road.jpg Catholic church denies John McCusker a funeral because he owned two gay bars. The a 31-year-old owned Club Montage and Re:Bar in San Diego, and died of a heart attack recently while at the Mammoth Ski Resort on vacation.

road.jpg Neighbor charged in Wanda Alston’s murder.

road.jpg Saudi Arabia arrests 110 men at a gay wedding party, releases 80. 30 men appear in court to face charges. Homosexuals in Saudi Arabia face flogging, jail, or death.

road.jpg Schenectady man arraigned on charges he strangled a male acquaintance who propositioned him and burned the trailer they were in to cover up the crime.


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    Because he owned two gay bars? Man, that’s terrible. I just can’t believe that was the religion I was raised with. How hateful and wrong. Well, at least God doesn’t care, if the parishners do, though.

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    Here in Cleveland, one of the staff members at the Lesbian/Gay Community Center passed away recently. His funeral was at a local Catholic church, where the priest acknowledged his partner and actually talked about the pain and stigma people in the gay community endure. For a second, I didn’t hate the Catholic Church.

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    A really sad trist of fate, John was a past vice president of the San Diego Human Dignity Foundation. An endowment fund used to support all Gay & Lesbian charities in San Diego. Help to turn this bigotry around an think of making a contribution in John’s memory. My partner is a board member of the SDHDF. I knew John, he would be glad that his death at least contribued to the discussion of our civil rights.

  4. Esote says

    What ever happened to “judge not, least you be judged”? Perhaps the church should denounce Jesus. He was quite unrepentant about hanging around with sinners. Jesus called himself a sinner. Oh! But I seem to have forgotten that the church can do no wrong…

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