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Adam Lambert and a Pack of Shirtless 'Thieves' Debut a New Song at Vienna's Life Ball: VIDEO


Vienna's Life Ball 2013, Europe's largest fundraiser for HIV/AIDS, took place on Saturday night and Adam Lambert played up to the "1001 Nights" theme with a costumed take on "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves". Lambert debuted a new track called "Love Wins Over Glamour".

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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UPDATED: George Michael's Condition Worsens


Recent news reports on George Michael's health are pretty grim. Yesterday, Andy reported that the star was hospitalized in Austria for severe pneumonia. Today, we have this, from The Vienna Times:

Doctors treating singer George Michael on the 13th floor of the Vienna AKH general hospital say his condition has worsened overnight ... He was taken by ambulance to the city's top Rudolfiner private hospital in the 19th district of the city, where a decision was taken to move him to the main general hospital - the AKH.

The hospital refused to say why the star was moved but it is believed it was decided that the singer's condition was so acute that it would be better if he was moved to the AKH - the biggest in Europe and where many of the continent's top medical experts are based because of the advanced facilities it offers for research as well as treatment.

... [Michael] is currently in intensive care on the 13th floor of the red tower as a result of heart problems believed to be caused by the shortage of oxygen caused by his pneumonia.

On Thursday afternoon he was fitted into a special full-body bed designed to keep all the pressure off his lungs and to help them to function - so far without any sign of improvement.

UPDATE: Not all sources are in agreement on the state of Michael's health. The Daily Mail quotes doctors from the Medical University of Vienna saying Michael's "condition has stabilised and he is responding to treatment."

Here's hoping. But even if the doctors' optimistic assessments are true, the 48-year-old singer will be unable to complete his Symphonica tour, of which 14 dates remain. The doctors offer no estimates of the length of Michael's recovery, but insist that for however long it lasts, "complete rest and peace and quiet are mandatory."

Vienna's Hot Loads of Laundry: VIDEO


A tipster sends along this promo clip for 'Circus Hot Wash', billed as Vienna Austria's biggest gay party, which is, we suspect, a slightly embellished depiction of what goes on in the city's laundromats while folks are waiting for their loads to finish.



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News: Latvia, Ryan Reynolds, Cannes, Life Ball, Cambodia, GPS

 roadNew Hampshire Senate holding hearing on new language in marriage equality bill. To vote tomorrow.

Dyingswan  roadAnti-gay activist allowed to lead first Baltic Pride March in Latvian capital of Riga. Activist: "It is only right that those against us should be allowed to express their views."

 roadRobert Pattinson's hair arrives in Cannes.

 roadArkansas GOP Chair slammed over stump speech warning voters of the dangers of having an open lesbian in the state legislature.

 roadDrama in Portland over new LGBT weekly magazine.

 roadRyan Reynolds to Betty White: "Why don't you go suck a hot c*ck."

 roadBrazilian government releases plan to defend civil rights and adoption by gay couples.

 roadPOLL: Half of Nevadans oppose civil unions. "The poll, which did not gather opinions about gay marriage itself, found 38 percent of Nevadans favor domestic partner legislation, while 50 percent oppose it and the remainder are undecided. Democrats back the plan, incorporated in Senate Bill 283, by a 46 percent to 36 percent margin, while independents support it 47 percent to 42 percent. But Republicans oppose the proposal by a 71 percent to 23 percent margin, more than offsetting the Democrat and independent support."

 roadHilary Duff, Carson Kressley, Michael Urie come out for AIDS Walk New York, which raised $5.6 million.

Mrgaythailand  roadCambodia crowns first 'Mr. Gay'.

 roadVallejo, California student wins $25K settlement in ACLU harassment lawsuit against high school: "Comments were said like they don't know if I was a boy or a girl, I need to pull up my pants, I'm a lady. I couldn't be put into a girls locker room."

 roadUK police stations lower Union Jack, raise rainbow flag in show of force on International Day Against Homophobia: "One police chief said the rainbow flag demonstrated his force's support for homosexuals who felt they were victims of prejudice. But critics warned that it was dangerous for forces to show support for particular campaigns."

Stpete  road While gay rights demonstrations in Moscow were marred by arrests, demonstrations in other Russian cities, like St. Petersburg, were notably peaceful. More photos.

 roadHearing for accused killer of Lawrence King postponed again: "A Ventura County Superior Court judge on Monday reset the first hearing for Brandon McInerney to July 8. McInerney's lawyer, Scott Wippert, says he needs more time to prepare documents before the preliminary hearing. McInerney, who is being prosecuted as an adult, has pleaded not guilty."

Lifeball  roadInside Vienna's Life Ball. More here.

 roadKenyan archbishop Zacchaeus Okoth slams homosexuality: "For the African, gender is either male or female; other issues such as homosexuality should not arise. In this context, the belief of the African is consonant [with] the teaching of the Bible, namely God created only two sexes: male and female. God created Adam and Eve. God did not create Adam and Steve!"

 roadUltradome: Milo Ventimiglia set to produce and star in weird web series about intellectual film discussion.

 roadSouth Carolina activists to protest omission of gays and lesbians from teen dating violence bill.

 roadGPS satellite system on verge of collapse? "The satellites are overseen by the US Air Force, which has maintained the GPS network since the early 1990s. According to a study by the US government accountability office (GAO), mismanagement and a lack of investment means that some of the crucial GPS satellites could begin to fail as early as next year."

Gay Man Still Missing in Vienna, Austria

Last month I posted about Kathy Gilleran, who has been searching for her son Aeryn since he went missing in Vienna, Austria in October 2007. It's a sad tale which seems to get more hopeless by the day:

Aeryngilleran"Co-workers last saw Gillern on Monday, Oct. 29, about 6:15 p.m. when he left work. He had hosted his partner for the weekend and dropped him off at the train station to start the day, Gilleran learned. When he failed to show up for work the next two days, Gillern's partner and his upstairs neighbor went to the police to file a missing person report. They were told that Austrian police were not required to take missing persons reports on non-citizens and were sent away, Gilleran said. Not satisfied, UNIDO co-workers contacted the Austrian Foreign Ministry, which directed police to begin an investigation, said Gilleran, who arrived in Vienna on Nov. 2 to begin searching for her son..."

It's frustrating enough to read about Kathy Gilleran's story. I can't imagine what it would be like to live it.

A mother's nightmare: Son missing in Vienna [tr]

News: Rick Astley, Zimbabwe, Fat Joe, David Cook, Karl Lagerfeld

road.jpg Zimbabwe: Intelligence officers for the government of Robert Mugabe force opposition supporters to take down their posters and eat them. "Amnesty International cited a case on March 7, when three members of the Morgan Tsvangirai-led faction of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) were ordered by intelligence officers to take down election posters. According to Amnesty, the officials forced the opposition supporters to chew the posters and swallow them."

Gayunitroad.jpg Fat Joe and Suge White mock fellow hip-hop artists 50 Cent and G-Unit with 'Gay-Unit' mix tape: "Featuring a Photoshoped image of 50, Yayo and Banks tightly embraced, all three rappers are portrayed with smeared lipstick on the face, as Yayo was tattooed with a "I Miss Jail" on his right shoulder and Banks sporting a portrait of Curtis on his left shoulder with 'Delicious' tagged under." (image via Rod 2.0)

road.jpg American Idol: Is David Cook an 'original', or just a really good cover artist?

road.jpg University of Pittsburgh study: LGB youth report higher rates of drug and alcohol use. "The odds of substance use for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) youth are on average 190 percent higher than for heterosexual youth...What's more, for some sub-populations of LGB youth, the odds were substantially higher, including 340 percent for bisexual youth and 400 percent for lesbians, researchers found. 'Homophobia, discrimination and victimization are largely what are responsible for these substance use disparities in young gay people,' said Michael P. Marshal, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychiatry at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic of UPMC, who led the study. 'History shows that when marginalized groups are oppressed and do not have equal opportunities and equal rights, they suffer. Our results show that gay youth are clearly no exception.'"

Astleyroad.jpg The second coming of Rick Astley: the "Never Gonna Give you Up" singer talks about the RickRoll.

road.jpg Apparently they are remaking the 70's kids TV show Land of the Lost at the La Brea Tar Pits, but I don't know how you can ever replicate the wonderfully bad fake dinos and the Sleestaks...

road.jpg Ellen Degeneres top television host in new poll.

road.jpg 'Domestic partnership' to become 'mutual commitment' in Salt Lake City? "Some legislators argued that the term 'domestic partnership,' at least in spirit, violated Utah's constitutional Amendment No. 3, which bans same-sex marriage and substantially similar civil unions. Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker said Tuesday he will recommend to the City Council that the name be changed to the mutual commitment registry. The City Council likely will consider the recommendation at its April 1 meeting. If approved, the registry could be up and running as soon as April 7."

road.jpg Ronald Haines, Episcopal Bishop who ordained lesbian in 1991, dies in Pennsylvania.

road.jpg Karl Lagerfeld the subject of new documentary: "The film is Lagerfeld Gone Wild, with delights such as Lagerfeld discussing how gay people suck nowadays because they no longer outrage 'bourgeois social norms' and why prostitution should be legal. He's full of opinions."

Mariolopezroad.jpg Mario Lopez hawks abtastic new fitness book.

road.jpg Vienna LGBT group announces poster competition to raise awareness about homophobia in football: "With the European championships to be held in Austria and Switzerland this summer, Qwien said it wanted to draw attention to homophobia in football. 'By launching a Europe-wide poster competition, we will make an otherwise taboo topic public' during the championships, it said. Posters had to be submitted by the end of May. The best 50 would be selected and then a jury - including Icelandic film director Robert Douglas, Life Ball organiser Gery Keszler, the president of Hamburg's FC St. Pauli football club Corny Littmann, pop singer Jimmy Somerville and Tanja Walther of the the European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation - would pick the best three. The winner would be announced on June 4. The 50 best posters would be displayed "at a public venue" during the championship itself, which runs from June 7-29." (official site)

road.jpg More gay looks for Jay Leno.

road.jpg L.A.'s first openly gay police officer seeks new trial in discrimination suit: "Former Sgt. Mitchell Grobeson wants a rehearing of a discrimination suit that sought up to $4.4 million in damages. A jury ruled for the city last year. A Superior Court judge on Tuesday took under submission Grobeson's motions for a new trial and reinstatement to the LAPD. Grobeson did two stints with the LAPD in the 1980s and 1990s before retiring on a psychological disability. The LAPD settled a previous suit by Grobeson in 1993 by promising to improve its hiring and training of gay officers."

road.jpg Remember Aquaman? Alan Ritchson a superhero again.


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