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Family Research Council Files Brief with 5th Circuit in Same-Sex Marriage Case

6a00d8341c730253ef01bb078a2fbf970d-250wiAnti-choice and anti-gay marriage group Family Research Council has filed a brief in opposition of same-sex marriage with the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

This is the latest news in the contentious, continuing battle over same-sex marriage in Louisiana, which most recently featured conflicting rulings in state courts.

You can check out the FRC's brief here, but as Joe. My. God. puts it, "The brief makes the usual tired arguments about procreation, incest, polygamy, and blah blah blah. There's nothing new to see here."

In fact, we may have to wait until the week of January 5 to see something truly new in the matter. (This is when the Fifth Circuit will hold a hearing to consider the legal standing gay marriage in Louisiana and Texas.)

Previously, the Fifth Circuit has said they will fast track oral arguments in the case — in deference to people with extenuating situations that make a decision especially urgent. We'll see what happens.

Openly Gay Congressional Candidate Louie Minor Loses Race For Congress In Texas

LouieThe Huffington Post reports that Louie Minor has lost his bid for Texas' 31st congressional district:

Republican Rep. John Carter defeated Democrat Louie Minor on Tuesday.

Carter and Minor were battling to represent Texas' 31st District.

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Ted Cruz Has a Message for Houston's Anti-gay Pastors: VIDEO


Although Ted Cruz was unable to attend the Family Research Council's anti-gay extravaganza in Houston last night (he was busy campaigning for Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Dan Sullivan in Alaska), the tea party firebrand still managed to record a message for the right-wing pastors in attendance.

Said Cruz:

Just this past week the mayor announced that they would withdraw the subpoenas of the pastors. Praise be to God! What an answer to prayer. By God's great and mighty hand, our faith once again remains free. But these threats are ever-present. They are coming from every direction and we must remain vigilant. If we speak with resounding voice and if we stand for religious liberty, the truth will prevail. Out of the rubble, we will restore the faith that is the rock of this nation.


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Gay Texas Teen Attacked After Being Lured by 'Friends' to Public Park: VIDEO


Dylan Beard, a gay Houston teen, was ambushed and beaten in a planned hate crime by his peers, KHOU reports:

Dylan Beard says he lost his sense of security. His friends told him to meet him at Jenkins Park in Baytown, only to get jumped.

"It's tough being gay. It's tough. Because we are out of the norm I guess. They lured me indirectly. They had one of their friends, who I'm also friends with, tell me to come up there and they walked up and did it," said Beard.

Dylan says a girl started hitting him.

"Then two of her friends who are guys jumped in and they all started hitting me, got on the ground hit me and punched me," said Beard.

The teens posted the attack on Facebook, where Beard's mother saw it before he got home.

"His face was swelled, his nose was broken, he bit through his tongue, his bottom teeth were chipped, his knees were scabbed everywhere." said Jennifer Beard, the victim's mother.

KHOU reports that police are releasing very little information about the case except that the girl is facing an assault charge.

TeethThe Houston Chronicle reports that Beard was called a "faggot" and a "booty lover" by his attackers and an activist is calling for the FBI to step in:

The Baytown Police Department's lack of response to the assault prompted activist Quanell X to hold a press conference Thursday, claiming they have been negligent in the case by allegedly ignoring witnesses, refusing statements and openly insulting Beard, all because he is gay. They've also filed a hate crime complaint with the FBI.

"It doesn't make you a man, it doesn't make you a tough guy, it doesn't make you some real person to be proud of because you want to prey on a little kid because he's gay. Why don't you pick on somebody your own size? Why won't you pick on some men who you know will fight you back?" said the activist, gesturing to Beard's bruised eye and chipped tooth. "This little kid does not deserve to be treated like this. Whether you agree or disagree with his sexual orientation, or not, it does not give anyone the right to treat him like he's less than a human being and rob him of his human and civil rights."

Watch KHOU's report, AFTER THE JUMP...

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5th Circuit Court of Appeals Schedules Hearing on Same-Sex Marriage For Week of January 5

5thThe U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals announced yesterday it would consider arguments in cases challenging same-sex marriage bans in Texas and Louisiana for the week of January 5, 2015. The Times-Picayune reports: 

The cases from the two states remain separate, but have been put on parallel schedules with the court. A district court judge in Austin in February struck down Texas' ban on gay marriage, while U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman in August upheld Louisiana's ban.

Feldman's ruling marked the first time opponents of gay marriage have successfully defended a ban in federal court since the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in U.S. v. Windsor struck down portions of the federal Defense of Marriage Act last year.

The judges who will hear the cases will not be announced until closer to the hearing date, but the 5th Circuit is one of four appellate jurisdictions in the U.S. with more judges appointed by Republicans than by Democrats.

A three-judge panel in the conservative 6th Circuit in Cincinnati seemed hostile to lawyers challenging Ohio's same-sex marriage ban in August, but has yet to issue a ruling.

The 5th Circuit previously agreed to a request to fast track its consideration of Texas' same-sex marriage ban.

You can read the 5th Circuit's announcement for yourself, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Michael Sam Cut From Dallas Cowboys' Practice Squad


Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be drafted in the NFL, has been cut from the Dallas Cowboys' practice squad, ESPN reports:

The Dallas Cowboys have waived defensive end Michael Sam from their practice squad and signed linebacker Troy Davis...

Coach Jason Garrett and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli praised Sam's work in practice.

"Comes to work every day and practices hard," Garrett said last week. "One of 10 practice roster guys that we have, so he's working on his skills, trying to develop, but also doing a lot of other things. Playing offense, defense, playing the kicking game, that's what a lot of those guys do."

The Cowboys (6-1) have just seven sacks this season, but they never seriously considered calling up Sam to the active roster. 

Sam signed with the Cowboys' practice squad after being cut from the St. Louis Rams during their final round of cuts prior to the season officially getting underway. Sam today tweeted out,

I want to thank the Jones family and the entire Cowboys organization for this opportunity, as well as my friends, family, teammates, and fans for their support. While this is disappointing, I will take the lessons I learned here in Dallas and continue to fight for an opportunity to prove that I can play every Sunday.


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