Big Brothers or Big Sisters?

For those of you addicted to Big Brother 5 like me, and those of you simply interested in watching closeted homos romp around in next to nothing, patting each other’s asses and dressing in matching cloth headbands, here’s a little video put together by the folks at TVgasm. Scott and Jase are two “heterosexual” housemates whose behavior on the show, aside from being asinine, has been wholly circumspect in the sexuality department. There’s only one “out” housemate, Will, but it seems that among the others there’s a fair amount up for grabs, literally. View Jase and Scott: The Love Below.


  1. the yank says

    Did you ever notice how much Scott touches his dick. I swear last night he was chatting with someone and had his hand full down his pants playing with something…. or nothing….

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