1. Jim says

    Mr. Evans hot rating is definitely affected up or down by the quality of his hair cut. This Skin Head look is not one of his best–though earlier career photos vary so much one almost wonders about a little nip and tuck. In any case, but particularly as he appeared in [yes, the very fun] “Cellular,” he has that 50s/60s naturally hot boy (born to be fucked) next door look. If he were Czech he’d be top or bottoming a very lucky Lukas for pay. Commentary on the “Cellular” DVD predicts he’s the next Tom Cruise. I’m skeptical but will continue to enjoy such succulent eye-candy, particularly with fur (which he didn’t have in “Not Another Teen Movie”) To see how he may have achieved that remarkably defined rectus abdominus, go to the before and after photos at the link below. While this trainer might have helped him to what we see now, the strange thing is that, to these eyes, he’s actually more appealing in the “Before” picture. Not just because of the hint of fur, but because his trapezius is so overdeveloped “After.” Assuming (and hoping) that it was taken before “Cellular,” he’s obviously balanced out to spectacular, finger-licking good effect. Having worked so hard on his body, we’re bound to see more in future films. Paging Mr. Singer. Paging Mr. Schumacher. Paging….

  2. Lolly says

    Speaking of beefcake – though this specimen is no longer as Prime – check out for the latest instance of Reichen (from the Amazing Race and endless prick tease spreads) getting media attention again for all the wrong reasons. Seems the printer producing his “See: I Stopped Shaving My Pubes” poster, which he’s been pimping on his personal shrine site, finally figured out that Reichen kisses boys (when he’s not kissing girls), and had a hell fire and brimstone religious nut seizure. He’s given Mr. Lehmkuhl (or whatever his name is these days) a month to find another printer, and threw in a full-blown sermon about being a sodomite for free. The printer, who seems to think that making posters of spritzed shirtless guys pushing down their pants for women to lust in their hearts (or points south)is okay with Jesus, certainly has a constitutional right to be a homophobic ass, but I’d still encourage everyone to fight back by writing him at and tell him that’s exactly what he is. The problem with shining a light on this particular cockroach is that it only draws more public attention to the “Gays Are Only About Sex” myth that Reichen, sadly, has, for money and whatever bottomless need for adoration he seems to have, spent more time on than anything else since scoring some positive points for our image a couple of years ago.

  3. Blue says

    Can Reichen be any more dull-as-dishwater boring? But boring people should have a right to print calendars too. Mine comes out in December. =) He’s paying his printer, to print and not spout off about Jebus.

    Chris Evans on the other hand. Hubba!

  4. Derrick says

    Chris Evans *melts* he makes me swoon like a 15 year old girl. he’s one of those actors/people where pictures don’t do it though, it’s his speaking manner, his charisma, and his energy that really get me. however, i am SO not feeling the short hair look in this movie but…even if the boy was bald i’d still swoon like a 15 year old girl.

  5. MP says

    As fine as this boy is, let’s not ignore his Fantastic Four co-star Ioan Gruffudd. I’ve had my eye on him ever since he played fifth mate Lowe in Titanic. More commonly known for his work in the Horatio Hornblower movies, he’s finally moving into the big time with roles as Lancelot in King Arthur and Mr. Fantastic in The Fantastic Four. (OK, so his movie choices are questionable, but his beauty is not!)

  6. Sam says

    Reichen has a new last name? He is Reichen Burke now? Did he go and get “married” again – hopefully this time it will last longer than when the nest rung on the opportunity ladder is within reach.

    Personally i hate that as a community we support this – through pube poster buying – Things seemed so good when Reichen and Chip insisted on being referred to as “married” and he was combatting discrimination against gays in the military. Then he wins the Amazing Race, gets a “divorce” and flashes pubes for money and attention. I think there are better people in the gay community on whom we should focus our adoration.

  7. Leland says

    Agree, Lolly and Sam. And, although adoration isn’t quite it, certainly his ex Chip deserves some admiration for attempting to use his own mini celebrity for something other than a mirror in which to worship his own image. Having moved to Miami Beach, he misses out on much of the press attention that Reichen, living in LA, seems to fall into as easily as he falls out of his clothes. I have a cousin in Ft. Lauderdale and Chip is always in the local news for various community charity events he does, most recently an NLGTF golf tournament, and was recognized by one of the gay papers there as local male hero for his unselfish efforts. Reichen still does some community stuff, too, apparently, but most of his time and energy seems to go into attempting to maintain his sex symbol status. God knows I’ve enjoyed seeing some of his pictures myself (tho less makeup would be appreciated), and the printer is a jerk who should be sued, but the fact that Reichen seems unable to see the lack of wisdom in making so public a fight that centers ultimately around his pubes speaks volumes about his solipsism. I pray this doesn’t rise beyond gay media and we hear Dan Rather intone: “A gay man in California is suing over a printer’s refusal to print this half-naked poster of him.”

  8. TigerToo says

    I think you are all jealous of Reichen – PLEASE, the guy is nice as ice – he shouldnlt have to go through what he went through with the printer you queens! Get a life….

  9. Lana says

    I want to fuck him and lick his entire body, his ass, his dick, everything. I don’t even need anything in return. I would have an orgasm just from been next to him. I cream my pants every fucking time I look at him. And when I use my vibrator, his gorgeous face and body I imagine. Oh God!!! I just want to fuck that boy…….

  10. Mike says

    This is the best I’ve seen Chris. Don’t get me wrong, he was hot in the past…but he’s gotten even hotter in Fantastic 4.

    He can light my torch any day!

  11. MIKE says

    Are you asking this as a literal question?

    Cuz if you are, I can sum it up really quickly for ya: “To have foreskin (uncut) or not to have foreskin (cut); that is the question.”


  12. Anon says

    I would love to lick and fuck his entire body too. I would suck his dick until he begged me to keep going.

    Sadly though, he is dating Jessica Biel.

  13. Mike says

    Well… i do remb seeing one of his nude pictures… it was H O T !!!

    Anyways don’t know if it’s authentic or fake… but it sure did flame me desires :)

    he he he… send me your email at “”… i will send you the picture.

    Take care… and burn on

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