Nasty Jerseys for Everyone!

Bush_1Can you imagine the brainstorming session over at the NFL that came up with this?

As a coda to yesterday's post, here are the 1,121 words you CAN'T put on an NFL jersey.

And I so had my heart set on "GAYMUTHAFUCKINWHORE".

Apparently, however, the stringent rules don't apply over at Major League Baseball, where they were able to get the word BUSH printed on a jersey. Upon checking, it's not on the NFL's list either.

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  1. Apparently you can't get "TROJAN" but can get "TEABAGGER"

    Posted by: boifromtroy | Mar 2, 2005 5:54:38 PM

  2. Damn. And I *so* wanted "TIT BIT NIPPLY" myself.

    Posted by: CriticalRN | Mar 2, 2005 6:10:14 PM

  3. At least their fair: you can't get the word "GOD". And if you are going to take off "Gay" why don't you take off "Queer"?

    Posted by: blank page | Mar 3, 2005 1:21:31 PM

  4. Gonzagas?

    I bet the brainstorming session for that was fun.

    Posted by: chrisafer | Mar 3, 2005 1:38:49 PM

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