Gay Marriage Quotes

“In the early 1970s, I was living with my boyfriend and our out-of wedlock arrangement was regarded as rather scandalous by both of our families. When I went to a wedding ceremony of a lesbian friend of mine, I was struck by the obvious irony. Here were two women who could not be legally wed, but who were happily celebrating their commitment to each other. They seemed to have a better understanding of the importance of ceremony, ritual, public declaration than people like me who tossed off the institution of marriage as unnecessary.” — Reagan daughter Patti Davis

“I mean, I am surrounded by so many beautiful relationships just in my life, I can’t tell you – just so inspirational. And the fact that what the sex is (of someone you love) is an issue is just unbelievable to me. I mean, love is such a hard f**king thing — to find somebody who’s willing to go through anything with you and stand by you that, on its own, is so hard to find. The fact that people want to complicate it even more just absolutely baffles me. If it happens, cherish it! What does it matter if you’re sharing it with a man or with a woman? It’s very strange to me.” — Charlize Theron

“The process has gone extraordinarily well when you consider that literally thousands and thousands of people are converging on City Hall from around the world. It’s remarkable to me that a lot of hearts and minds are changing over the course of the last few weeks since San Francisco started down this path of ending discrimination.” — SF Mayor Gavin Newsom

“I am not gay, but I respect the rights of gays and lesbians. It’s not their fault if God makes them born like that.” — King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia, an 81-year-old father of 14 in a statement on his website

“Love and commitment is not exactly in surplus in this country. The main tragedy, what undermines marriage, is divorce.” — Ralph Nader

“I think culturally we’re going through a huge change. I look at it in a human context because I have friends in those situations, and it’s terrible. All we owe people is dignity, respect and civil rights. I think the country will evolve.” — Teresa Heinz Kerry

“I believe strongly in the law that we have right now in California which respects domestic partnership rights and I think that that’s a very good law. I believe in equal rights absolutely and in protecting that.” — California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

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