Paul Koering Still Opposes Gay Marriage


Minnesota Republican state senator Paul Koering, who recently came out and said that he endorses the exposure of closeted hypocrites, says he’ll probably still vote to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

“You know, I’m gay. Now, as far am I’m concerned, the matter is closed. I hope people don’t think I am an activist. I’m not trying to be activist, and I’m not trying to draw attention to me. I’m just trying to do my job.”


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  1. says

    He’s at least starting to get the hypocrisy of his party in general (in a backhanded way): “Nobody is perfect. ah. We’re not goint to have any quality people that are going to want to run for office… And if they are that clean… and that pure, uh I don’t want them in politics, I want them in the clergy.”

    I hate to speculate, but I think he’s a true believer: that if the people of Brainerd want it, he has to vote for it. If Brainerd 2005 is like Biloxi 1965 he’ll have to do some mighty injustices and be in with strange bedfellows for his concept of representative government.

  2. Eric says

    He may not be a *gay* activist, but for a politician to claim that he’s not an activist is, at the very least, disingenuous. In this case, Koering comes off as an *anti-gay* activist.

  3. Cooper Buranen says

    i consider myself a close friend of paul koering. i have sat down with him and discussed issues as well as various happenings in our area and in politics. i try to meet with him personally on a fairly regular basis to keep in touch because i care about him. At the same time i do have an agenda that i try to get across in our convo’s. I am a union member and official and we as a union are constantly battling for workers rights. I also am Gay. i am proud of who i am. am i proud to be gay? well, its a part of who i am but i dont get all excited over one aspect of my character and mindset. I respect Paul to the highest of my abilities, he has never done me wrong, and has always been strong. Paul’s integrity is above and beyond and i will vote for him in november 2006! I am a staunch democrat and besides our friendship I believe Paul represents his voters, the people of our senatorial district better than anyone else i can think of. Paul is a good man and deserves a strong and lasting position in politics and public office. He may not claim to be an activist but he is a strong respectful honest voice for the people of minnesota, our hard working citizens. Thankyou.

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