guard. Viewer discretion is advised."



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Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg Shows His Pride


Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has his Pride on full display on Facebook: "Because everybody should be able to mary the one they love."

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What It's Like When a Polar Bear Sees You as Lunch: VIDEO


BBC wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan spent a harrowing 40 minutes inside a safety box in Svalbard in arctic Norway as a hungry bear he was shooting tried to pry the box he was in apart with its teeth and claws. The segment is airing on BBC as part of the series The Polar Bear Family & Me.


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Norway's Crown Princess Flew to India, Posed as Nanny to Care for Gay Employee's Twins Born to Surrogate

Norway's Crown Princess Mette-Marit went the extra mile for a gay palace employee who could not get a travel visa to care for his infant twins born to a surrogate mother in India, Reuters reports:

Mette-maritArmed with a diplomatic passport that granted her immediate access, the future queen jumped on a plane in late October when the employee, who is also a friend, and his husband were unable to travel to care for their newborns.

"For me, this is about two babies lying alone in a New Delhi hospital," Mette-Marit said in a statement. "I was able to travel and wanted to do what I could."

She did not alert Indian authorities and spent several days with the babies at the Manav Medicare Centre, where staff assumed the wife of Norway's Crown Prince Haakon was a nanny.

A relative of one of the fathers eventually took over while the palace kept her absence under wraps. Said Mette-Marit: "Sometimes life presents you with situations with few good solutions. This was one of those."


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